Ninja Foodi op302 Vs op301 Comparison 2021

In an increasingly busy lifestyle, nothing comes closer to the pleasure of coming home to fresh and hot meals ready to be served! No-fuss, no effort, and mouthwatering food! We aren’t talking about takeout that might be great at occasions but its unhealthy and expensive to feed your family on daily basis. Plus, cooking home makes sure you are cooking healthy and eating healthy as you are in control of what goes into your meals.

Ninja Foodi op302 Vs op301

Ninja foodie all-in-one pressure cooker air fryers and multi-cookers have made it convenient to cook delicious meals without having to use multiple machines. While ninja has a wide range of multi-cookers available on the market, It’s time to compare Ninja Foodi OP301 vs Ninja Foodi OP302! Ninja Op301 and Ninja Op302 are compact machines that let you cook your favorite meals including meat, fish, veggies, and whole grains. You can cook nourishing and appetizing meals without spending hours sweating by the stove and sink. If you are struggling to decide whether to buy Ninja op301 or Ninja Op302, Keep reading and you will have a clear picture by the end of the article. So let’s start with a simple comparison table!

Ninja Foodi Op302 Vs Op301 Comparison and Buying Guide

FeaturesNinja Foodi Op301Ninja Foodi Op302
Capacity6.5 Quarts6.5 Quarts
Control PanelDigital programmable Control PanelDigital programmable Control Panel
Safety14 Levels of Safety14 Levels of Safety
FunctionsPressure Cook, Steam, Slow Cook, Sear/Sauté, Air Crisp, Bake/Roast and BroilPressure Cook, Slow Cook, Steam, Yogurt, Sear/Sauté, Bake/Roast, Air Crisp, Broil, and Dehydrate
Dimensions14.25×16.75×13.1 Inches14.25×16.75×13.1 Inches
Weight25.8 lbs24.9 lbs
MaterialPlastic, Metal, RubberPlastic, Metal, Rubber
Operation ModeAutomaticAutomatic
Dishwasher Safe?YesYes
Amazon Ratings4.8/5 Star (12K Reviews)4.7/5 Star (1.4K Reviews)

Ninja Foodi Air Fryers are some of the most sought-after and bestseller air fryer available out there. Not only air frying, but the Ninja foodi is also equipped with a wide range of cooking functions to elevate your cooking. Reduced cooking time, incredible cooking performance, ease of use, and more, cooking has never been that easy!

Ninja foodi Op301 and Op302 look incredibly similar to one another. At first glance, you will not be able to spot the difference, and to be honest there isn’t much of a difference either. Starting with commonalities, let us discuss what both the units have in common.

Design and Appearance

Ninja foodi air fryers stay true to the name Ninja. The design of Both Ninja Foodi Op301 and Op302 looks stealthy just like a Ninja. The appearance of the Ninja Foodi Op301 and Op302 will make your kitchen look more appealing.

Both the units come in grey/black and a glossy finish with an advanced digital programmable touch screen control panel which has easy to read and clearly labeled buttons.

Both air fryers have their air fryer lid permanently attached while the pressure cooker lid can be separated entirely. The air fryer lids of both the unit’s house heating element and a powerful fan circulates the super-heated air around the food ingredients to cook. The pressure cooker lids have a similar design as well. The lid has a float valve and a pressure release valve. The housing comes with stay-cool handles so you can move the air fryer pressure cooker around.

The two air fryer pressure cooker combos have same size of 14.25×16.75×13.1 Inches so here its not much different. By the way this is a huge appliance you make sure you have a dedicated spot for Ninja Foodi Op301 or Op302 whatever is that you choose to buy!

Talking about weight, both the appliances aren’t lightweight to be moved and carried around frequently. Ninja Foodi Op301 weighs about 25.8 lbs while the Op302 weighs 24.9 lbs and there isn’t much difference here either.

Cooking Capabilities

Ninja foodi op301 and Op302 are outstanding kitchen appliances when it comes to cooking capabilities. They provide consistent performance and everything comes out cooked to perfection just like the way you would want.

Besides making delicious meals, with the pressure cook function of Ninja Foodi Op301 and Ninja Foodi Op302 you can save up to 75% of your cooking time as compared to traditional methods. The air frying function takes it a step further and saves both time and cook using 75% less oil as compared to traditional deep frying. Delicious and healthier it is!

