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Cuckoo Rice Cooker Review

cuckoo rice cooker best rice cooker for gaba rice

If you’re searching for a logic cooker, which could help you enjoy your health advantages of GABA rice, then the Cuckoo Electric Heating Rice Cooker is a great solution. GABA rice is becoming more and more popular as we know about its many health advantages, including lowering blood pressure level and improving brain function.

Cuckoo Rice Cooker Review | Best Gaba Rice cooker

Enter the Cuckoo  Rice Cooker reviews, which has six cooking preferences, such as a GABA function, turbo cook, keep warm, and timer. The Cuckoo rice cooker produces up to 12 cups of cooked rice. The inner pot has a non-stick surface and is removable for easy cleaning, though it isn’t dishwasher safe.cuckoo rice cooker review amazon

The company offers a one year guarantee on its parts. The Electric heating rice cooker is the top-rated Cuckoo appliance on Warm Chef. The reviewer recommended it to folks looking for a unique design. The reviewer also noted that it did not consume much energy to product fluffy rice.

Rice Cooker Advice also advocated the Cuckoo rice cooker and cuckoo pressure rice cooker, because he has been able to keep the rice warm for 24 hours without turning it yellow or drying out it. About 88% of the men and women who examined the best Cuckoo rice cooker Amazon gave it a 4- or 5-star rating. One reviewer discovered that the rice cooker generated better results, and it was more lasting.

The buyer noticed that it retained rice warm for 3 days before it started to yellowish. Other reviewers concur that the resulting rice is top quality. One buyer recommended draining the rice, letting it simmer for about half-a hour before cooking it on standby style.

Among the consumer said that I purchased this Cuckoo rice cooker to substitute it in January 2018. It is still working good being used almost daily.

The parts and match are top quality – nothing creaks or is out of alignment, and it does not feel cheap. It is made in Korea which can be significant to a since a lot of Zoji are currently made in China with questionable quality. The couple of pitfalls that I was find bothersome.

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The pan doesn’t have any arrangement or any handles to prevent movement. Therefore blending the rice makes the pan to rotate/move around the base, which may scratch the finish of the pan. The Zoji I’d had handles that prevented this from occurring. Since it is a wise rice cooker, and cleaning it demands. It is cleaning several tiny parts that take ten minutes longer compared to an inexpensive no placing one tab rice cooker.

When you are busy, it may be annoying, mainly if you cook rice daily. Otherwise, I’m delighted with my purchase. I’d consider purchasing one of the costlier pressure cooker Cuckoos in the future, but for the time being this meets my household’s needs.

Other reviewers agree that the resulting rice is top quality. One purchaser recommended rinsing the rice allowing it to soak for an approximately half-a hour before cooking it on a turbo mode.



For the better GABA rice, the cuckoo rice cooker, fuzzy logic & lntelligent cooking algorithm feature, highly recommended for all the GABA rice lover. There is only one thing to mention its only available in pink color.
  • best for Gaba rice
  • Fuzzy logic technology
  • keep rice warm up-to 48 hours plus

  • no cons

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