Pasta in a rice cooker: is it possible?

A rice cooker, by the definition, is an automated appliance, which creates a contained atmosphere inside and the water reaches the boiling point. If you are a rice lover and eat it quite often, this is a good buy, since it will always make you perfectly cooked rice. So, is it possible to make Pasta in a rice cooker?

But in fact, a rice cooker is a multifunctional kitchen device, which is excellent not only in cooking rice (which is obvious by the title by the way) but also in the cooking process of many other dishes.

So if you wonder if is it possible to prepare pasta in a rice cooker, the answer is yes. The pattern is generally the same as in cooking rice. But let’s look at it in more detail.

pasta in a rice cooker: Best-known Guide
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The benefits of cooking pasta in a rice cooker

There are many benefits of using rice cookers. The main advantage of making pasta with the help of a rice cooker is that you don’t have to watch the cooking process and worry about the pasta being thoroughly prepared.

Your pasta will be cooked perfectly

Sometimes when you cook pasta products on the stove in a pan or boil it in a pot, you get overcooked or, on the contrary, uncooked pasta. While making pasta in a rice cooker is beneficial because it will be prepared perfectly and always the same.

You don’t have to control the pasta in a rice cooker

Also, since you don’t have to control the pasta and the rice cooker will take over, there will be an opportunity to concentrate on making pasta sauce. It is helpful when you have many tasks in the kitchen or somebody distracts you.

You don’t have to deal with large amounts of water

One more advantage is that you don’t have to deal with large amounts of water. To cook plain pasta, leave only some centimeters extra on top, and it will be enough. But if you like pasta al dente, add more amounts.

However, regardless if you like pasta al dente or pasta cooked accurately, spaghetti, bow ties, or fusilli, rice cookers cope perfectly with the task.

Pasta in a rice cooker
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A detailed guide on how to cook pasta in a rice cooker

Here we will describe how to cook pasta in a rice cooker, including how much pasta you need, how long it takes to boil water, and what other meals you can try to prepare using a rice cooker.

  1. Determine how much pasta you want to make

While cooking pasta, keep in mind that the amount of dry pasta will not be the same as cooked pasta, it will at least double. So choose the quantity that you are sure you will eat.

And also if you put in a rice cooker too much pasta, it could result in overflowing.

Pasta in a rice cooker
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  1. Adding water

The next step is to simply fill the device with water. But first, we should decide how much water we need to add. Commonly, it is between 6 and 8 cups of water for about half of a pound of pasta. The amount may vary depending on which kind of pasta you prefer.

Pasta in a rice cooker
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  1. Adding olive oil and salt

Afterward, add salt. You’ll need to be careful since a rice cooker cooks through evaporation. This means that salty water could affect the flavor of your pasta over time, though not if you’re sensible with the amount of salt that you put in.

Also, an important step is adding a teaspoon of oil, it will prevent your pasta from foaming and boiling over in a rice cooker.

Pasta in a rice cooker
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  1. Close the lid and press the cook button

This cook button can be named differently, for instance, “Start”, “Cook”, “Cooking” etcetera. Sometimes basic rice cookers have various modes, in that case, choose the simplest one, like for cooking rice.

In addition, it won’t be superfluous to open the lid of the rice cooker in the cooking process and stir the pasta. This step is optional but in this way, you will make sure that it is properly separated.

You can always press the button again if you think you didn’t cook pasta properly.

Pasta in a rice cooker
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Avoid keeping warm mode

This mode can work automatically on your rice cooker, and may be good while cooking porridges or something homogeneous, but not in making spaghetti.

When this mode is on, it continues to heat the bowl and could begin to brown the bottom pieces.

To avoid that, just make sure to switch the cooker off as soon as the timer has elapsed, and everything will be excellent.

  1. Check the pasta

After 8-12 minutes of cooking time, try the pasta, and if it is ready to your taste, turn off the rice cooker. The exact amount of time required for cooking pasta on rice cookers is different depending on its type.

One way to determine if your pasta is ready is to throw a tiny piece at the wall and if it sticks, then it’s good to go.

