How to prepare healthy and favorite rice recipes?

Today people are addicted for various verities of food items in recent days there are different recipes are grabbing all of us attention. From kids to aged people are want unique and delicious recipes to enjoy food time. More than millions of food recipes are presented but people’s expectation is healthy as well as tastier food items so they are searching for highly unique and healthier food recipes on online websites.

But, it is really very tough to find the best food recipes because there are plenty of food recipes are arrayed in the web page. There are lots of food recipes are prepared by various base ingredients like Chicken, Vegetables, Rice, and Dhal etc. Especially rice recipes are very famous in India. Based on the rice, there are lots of recipes are prepared and the taste of the recipes are amazing and at the same time, it will give a complete meal to the eaters. Naturally, rice has different varieties as per your taste you can choose the rice types for preparing favorite recipes. For any Indian food items, rice is the basic meal to all because it will satisfy the hungry quickly.


How to prepare healthy rice recipes are the major topic for households, they are very much interested to prepare the rice varieties easily. Generally, rice recipes are very simple and tastier also. More thousands and above rice recipes are available so you must select any one of the rice recipes and make your cooking style more versatile. Compare to other sorts of dishes rice recipes are simple to prepare. Lemon, Coconut, Vegetables, Chicken, mutton, Mushroom, pasta etc there are lots of options are available to prepare fantastic rice recipes.

Every individual has their favorite recipe in rice which is prepared at least once in a week. If you want a healthy recipe just try the recipe in your home is very hygienic and healthier. In online, there is various rice recipes are available and in cookbooks by using these simple ideas households learn and prepare the rice recipes in a more elegant way.

Fried rice recipes basic ingredients Boiled rice one cup, beaten egg one, Sliced onion, green leaves, oil or butter, vegetables like carrot, cabbage, beans etc, green pepper, chilly powder, white pepper powder, one spoon of soy sauce, cooked peas. Take a bowl pour two tablespoons of oil now add the beaten egg stir the egg until gets rolled now add all onion green leaves, all vegetables just for half-fired format now add the rice in this combination.

Slow down your rice cooker now add salt, white pepper, green pepper, soy sauce, cooked peas, chili powder, and mix the rice well. Now add the green coriander leaves and onion for decoration now hot fried rice recipes are now ready for a taste. This is very simple and easy to make the dish at the same time the taste will attract all. It is one of the healthy rice recipes so let try this recipe in your home and enjoyed the taste of the recipe in your home itself.

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