TOP 2 Panasonic Rice Cookers

TOP 2 Panasonic Rice Cooker Reviews 2020

best Panasonic Rice Cooker 2020

There are many different rice cookers on the market but the Panasonic rice cooker has benefits and features that many of the other rice cookers don’t. The Panasonic rice cooker has many functions and cooks not only rice but it can steam vegetables, bake a small cake and even cook steel cut oatmeal and more. The design of the Panasonic rice cooker is convenient and easy to store. It has numerous settings depending on what type of foods you are cooking.

1- Panasonic SR-3NAL Rice cooker

This Panasonic SR-3NAL 1.5-Cup (Uncooked)and 3 cup (Cooked)Automatic Rice Cooker has a 3 cup capacity and 1 timer as well as a 12 hour mode to keep your food warm throughout the day. There is a non-stick cooking insert with a dimpled bottom that ensures your rice won’t stick to the bottom and it uses a technology called fuzzy logic to make sure that your rice is not under cooked or overcooked, but turns out perfect every time.Panasonic SR-3NAL 1.5-Cup (Uncooked)and 3 cup (Cooked)Automatic Rice Cooker


The measuring cup is included along with the cooking insert, rice scooper and steamer basket for the vegetables. The exterior handles are cool so that you can easily transfer your rice from counter top to table top. The power cord to the cooker is also retractable so that you can easily store it away when not in use.

You can measure the amount of water to use with the simple measuring cup included and the water line inside the cooker itself. You can even program the Panasonic rice cooker to cook your food perfectly every time.

There are some drawbacks that others have discovered about this product that requires mentioning. It takes about 50 minutes to cook the rice in the Panasonic rice cooker compared to about 20 minutes on the stove, so cooking times are a bit longer than usual.

It may also be a bit difficult to clean what bubbles up through the steam vent and onto the sides of the cooker. The instruction manual is not easy to understand and there are not cooking timers for every mode and function of cooking.


  • small rice cooker
  • measuring cup
  • fuzzy logic
  • easy to use
  • lid has no hole for steam


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2- Panasonic 10 Cup Rice Cooker with Fuzzy Logic

If you are in the market for a rice cooker however this Panasonic 10 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker with Fuzzy Logic and One-Touch Cooking for Brown Rice, White Rice, and Porridge or Soup – 1.8 Liter – SR-DF181 is the best one out there today. It has been upgraded from a previous model and the features and benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. It is by far the only rice cooker that offers this many features in one product.Panasonic 10 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker with Fuzzy Logic and One-Touch Cooking for Brown Rice, White Rice, and Porridge or Soup – 1.8 Liter – SR-DF181 (White)

The Panasonic rice cooker is from a brand that you can trust in electronic as they have been in business a number of years, so it is not an unheard of brand name product.

If you do happen to purchase the Panasonic rice cooker you will not be disappointed with your purchase. You will get perfect, evenly cooked rice every time you use it. You may even find that you enjoy baking small cakes in this cooker compared to in the oven as others have discovered. It truly is a remarkable piece of machinery and Panasonic has put out their very best on the market for their customers.

You can see for yourself just what this rice cooker has to offer you and how you like the benefits and features. It may be the only way that you cook your rice from that point on if you are the type of person who has trouble cooking rice on the stove top. Some use their rice cooker for many of the other features as well. You can steam your vegetables instead of boiling them, thereby retaining more of the nutrients that are found in them. The Panasonic rice cooker can truly be a healthy alternative for you and your family while you enjoy perfectly cooked foods.


  • Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker
  • Micro-computer controlled
  • Non-stick coated Pan with Dimples
  • 24-hour Clock Timer
  • cook a small amount of rice it burns the rice on the bottom

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