How to cook jasmine rice in a rice cooker

Jasmine rice is a type of long-grain Asian rice. It is named after the jasmine flower, because it has an aroma similar to that flower. This kind of rice can be used in many dishes or eaten alone as a side dish. Jasmine rice is grown mostly in Thailand and Vietnam.Jasmine Rice in Rice cooker

It has become popular around the world because of its unique flavor and texture which makes it easy to cook with other flavors in recipes such as stir fry’s or curries. The grains are slightly longer than basmati rice. They have a mild nutty taste when cooked and separate easily when cooked properly without becoming mushy or sticky.

Cooking jasmine rice in a rice cooker is the easiest way to make perfect, fluffy rice without any effort. This type of cooking works because jasmine rice has an ideal water absorption ratio which makes it easy to cook using only steam and heat. If you are looking for a fool-proof method to get perfectly cooked white rice every time, then look no further than your handy dandy Rice Cooker!

Preparing Jasmine rice to cook in a rice cooker

Whether you will be cooking Jasmine rice in a rice cooker, Instant Pot or on the stove; there is one thing for certain: The steps to preparing jasmine are almost similar.

Rinse the Rice

Rinsing the rice until it runs clear is important. If you don’t do this, your rice will be sticky and not as delicious.

Don’t soak the rice

Soaking rice before cooking can be a confusing experience. You want to make sure you follow these steps:

Jasmine rice does not need pre-soaking while basmati may benefit from it depending on how aged the rice is but in general this step isn’t necessary. So, after you rinse the rice, drain off all the water right away and do not let the rice soak as this will disturb the rice to water ratio while cooking.

Drain off water

To make sure that all excess water is drained from rice, use a large stainless-steel strainer. Using a strainer means there will be no water is absorbed by the rice in order to avoid soft and mushy rice.

  • Place the rice in the inner cooking pot of the rice cooker.
  • While cooking in rice cooker, a little water is lost so better use 1:1 rice to water ratio.
  • Use the same cup to measure water that is used to measure rice.

Set the cooker

Once you dump all the ingredients, set the cooker to white rice and press start. It usually take 20-25 minutes for the rice cooker to prepare Jasmine rice.


Once the rice cooker beeps and the cooking cycle is completed, do not open the lid at once. Let the rice sit in there for at least 10 minutes so there is no moisture or liquid left and the rice is not too soft and soggy.

Fluff the rice

After 10 minutes, open the rice cooker and fluff the rice with rice spatula / paddle. Fluffing will help separating the grains so that they won’t clamp together. Use the rice spatula that you get with the rice cooker. Always avoid using metal spatula because it will damage the nonstick coating on the inner pot. You can also use a fork to fluff the rice but make sure you don’t scratch the nonstick coating of the pot.

Dish out & Serve

Serve the rice with your favorite meal!

Final Thought

Making Jasmine rice takes almost similar steps whether you are using a rice cooker, instant pot or traditional pot. However, making jasmine rice in a rice cooker takes out the hassle, guesswork and makes the process comfortable and pleasant.

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