Cuckoo 6 cup Rice Cooker CR 0631F Review

Cuckoo is by far the best and vastly popular brands with thousands of satisfied users around the globe. Cuckoo always tries to produce customer-based products and no wonder cuckoo CR 0631 6 cup electric heating rice cooker is one of the most favorite electric rice cookers among medium-sized families.

Cuckoo CR 0631F Review


Cuckoo rice cooker is the advanced variant of cuckoo CR-0351 3 cup rice cooker. It can cook up to 6 cups of rice which is twice the amount of rice that Cuckoo CR-0351 can prepare.

However, this newer variant has been able to earn solid impression and that is evident from a ton of impressive Cuckoo CR 0631F reviews on Amazon. For its incredible performance and solid build quality, the cuckoo CR 0631F electric rice cooker is one of the most sought-after 6 cup rice cookers available on Amazon.

About the Cuckoo 6 cup CR 0631F Multifunctional Micom Rice Cooker 

Let us have a quick glance over the features, functions, and the value that Cuckoo CR 0631F electric heating rice cooker has to offer.

Key Features

ModelCR 0631F
Dimensions10x13x9 inches
Weight6.8 Pounds
Cooking capacity 6 Cup uncooked
AccessoriesCook-book, spatula, measuring cup and non stick inner-pot

Cuckoo CR 0631F Rice Cooker Design

At first glance, Cuckoo CR 0631F gives the impression of a solid and well built device. It features a large digital control panel on the front which lets you keep a track of the cooking cycle (Remaining cooking time). Simply, it is an attractive, sleek and modern looking design which will perfectly blend in with your kitchen theme.

The cooker is made of heavy duty aluminum with the front of the device having pink color and body has a white color. The color scheme is more like a ladies’ color scheme but most people will love it and it blends in nicely. At the top of the lid there is a steam cap to release steam. Be careful while cooking so that you don’t burn your hands by accident.

Digital Control Panel

The Cuckoo CR 0631F rice cooker has a well lit digital control panel featuring a life size timer and well-arranged buttons which are clearly labeled. Using the control panel will not give you any trouble at all. If you have been using multi-functional rice cookers in the past, you will quickly learn how to operate the device. If not, you will be able to handle the device anyway. It is as easy as operating a Smartphone which we all know very well. Don’t we?

Features and Functions

Cuckoo CR 0631F is a multifunctional rice cooker with 9 built in programs to choose from. You can select any of the settings such as White/GABA, Mixed/Brown, Porridge, Steam, Slow cook, Glutinous, Turbo and My Mode. The control panel consists of 7 clearly labeled buttons to select the required settings. The menu button lets you select the appropriate cooking program. You can choose Glutinous if you want to cook white rice. GABA is used to cook germinated brown rice which has plenty of health benefits.

Use the Slow cook button to cook stews and dishes that require hours of cooking at low temperatures such as pumpkin porridge, vegetable stew and more. In a hurry? That’s where you can make use of its turbo feature which cooks rice in half the time it usually takes. One of the interesting features is the inclusion of My more which lets you have your own customized program with a preferred time and temperature for your favorite dishes.

The reheat feature lets you reheat any leftovers at any given time. Reheating rice in a pan is such a mess where rice usually gets stuck to the pan surface which makes the cleaning even harder. The hallmark feature of the rice cooker is MICOM technology. The device has a built-in microcomputer that is smart enough to monitor the whole cooking process and is capable of making slight changed in temperature and pressure if so is required. Smart huh?

Keep Warm & Delay timer

Once the cooking cycle is complete, the rice cooker will automatically turn of and its keep warm feature will kick in to keep the meal food warm at serving temperature. It comes in handy if your guests are running late. The feature can keep your food warm for several hours. However, it is suggested that don’t leave your rice on keep warm mode for long otherwise it will dry out.

Delay timer is another amazing feature cuckoo CR 0631F has to offer. It enables you to plan your meals in advance in case you have a busy day. Just toss in the ingredients, press the buttons and that’s that! You will have your meal ready by the time you get back home. Of course who like to cook right after a tiring day at work? Literally Nobody!

The rice cooker comes with all the necessary accessories that you may require while cooking your favorite dishes. Upon purchase you will get a rice spatula, a measuring cup and a user instruction manual in case you feel the need to consult. The instructions and the labels on the buttons, both are in Korean and English language.


The inner pot of the rice cooker features a Teflon non stick coating which prevents the rice from sticking and burning. The feature makes the cleaning super comfortable. Other accessories are dishwasher safe. No more rubbing and scrubbing!

  • Restaurant quality rice every time
  • 16 flavors and textures
  • Large and clear LCD
  • Durable construction
  • Tons of cooking options
  • Lightweight, portable, compact
  • Elegant, sleek design
  • Some users complained about the non-stick coating peeling off




The sole purpose of writing this review is to help you out with the basic and let you know what the cuckoo CR 0631F electric heating rice cooker is all about. The biggest advantage of the rice cooker is the quality of the cooked meals such as rice, chicken, oatmeal, pancakes, soups and much more.

You can cook the rice in the way you wish, thanks to its “My Mode”. The digital control panel is easy as breeze. A range of cooking options, smart cooking algorithm, ease of use, ease of cleaning, compact and elegant design and all that in a very affordable price is a win-win. We hope after reading our Cuckoo CR 0631F review you will be able to make a well informed decision. Let us know what do you think of the rice cooker?