How to cook black rice in rice cooker?

If you cook a lot of rice, you would probably already know about black rice. But not everybody knows how to cook black rice in a rice cooker. We recently received an email from a valued reader of ours asking, “How to cook black rice in rice cooker?” and to answer the question, we have put together this little guide and if you are going to give it a shot, keep reading!

How to cook black rice in rice cooker

Preparing black in a rice cooker is pretty easy. If you stay put, your rice cooker can handle a variety of rice like white, brown, black and much more. There are ton of rice types by the way and we will put together a separate article about types of rice soon.

So keep it short let’s see how to cook black rice in a rice cooker!

Required Essentials how to cook black rice in rice cooker

To cook black rice in a rice cooker, here are the essentials you’d require.

  1. A rice cooker (Of course)
  2. 1 cup of uncooked black rice
  3. A Rice Washer
  4. 25 Cups of water
  5. Salt and pepper to taste

Step One: Rinsing the rice

Prep work for cooking black rice shall start with rinsing the rice. Just put 1 cup of black rice into a fine rice washer. Run fresh water while stirring the rice gently with your fingers. Keep doing the process till the water is not purplish anymore. Rinsing the rice helps to remove the surface starch which makes the rice gummy and sticky as they cook.

Step Two: Pop in the ingredients

Once rinsed, dump the rice into the cooker’s inner pot; add the required amount of water after carefully measuring, close the lid and you are good to go. You may add salt and pepper if you’d like to.

Step Three: Initiate the Cooking Process

Once the ingredients all set, plug in your rice cooker and set the timer to 30 minutes. If the rice cooker features a brown rice setting, you may use that as brown and black rice take the almost the same time to cook.

Step Four: Let the rice sit for a while

Once the cooking cycle is over, you will be notified via an alarm or something and the rice cooker will automatically shift to keep warm mode. Let the rice sit for a while so the rice will absorb the extra moisture if any. Some of the best Zojirushi Rice Cookers are smart enough to adjust the temperature so that the rice will not overcook. So don’t worry about this additional 5-10 minutes and your rice will turn out to be fluffy and delicious.

Step Five: Serve & Enjoy

Once you have waited for 10 minutes for rice to sit, unplug the device, remove the lid, let the steam escape, and stir the rice nice and smooth. And you are ready to serve your black rice. It is as easy to cook black rice as any other rice.

Required Essentials how to cook black rice in rice cooker

Few Useful Tips

  1. Black rice would make an amazing natural purple dye for foods. However, be careful while handling black rice just like turmeric because it will stain all your kitchen equipment.
  2. Do not store black rice in plastic containers; wash your kitchen appliances and tools right after using them for black rice.
  3. Do not cook without using an apron. It will protect your dress from stains.
  4. Washing rice is important and failing to do so will leave you with gummy rice. The extra starch can cause spill over your kitchen counter which is pretty messy.
  5. Few people are of the opinion that you should soak black rice for few hours but we think it is not necessary.


You’ll surely admire the fact that black rice is both tasty and rich in nutrients. We hope that you have found this guide helpful. It’s delicious, chewy and super delicious which will surely add an amazing flavor to your meals. You can pair it with almost anything from Moroccan roasted carrot coup to chickpea stew. Give it a try and have fun experimenting with new recipes that go well with black rice. If you have questions or you want something to add to our guide, do share with us!

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