Safety Features

At Ninja, they make sure that the product goes through rigorous inspection. It is advertised by the manufacturer that both the appliances go through a 14 level of safety inspection process which makes sure the unit is fully safe and ready for home use.

Cooking Capacity

The Ninja foodi Op301 and Ninja Foodi Op302, both have an impressive 6.5 Qt cooking capacity. The units are capable of feeding a family of 5-6 with ease. If you are hosting small family gatherings on regular basis, both Op301 and Op302 can be of much assistance. With the quick-cooking technology and innovative features, you can cook batch after batch hassle-free.

Easy To Use

Both the Ninja appliances are incredibly easy to use. Once you finish pressure cooking, simply remove it and close the crisping lid to have a perfectly crispy exterior with a golden-brown finish. The control panel is extremely user-friendly with clearly labeled programs and light indicators. It lets you track which function is in use, and the remaining cooking time.


The Ninja Foodi Op301 and Op302 both are made out of durable and food-grade material. The inner cooking pot and frying basket both are nonstick coated which doesn’t let the food stick to the pan. The nonstick coating also makes the pots and baskets easy to clean. Both the units are PTFE/PFOA free so there are no toxic chemicals mixing up in your meals while cooking.


Upon purchase, you will get the following accessories with both Ninja Foodi Op301 and Ninja Foodi O0302.

  1. 5 Qt cooking pot
  2. 4 Qt air frying basket
  3. A reversible rack
  4. And a 45 recipe booklet


Ninja Foodi pressure cooker air fryer combos are incredible but the products are some of the expensive ones in the market. The Ninja Foodi Op301 is available for approximately 200$ on Amazon while the Op302 cost approximately 230$. The Op302 is quite expensive when compared to Op301 and that gap in price is only for one cooking feature i.e. dehydrate!

Difference between Ninja Foodi Op301 Vs Ninja Foodi Op302

There isn’t much difference in terms of design, appearance, accessories, size and weight between the two models. And when it comes to features, there is just one extra feature in the Ninja Foodi Op302 and that’s that!

Cooking Functions of Ninja Foodi Op301

The Ninja Foodi Op301 comes with 9 cooking functions that if you know how to use, can virtually cook anything. The Op301 comes with pressure cook, steam, slow cook, Sear/sauté, keep warm, air crisp, bake/roast and broil.

Cooking Functions of Ninja Foodi Op302

The Ninja Foodi Op302 comes with functions including pressure cook, slow cook, steam, yogurt, Sear/sauté, bake/roast, air crisp, broil and dehydrate. The dehydrate feature is not found in Op301. The feature lets you prepare quick snacks from beef jerky, to banana chips in no time!

Pros and Cons Ninja Foodi Op301

  • Elegant and attractive design
  • Multi-functional and combines multiple appliances into one
  • Easy to use digital programmable control panel
  • Separate lids for Air frying and pressure cooking
  • Can cook frozen foods
  • Incredible and consistent cooking performance
  • Nonstick coated air frying basket and cooking pan
  • Bulky



Pros and Cons Ninja Foodi Op302

  • Sleek, attractive design
  • Combines multiple appliances into one
  • User-friendly digital control panel
  • Dual lids for air frying and pressure cooking
  • Consistent cooking performance
  • Comes with dehydrating function to make quick snacks
  • Expensive
  • Bulky

Ninja Foodi Op302


The Ninja Foodi Op302 Vs Op301 comparison shows two of the most powerfully designed cookers. Both the ninja foodi pressure cookers air fryers are great machines when it comes to the latest cooking technology and innovative features. Ninja is known for its attractive designs, innovative technologies and amazing cooking performance and that’s what justifies the price tags.

If you are looking to replace a couple of kitchen appliances, Ninja Foodi Op301 and Op302 both are the perfect choices. They are pretty bulky in size so make sure you have a decent amount of space on your kitchen counter. Despite being bulky, they look fantastic!

In our humble opinion, Ninja Foodi Op301 is the winner as it has all the features of Op302 except dehydrate. It also comes with a lower price tag, offering more value for money as compared to Ninja Op302.