12 Most Expensive Rice Cookers of 2023

The rice cooker is one of the most popular kitchen appliances in America. A rice cooker can make cooking time easier for anyone, and there are many different types to choose from. We have compiled a list of some of the most expensive rice cookers on Amazon.

The Most Expensive Rice Cookers will give your kitchen an air of sophistication while cooking up delicious meals for your family or guests. You can even use them as serving dishes when they aren’t busy making perfectly cooked rice. These high-quality appliances come with features like induction heating technology and precise temperature control which make them perfect for anyone who wants their kitchen to be both functional and stylish. And if that’s not enough, they also come with free shipping. So, don’t wait any longer – order yours today before supplies run out!

Most Expensive Rice Cookers

Most Expensive Rice Cooker Reviews

Rice is a staple food in many cultures around the world, and it’s so versatile that there are thousands of different ways to cook rice. But have you ever wondered what makes some rice cookers more expensive than others? Well, we’re here to tell you why these 10 most expensive rice cookers are worth every penny.

1. Cuckoo CRP-LHTR1009F 10 Cup Twin Pressure Rice Cooker

The Cuckoo CRP-LHTR1009F 10 Cup Twin Pressure Rice Cooker is an exciting new product from the innovators at Cuckoos. This induction heating, stainless steel inner pot rice cooker can cook up to ten cups of delicious white or brown Japanese style long grain & wild rice in no time. With 16+ menu options including white rice, GABA rice, multi-grain rice & more you can have an array of delicious meals with this marvel.

CUCKOO CRP-LHTR1009F | 10-Cup (Uncooked) Twin Pressure...
241 Reviews
CUCKOO CRP-LHTR1009F | 10-Cup (Uncooked) Twin Pressure...
  • TWIN PRESSURE: Choose between pressure cooking or non-pressure cooking for specific desired...
  • STAINLESS STEEL INNER POT: Includes a 304 food-grade stainless steel inner pot with premium X-Wall...

The most delicious rice with the best of technologies is at your fingertips. The KOREAN MADE TWIN PRESSURE RICE COOKER allows you to choose between ultra-high heating pressure or induction cooking, which will give perfect results each time.

The durable inner pot is scratch-proof, and nonstick & as its curve-shaped body provides optimal heat distribution. The smart cooking pressure rice cooker automatically cooks perfect rice each time with an easy-to-use interface that allows you control over your settings so all of those delicious grains are just how YOU like them.

  • Super advanced technology
  • Induction heating
  • 16+ menu options to choose from
  • Versatile, practical and durable
  • Stainless steel inner pot
  • Even cooking and precise results
  • Not budget friendly for everybody
  • Complaints about build quality

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2. Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker & Warmer

The Zojirushi Pressure Induction Heating Rice Cooker & Warmer features an AI (Artificial Intelligence) system that cooks perfect rice with the press of a button. This product makes it easy to make your favorite Jasmine, Congee or Steel Cut Oatmeal in just 30-40 minutes.

Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Pressure Induction Heating Rice...
326 Reviews
Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB Pressure Induction Heating Rice...
  • Capacity Up to 5.5 cups / 1.0 liter
  • Pressurized Cooking and Steaming: Promotes gelatinization and produces sticky and plump rice...

The Zojirushi Rice cooker’s menu is a beautiful and diverse collection of dishes that will leave you feeling satisfied. The settings include: regular, umami, mixed sushi/sweet rice; Jasmine porridge style with an elegant fragrance like jasmines in bloom; Steel-cut oatmeal rinsed free from additives or artificial flavorings which makes it great for breakfast on the go. It also features quick cooking settings for white rice as a side dish to any meal while still providing excellent nutritional benefits.

The Rice cooker’s advanced fuzzy logic technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) work together to learn how much heat is needed during each stage in order to yield perfectly cooked food every time. It’s like having a personal chef that knows how long it takes for each dish and adjusts its cycle accordingly, ensuring perfect results.

