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Oster Rice Cooker review

Oster 6-cup rice cooker review

The Oster Cup rice cooker is affordable, does not take up much space, and has a detached glass lid that’s simple to clean. The Oster 6 Cup rice cooker is the only option with a tempered glass lid.

The compact size allows for faster cooking, and also the lid enables you to monitor the progress of your rice. The 6 cup size mentioned in the name of this device doesn’t refer to some regular US cup, but rather the slightly smaller bowl which comes along with many rice cookers. There’s just one button, so the Oster rice cooker is simple to use.

Oster Rice Cooker | 6-cup rice cooker | Budget Friendly

oster 6-cup rice cooker review review 2019

However, no timer or alarm lets you know when the rice will be ready. Instead, you may be capable of hearing the audible click that happens when the device switches from Cook to Keep Warm mode.

The interior lid and pot rice cooker oster are removable for hand washing. Oster backs this product with a one-year limited warranty. Expert testers have found the Oster cleans up along with the rice quality must be terrific, especially white rice and sushi rice.

Brown rice can be somewhat dry. Around 75 per cent Of the buyers that examined an oster cup rice cooker on Amazon gave it a favorable rating.

One buyer enjoyed the glass lid because it’s distinct from the body, making it easier to clean. He also enjoyed having the ability to see his rice cook. And, he was able to cook rice with a stove only partially coated, which is beneficial for making sticky rice.

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Best review on oster rice cooker and steamer is, Rice simple for individuals to prepare, but I managed to screw it up. Half the times it was excellent, the other times it might come out crispy or too sticky or too wet or burned. Obviously, the majority from those times that it came out messed up had been the times we’d guests. After one magnificent failure, an in-law suggested that I look at getting a rice cooker. I said that spending $100’s for an appliance which only cooked rice was insane.

A week later, she sent me my rice cooker through Amazon. Some off-brand, it was four times the size of the Oster and had no buttons; it is connected to turn on. The receipt showed the cost was $30. Every batch of rice that I made in it over the subsequent 5 – 6 years was perfect.

One day it did not work when plugged in and that I went on-line to get another. I couldn’t locate whatever mark it is, but I discovered this oster rice cooker steamer  for less than $20 and used it ever since. Smaller, it can make plenty of rice, and it is easier to store.

The added capability to steam veggies wasn’t an option which I thought I would use, but I have begun to rely on it over time. It’s an actual switch to select a cook or hot.

If started on the cook, it automatically switches to warm when rice is done. I have discovered the key to this cooker would be to do nothing for 20 minutes after it switches out of COOK to WARM.

Then, I disconnect it and leave it covered for up to 15 minutes. If it goes longer than that before serving time, I stir it and place the lid back on broadly. I hugely recommend this one.

Other buyers mentioned that this rice cooker oster does not take up much space and is fantastic for one- or two-person households.



overall, it is great cooker in term of budget, not too much expensive but the downside that we have found in the product is of the missing of no timer or alarm in it.


  • low-priced
  • highly recommended for sticky and white rice
  • blass stopper or lid
  • no timer

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