You can also check if the noodles are ready by taking one out of the rice cooker and cutting it into pieces to see if they are prepared or not.

Pasta in a rice cooker
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  1. Serving your noodles

Drain your prepared pasta and serve, add sauce, garlic, and onions if you like. You can use any type of sauce, depending on your preferences.

Pasta in a rice cooker
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Cooking pasta sauce on a rice cooker

It is more convenient to cook sauce on a regular pan, but a rice cooker also will suit. Once you finished cooking pasta, add a ready-made sauce and heat it.

If you are not using a prepared sauce and desire to cook it from scratch, just make sure the rice cooker pot is hot when you add in your ingredients.

Pasta in a rice cooker
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Cooking one-pot meals in a rice cooker

There are many one-pot recipes for dishes that you might like. Below will provide you with an example of a one-pot meal recipe.

Firstly, add some olive oil to the cooking bowl, cover it with a lid and let it warm up. After the oil is heated up, add in the inner pot of the rice cooker whatever like chopped onions, peppers, and garlic, and fry it. Here you are free with the choices – any kind of vegetable will fit.

If you prefer meat, add meatballs, ground meat, or any type of sausage to your mix. When the mixture is sautéed, take the vegetables and the meat from the cooking bowl and place them on one side.

Then add some water and your favorite pasta to a rice cooker. If you have chosen spaghetti, you probably should break the strands in half because in other cases they will not fit.

Add some sauce and then return the mixture from the beginning of the recipe back to the rice cooker.

You have an opportunity to add any flavorings if you want to, and then let the rice cooker do some more cooking on the whole mixture. As you may notice, a rice cooker usually, after it is done with the cooking process, will turn to its warm mode and keep the food at a pleasant temperature.

This is wise since you certainly do not want to serve a cooled-down meal. Here is just one optional recipe, but you can find a lot of them and try more.

Pasta in a rice cooker
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Other rice cooker recipes to try

In addition to all types of rice, a rice cooker can cook most food that involves mixing a dry ingredient with water or another liquid, like quinoa, oatmeal, and, as we already know, pasta.

Rice cookers of most brands can even cook meat and vegetables to make more elaborate pasta or rice dishes. Some people also use their rice cookers to steam vegetables, and, following your device, you may bake a cake.

Final thoughts about rice cookers

As we covered before, a rice cooker is, to some extent, a universal and handy kitchen device, which will save you time and help you not only to cook rice, but also to cook pasta, and the result will be no worse.

We clarified that there is a possibility to cook pasta in a rice cooker. Furthermore, it appears quite easy to perform. In addition, not only pasta but a full meal can be prepared with this practical kitchen appliance. You can find preparing one-pot recipes and try different kinds of meals every time.

Highly recommend you invest in this kitchen gadget and use all the benefits it brings to life. Cook pasta, rice, meat, veggies, and greens and enjoy how easy and time-saving it could be.

Pasta in a rice cooker
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FAQ: Can you cook Pasta in a rice cooker?

The answer is yes, you can use the rice cooker in making pasta dishes. The technique is mostly the same as in cooking rice, so it won’t be difficult to figure out.

What else can you cook in a rice cooker besides rice?

There are a lot of rice cooker recipes to try, including not only rice but, for example, pasta, oatmeal, buckwheat, quinoa, and even meat and veggies.

What is the ratio of water to pasta?

To cook pasta in the amount of about 7 ounces, you need to add approximately 2 cups of water. Of course, be careful and do not add too much; otherwise, it can overflow.

Can you cook pasta in an electric cooker?

Yes, cooking pasta in an electric cooker is quite easy and quick. All you have to do is pour the pasta, water, and your favorite ready sauce into the pot, secure the lid, and set the cooking time.

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Conclusion: Pasta in a rice cooker

In conclusion, using a rice cooker to prepare pasta opens up a world of convenient and efficient cooking possibilities. From simple dishes to creative culinary experiments, the rice cooker proves its adaptability beyond its traditional use. By following the techniques and tips outlined in this article, you can confidently incorporate pasta into your rice cooker repertoire and enjoy delicious meals with minimal effort and maximum flavor.

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