  • Induction heating technology
  • Features Artificial intelligence
  • Available in 5.5 and 10 cups cooking capacity
  • BPA free material
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Multiple useful accessories
  • Instructions might be hard to follow for beginners
  • Brown rice takes a lot of time to cook

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3. Cuckoo CRP-HS0657F Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CRP-HS0657F Rice cooker is the 3rd most expensive rice cooker on our list that is the perfect solution for any busy family. With 11 menu options and an easy-to-use interface, this stainless steel pot will make cooking rice quick and simple.

With the Cuckoo rice cooker, you can have perfectly cooked white rice in as little at 20 minutes. Unlike other cookers that take hours to do their job due to not heating evenly or inaccurately detecting what type of grain is inside it. The smart algorithm makes sure this doesn’t happen while cooking with Cuckoo so your food will come out tasting delicious every single time. There isn’t anything more satisfying than perfectly executed RICE.

CUCKOO CRP-HS0657FW | 6-Cup (Uncooked) Induction...
265 Reviews
CUCKOO CRP-HS0657FW | 6-Cup (Uncooked) Induction...
  • SMART TECH: Induction heating completely surrounds the inner pot making the cooking process quick...
  • STAINLESS STEEL INNER POT: Includes a 304 food-grade stainless steel inner pot with premium X-Wall...

The Cuckoo CRP-HS0657F Induction Heating rice cooker has all the features you need to make a perfect meal. The adjustable pressure level ensures that not even your best dishes are overcooked, while an LED display makes it easy for anyone in your household from ages 10-25 years old (or older) alike!

  • From trusted Brand Cuckoo
  • Versatile and multifunctional
  • Premium build quality and performance
  • Durable Stainless steel inner pot
  • Smart cooking algorithm
  • Complicated instructions for some
  • Have to unplug to turn off the delay timer

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4. Tiger JKT-D18U 10-Cup (Uncooked) IH Rice Cooker

A traditional Japanese rice cooker is the perfect way to prepare delicious, flavorful meals. Tiger has 12 preset menu settings from plain/white rice with extra soaking time for maximum flavor, premium cooking, multigrain rice, long-grain rice, brown rice, GABA brown rice, porridge, mixed/sweet rice, slow cook, and cake bake.

Tiger Corporation JKT-D18U 10-Cup (Uncooked) IH Rice...
105 Reviews
Tiger Corporation JKT-D18U 10-Cup (Uncooked) IH Rice...
  • Advanced induction heating technology cooks from an alternating electric current around the entire...
  • 12 preset menu settings from plain/white rice, premium cooking with extra soaking time to bring out...

It’s never been easier to make a quick batch of rice. You can now enjoy your favorite white or brown variety in just 17 minutes thanks to the new Express-Limited Cups setting.

The Tiger rice cooker on your desk is ready to go when you want it to; a perfect solution for home-cooked meals. You can also program it with a delayed start, which will let the machine turn itself off after cooking has finished without you having to babysit or keeping track of the cooking process. Set the timer in the morning, and get your dinner ready by the time you get back home!

  • Incredible 24 hours delay timer
  • Huge 10 cups’ cooking capacity
  • Perfect for large families and gatherings
  • Can cook a wide range of meals
  • Auto turn off
  • Durable and sturdy build quality
  • Complaints about used products being dispatched so, always check your product for any scratches

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5. Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Induction Heating System Rice Cooker

Do you find yourself constantly in a rush? Do your days seem to fly by without giving them any thought or meaning, and then when evening comes everything is all jumbled up together with no sense of order whatsoever? You need this induction heating system rice cooker.

The Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Induction Heating System will change the way that meals are cooked for anyone who loves cooking but hates spending hours setting up their kitchen. This sturdy 1 L stainless steel pot can cook delicious fluffy white rice hassle-free.

Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Induction Heating System Rice...
3,641 Reviews
Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Induction Heating System Rice...
  • Induction rice cooker and warmer. Electrical Rating : 1,230 Watts
  • Multi-Menu cooking functions. Dimension: 10 inch W x 14 inch D x 8 inch H. Capacity: Up to 5.5 cups...

The Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH is the perfect addition to any kitchen. It’s big enough to cook for an average size family but small enough that you can store it with ease. This 10x14x8 inch IH rice cooker will cook 5.5 cups of rice at once so there are no issues when entertaining guests or feeding your family.

  • Superior Induction heating technology
  • No undercooked or overcooked meals
  • Multi-menu cooking functions
  • Triple heating elements
  • Delay timer with two settings
  • One year warranty
  • Coating may peel off
  • Complaints about keep warm feature not working properly

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6. TOSHIBA Variable Pressure IH Rice Cooker

The TOSHIBA Variable Pressure IH Rice Cooker, with 5.5 cups cooking capacity is not just another standard rice cooker, but rather an innovative power tool for anyone who needs to cook a lot of rice every day. This 5.5-cup rice cooker can handle a variety of grains and has an adjustable pressure setting that will give you consistent results every time.

The TOSHIBA Variable Pressure IH Rice Cooker is not the lightest at 15.4 pounds, but it still handles well and can be moved easily from one place to another using its handle on top of this product’s body.

TOSHIBA IH rice cookers are the best for making sure your rice is always warm and ready to eat. This machine has a variety of features that make cooking easier, including Keep Warm setting which keeps food at perfect serving temperature without drying out or burning!

  • Incredible keep warm feature
  • Cooks pretty fast
  • Domestic Japanese rice cooker
  • Variable pressure settings
  • Elegant and sturdy design
  • Very expensive
  • Instructions only in Japanese language

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7. Panasonic 5 Cup (Uncooked) Japanese Rice Cooker

Panasonic’s rice cooker is the best way to make perfect brown, white or porridge. A unique induction heating system provides even heat distribution so your food always comes out perfectly cooked every time. The Panasonic rice cooker can cook a wide range of meals. With its 13 pre-set cooking programs, it automatically cooks delicious white rice to porridge or brown rice with just one push.

Panasonic 5 Cup (Uncooked) Japanese Rice Cooker with...
121 Reviews
Panasonic 5 Cup (Uncooked) Japanese Rice Cooker with...
  • JAPANESE RICE COOKER – Industry leading induction heating which creates an electrical current...
  • INDUCTION COOKING - Durable 7-Layer Inner Pan with Diamond Coating. The non-stick inner pan with...

The rice cooker’s automatic shut-off function prevents overcooking, while its handy keep-warm setting activates automatically when cooking is complete. This means you can take your time and enjoy a warm meal without worrying about burning it or leaving food undercooked! With KEEP WARM FEATURE on this product will maintain the perfect serving temperature for up to 12 hours after finishing our cook cycle so that it stays fresh until you are ready to eat.

The built-in umami-enhancing taste catcher is a clever addition that makes the perfect meal every time. The 7-layer inner cooking pan offers even heat distribution and quick, simple cleanup without worrying about burning your food because it’s lined with stainless steel layers to withstand high temperatures of up 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re looking for authentic Asian-style service then don’t settle on anything less than this expertly crafted tool from Panasonic. Available at about 450$ on Amazon, it is one of the most expensive rice cookers available on the market.

  • 7 layers stainless steel inner pot
  • Uniform cooking
  • 12 hours keep warm feature
  • Delay timer
  • Versatile cooking presets
  • Takes about an hour to cook rice
  • Complaints about noise while cooking

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8. Cuckoo CRP-P0609S 6 Cup Electric Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer

If you’re looking to make the best and most authentic Chinese food, then this is your rice cooker! There are 12 different cooking programs that allow for an array of options. Whether it be white, brown, glutinous jasmine or fragrant GABA, this 6-cup electric heating pressure cooker will provide great results with ease thanks in part to its convenient digital timer system which helps keep track so everything comes out perfect every time – no guesswork needed when trying new recipes!

CUCKOO CRP-P0609S | 6-Cup (Uncooked) Pressure Rice...
1,138 Reviews
CUCKOO CRP-P0609S | 6-Cup (Uncooked) Pressure Rice...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Its LED display panel has 12 menu options including pressure cook, GABA rice,...
  • EFFICIENT & SMART: Features simple touch controls, a preset timer, an auto-clean function, and Fuzzy...

