Midea MB-FS5017 Review

When you go out to buy a rice cooker, the number of available choices in the market is mind-boggling. But without proper research, you will not know what characteristics and features are being offers in the product. Whether is it what you are looking for? Today, we are going to look into the characteristics of the Midea MB-FS5017 rice cooker which is one of the most sought-after rice cookers on Amazon.

About 81% of Midea MB FS5017 reviews are from very satisfying customers from around the globe giving the appliance an impressive rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.

Midea MB-FS5017 Key Features

Dimensions16.65×12.48×11.33 Inches
Weight12.6 Pounds
Available ColorBrown
Cooking capacity10 Cups (Uncooked)
MaterialAluminum/Stainless Steel
AccessoriesInstruction Manual, Rice Spatula, plastic measuring cup, and steam tray

Midea MB FS5017 Rice Cooker Design

The Midea MB FS5017 has an attractive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing design to begin with. The 10 cup smart multi-cooker is able to make food for 3-10 people which makes it a great choice for medium and large families.  In terms of design, material and build quality, the unit can be compared with any of the expensive brands such as tiger, Cuckoo or Zojirushi rice cookers. It is a rice cooker, steamer, warmer and slow cooker capable of multitasking!

The control panel is designed to be easy to read with clearly labeled programs in English and Chinese. It is designed to provide max comfort while cooking. The stay-cool handle and the spatula holder add to the convenience. Please note, there is no complicated assembly required to start using the unit.

Midea Mb-fs5017 10 Cup Smart Multi-cooker/Rice Cooker


Features and Functions

The Midea MB FS5017 rice cooker and steamer comes with 11 automatic preset cooking functions including white rice, congee, quick rice, brown rice, porridge, oatmeal, soup, steam, stew, slow cook and reheat.

The unit has a 24 hours delay timer, so pop in the ingredients and you will have your breakfast ready when you wake up. No running around in the morning! On busy days, you can pre-plan your dinner in the morning to have a stress-free evening with your loved ones. The delay timer feature is quite helpful for flexible meal planning.

Another very useful feature is the automatic keep-warm function which keeps the rice warm at serving temperature for several hours. On the other hand, the reheat feature lets you reheat your leftover rice without affecting the taste and texture.

The rice cooker is incorporated with fuzzy logic technology (Japan rice cooker technology) which means it is capable of making minor adjustments in temperature and pressure to give you the best results every time. The nonstick inner cooking pot is well constructed and heavier than most rice cookers in the same price range. The nonstick coating not only prevents the food from being stuck also makes cleaning easy. The pot is made out of 5 layers of material which lets the unit heat up super fast and also helps retain the heat for a longer time. This leads to fluffy and restaurant-quality rice whenever you use the appliance. Further, the nonstick coating is made sure to be durable so it will not peel off and mix up with your meals to create health issues. Not at all!

Moving on, the included steamer basket allows you to steam your favorite vegetable, meat, fish, or whatever is that you like. It makes preparing one-pot meals super easy and mess-free so a few surprise guests at the dinner table will be no big deal to handle.

Accessories are a great deal for a pleasant cooking experience and the Midea MB-FS5017 rice cooker is made sure to have all the required and necessary equipment within the package. Upon purchase, you get a steaming basket, rice measuring cup, spatula and an instruction manual for a quick guide.


A lot of users showed their happiness in ‘Midea MB-FS5017 reviews’ on Amazon over the fact that the rice cooker is pleasantly easy to clean thanks to the inner pot being non-stick coated. The housing is designed to resist fingerprints and scratches and can easily be wiped clean with a cloth wet with soapy water. The rest of the detachable accessories such as measuring cups, spatula and steaming baskets can be washed manually as well as in a dishwasher.

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • 11 automatic cooking functions
  • Useful delay timer, reheat and keep warm features
  • 5 layered inner cooking pot with nonstick coating
  • Incredibly durable and practical
  • Heats up super fast
  • Consistent performance every time
  • Smart cooking algorithm
  • Not designed for singles
  • The display doesn’t show remaining time until it reaches 10 minutes countdown


The Midea MB-FS5017 rice cooker and warmer with its set of incredible features and functions makes a great appliance to have on your kitchen top. The eleven preset cooking functions, automatic keep warm feature, amazing 24 hours delay timer and incredible and innovative fuzzy logic technology makes it a rice cooker with great value.

The Midea is a versatile kitchen tool that gives you the freedom to cook whatever and whenever! Overall, if you looking for a rice cooker with versatility, consistent performance and durability don’t look any further than the Midea MB FS5017 smart multi-cooker and warmer!