Can you use crock pot liners in instant pot?

I love my crock pot. I can throw all of the ingredients in it and then go about my day without having to worry about what is going on with dinner. The only issue that I have run into though, is that sometimes it can be a pain to clean afterwards. There are always small pieces of food stuck on there and you don’t want your guests or family getting sick from eating something like that! That is why I recommend using liners, which also make cleaning after cooking so much easier.Crock Pot Liners

Crock pot liners help keep your crock pot clean by lining the inside with heat resistant nylon foil before adding any food. This prevents chicken broth or spaghetti sauce from sticking to the sides as well as makes for easy cleanup when finished cooking. Marvelous right? Whether or not should we use crock pot liners in instant pot? Let’s find out!

What people have to say about using liners?

The internet is a great place to find reviews of products, and while reading through the ones for this particular product I found that there were some mixed opinions. A lot of people seem to be okay with using liners in crock pot and instant pot while a small number of people seem skeptical about it. Here are three problems they reported happening with their liner:

  • Leakage
  • Melted liner
  • Plastic smell

Answering the primary question, YES! You can use crock pot liners in your instant pot for cooking. Make sure you get quality liners which are safe to use in the cooking process.

Why people use liners in slow cooking?

Here are the reasons why people prefer to use crock pot liners in their instant pot for slow cooking.

  1. The truth is, you can find many reasons to use a slow cooker liner. Primarily they’re there so that the food doesn’t get stuck to the cooking pot – which means less hassle for cleanup at home. A liner is an excellent way to clean your slow cooker because you can just lift the food out of it without ever dirtying or soaking anything else in there.
  2. One great use that I have seen for liners is cooking multiple dishes in one slow cooker. For example, you can put two different meals into the same pot to save on time and effort.
  3. Cracks in your slow cooker are a problem that can be solved with just the right tool. A liner will stop any food from sitting on top of them, so you won’t have to worry about it being contaminated by unwanted bacteria or chemicals leaching through cracks into what’s cooking.
  4. One downside to using liners is the fact that they aren’t recommended for reuse. This means you’ll be needing a new one each time your meal requires cooking in order to avoid any unpleasant smells or other unwanted consequences from bacterial growth, adding about forty cents onto every meal you cook.

Pros and Cons of Using Liners

Here are some pros and cons of using crock pot liners in your instant pot multicooker.

  • Quick, easy, hassle-free cleaning
  • Saving water
  • Dishwasher efficiency
  • Makes transporting of meal easy
  • Stress free meal preparation
  • Nutritious meals
  • You can cook Multiple meals at once
  • Liners can be used in ovens too
  • Not environment friendly product
  • Non-biodegradable material
  • Health concerns
  • Plastic melts
  • It may tear and leak
  • Extra cost


If you’re environmentally conscious in the kitchen, then it’s a good idea to use slow cooker liners occasionally. They provide convenience and comfort but they do have environmental and health-related issues too. Personally, I don’t use liner in my instant pot cooker and I wouldn’t recommend them at all. It is better to spend a few minutes cleaning the pot rather compromising on your own health and that of your loved ones.  Let us know what are your thoughts on using the liners in instant pot!

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