Your pots and pans are the heart of your kitchen, which is why they need to be durable. That’s where Cuckoo’s stainless-steel X-Wall inner pot comes in. It has a premium nonstick diamond coating that distributes heat well for even cooking all over its surface – making it not just easy to clean up but quick too because there won’t be any stuck-on food pieces left behind when you’re done cooking.

The CUCKOO rice cooker has become internationally known for its superior quality and over 40 years of industry experience in the field. The company prides itself on crafting products that are made with integrity, especially when it comes to cooking your favorite rice, side dishes or preparing an entire meal!

  • Premium build quality
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Well-designed control panel
  • Multifunctional and versatile
  • Delay timer, keep warm, reheat features
  • 6 cups cooking capacity
  • Complaints about Rice coming out yellowish
  • The inner pot may scratch quicker than expected

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9. Aroma Housewares ARC-6206C Professional Digital Rice Cooker

This rice cooker is perfect for those who enjoy cooking for large groups of people. With 12 cups of cooked rice or 4 quarts (2 liters) total capacity, you’ll never run out if you are hosting a backyard party. Cooking is a delicate art, and you have to keep track of every detail. The cool touch outer surface on this rice cooker allows you the luxury of handling your appliance at any point during cooking without risking contacting hot surfaces.

Aroma Housewares ARC-6206C Professional Digital Rice...
584 Reviews
Aroma Housewares ARC-6206C Professional Digital Rice...
  • Ceramic Inner Pot – Our ceramic is a healthy and natural alternative to pots with non-stick...
  • Cool touch technology – cook without the worry of leaving a hot appliance out on the counter. Our...

Dinner has never been so easy! This versatile pressure cooker can prepare all of your favorite meals with the touch of a button. Whether you’re cooking soup, steaming veggies or preparing rice; this machine will do it well without fail and in an expedient manner too. The 12 different functions are there for when things get really complicated – from making tarts/cakes to yogurt at home (you’ll have no problem enjoying those treats after dinner).

With Aroma Housewares ARC-6206C digital and programmable rice cooker, you can also steam vegetables and meats while rice is cooking below for the most efficient single-pot meals. In addition, this appliance features easy-to cook digital controls with an automatic keep Warm setting as well as high/low, slow cooker settings that will help you create your favorite dish in no time at all.

  • American No.1 Cooker Brand
  • Digital control panel
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Dishwasher-friendly inner pot and accessories
  • 12 preset settings to choose from
  • Can cook a wide range of meals
  • Steam veggies and meat and cook rice simultaneously
  • Ceramic coated pot may peel off
  • Chemical smell for first time when you cook

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10. Cuisinart CRC-400 4 Cup Rice Cooker

The Cuisinart CRC-400 4 Cup Rice Cooker is a great choice for any size of your family. It features stainless steel exterior and comes in 3 different sizes, so you can pick the perfect one that works best with how many people are cooking for at once.

The Cuisinart Rice Cooker is the perfect appliance for any home cook with an imagination! It can steam rice, meats and vegetables all at once or on different sessions; it has a modern square shape that’s finished in stainless steel to give your kitchen something new and something different.

Cuisinart CRC-400 4 Cup Rice Cooker, Stainless Steel...
5,121 Reviews
Cuisinart CRC-400 4 Cup Rice Cooker, Stainless Steel...
  • Cuisinart rice cooker steams rice, meats and vegetables
  • Square modern shape finished in brushed stainless steel

A perfect marriage of high quality and affordability, this Cuisinart rice cooker is an excellent choice. The stainless-steel steaming basket ensures that your vegetables cook thoroughly while still being tender – no more tough greens. Nonstick-coated aluminum design keeps food from sticking without adding extra oil or butter.

The Cuisinart rice cooker automatically switches to keep-warm when cooking is done. This feature ensures that your cooked dishes stay at their best temperature for as long as possible, giving you peace of mind knowing what’s coming out will be perfect every time!

