How To Prepare Healthy Brown Rice Tabouli 2023

Brown rice is also a whole grain that is nutritious than white or polished rice. Polished rice is not good for health since the outer coat of the rice is removed. This whole grain contains a high amount of vitamins, fiber and minerals like selenium, magnesium and manganese. People can make healthy rice recipes using this whole grain. This rice is considered as an alternative to polished rice.

Nowadays people are becoming health conscious and they prefer brown rather than white rice. People can also make delicious recipes using this rice as recipes prepared using white rice. Let us see the cooking procedures of a healthy dish called brown rice tabouli. The ingredients needed to prepare this recipe are a cup of brown rice, finely chopped tomatoes, small red onion, finely chopped fresh mint leaves, red wine vinegar and flat-leaf parsley. Garlic clove and some virgin olive oil is also required.


The first step in cooking preparation is cooking the brown rice in the best brown rice cooker containing boiling water. The rice should be allowed to boil until it is cooked well. After the rice reaches its tender, drain it and rinse the cooked rice under cold water. Water should be drained enough to make the recipe having a good texture. Allow the rice to drain and cool it for about 10 minutes. The second step is to take a large bowl and adding chopped tomatoes, half small onion and parsley in it. Along with these ingredients add the cooked rice in the bowl. For a few minutes leave the mixture to heat until the ingredients get mixed well.

Then season the mixture with an essential amount of pepper and salt. The third step in the preparation is placing some oil, vinegar and chopped garlic in a small container. Then whisk this mixture with a fork until all these ingredients mixed well. Then pour this mixture over the rice mixture. Toss the mixture until the garlic paste gets together with the rice well. Then the tabouli is ready to serve people. This is one of the healthy rice recipes that anyone can eat including people suffering from cholesterol and diabetes.

The brown rice tabouli is rich in nutrition so that people of all ages can eat it. The nutrition provided to the consumers through this recipe is 6.40 grams of protein, 92 milligrams of sodium, and 42.50 grams of carbohydrate. The amount of fiber delivered to the consumer is 5.70 grams. The great health benefit of this recipe is it contains no cholesterol and less fat content of about 10.60 grams.

So, this recipe is good for people who suffer from diabetes and cholesterol issues. This would be the best recipe for breakfast that is rich in carbohydrates and less in fat. People who like to have some seasoning items can prepare some barley salad. Even they can have salad containing cucumber, chopped big onions and some fresh vegetables. This would be a good combination for this recipe. The recipe will look colorful with green parsley leaves, chopped tomatoes, and rice.

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