  • Sleek stainless-steel design
  • A no-frills, simple-to-use appliance
  • Very easy one-button control
  • Premium quality material
  • Quick cooking
  • Not versatile as other models in our collection
  • No delay timer

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11. Toshiba Low Carb Digital Programmable Multi-functional Rice Cooker

The Toshiba Low Carb Digital Programmable Multi-Functional Rice Cooker, Slow cooker & Steamer will be your new best friend. The 24-hour delay timer means you won’t have to worry about dinner on busy days. Set the timer in the morning and the dinner will be ready when you get home.

Toshiba Low Carb Digital Programmable Multi-functional...
3,798 Reviews
Toshiba Low Carb Digital Programmable Multi-functional...
  • COOK LOW CARB RICE EFFORTLESSLY - This electric rice cooker makes healthy eating easy. Low carb rice...
  • PROESSIONAL MULTI-COOKER - 8 Pre-programmed settings to cook white rice, brown rice, mixed...

So, put away those take-out menus because this baby does all the work while still letting us eat healthy at home with these healthiest rice cookers instead of grabbing some fast food or caving into unhealthy restaurant offerings every day after work.

Toshiba Rice Cookers are so easy to use, that you don’t even need a manual. The 8 pre-programmed settings let your cook white rice brown or mixed grain Quinoa perfectly in terms of texture flavor and aroma. And best yet? You can do all that without spending hours on end babysitting over an open flame like our ancestors had before electric stoves were invented (no offense!).

The innovative 24-hour delay timer is perfect for busy families who want their dishes ready when they are. This Toshiba rice cooker has an easy programming interface that helps you create your own personalized settings with all sorts of customizations, from cooking hours to temperature preferences – giving every dish in the house its own individual touch.

  • Attractive box shape design
  • Induction heating, fuzzy logic
  • 8 preset cooking programs
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Perfect cooking results
  • Consistent performance
  • Plastic smell at first use
  • Cooks slow

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12. Cuckoo CR-0675F 6 Cup Micom Rice Cooker

The new Cuckoo CR-0675F 6 Cup Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer, with 13 menu options, and a Nonstick inner pot. The white exterior design is perfect for any kitchen decor or to give as a gift on special occasions because it will look awesome displayed out in your living area too.

CUCKOO CR-0675F | 6-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker |...
1,220 Reviews
CUCKOO CR-0675F | 6-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker |...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Features a versatile multi-cook function that allows you to prepare everything...
  • KITCHEN STAPLE: From small family gatherings to entertaining a few guests, this rice cooker provides...

With the Cuckoo Ideal 6 Cup Capacity Rice Cooker, you will never need to worry about running out of rice for your next gathering. It can make up 12 cups of cooked rice and provides the perfect way to cook for small or medium-sized families.

The Cuckoo Smart Micom Rice Cooker is the perfect device for those who enjoy a hands-free lifestyle. Enjoy effortless cooking as this smart appliance automatically cooks delicious rice every time, with no more worry about burning or over-steaming it. Cleaning your rice cooker can be a pain, but it’s worth the extra time. However, the removable nonstick inner pot and detachable lid of Cuckoo CR-0675F make clean-up easy as well.

  • Advanced techy design
  • Easy to navigate menu
  • 13 preset cooking programs
  • 6 cups cooking capacity
  • Fits well with any modern kitchen theme
  • A Complaint about the temperature sensor
  • Hard to read the measurements inside the cooking pot
  • Fragile nonstick coating

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For those who are looking for a high-end rice cooker, the Cuckoo CRP-LHTR1009F 10 Cup Twin Pressure Rice Cooker and Warmer is definitely worth considering. This model comes with an induction heating system that cooks perfect every time thanks to its micro computerized Fuzzy logic technology. It also has three times more heat insulation than other models on this list of expensive rice cookers which means it will stay warm after cooking without having to use any electricity at all! We hope you’ve learned something about these pricey models today.

Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below if you have any suggestions or questions about our findings so far!

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