Is the Toshiba trcs01 rice cooker right for you?

Toshiba has over 140 years of experience in innovative technologies and it launched its first automatic electric rice cooker back in the year 1955. The Toshiba TRCS01 electric rice cooker is one of its finest offerings equipped with many useful and innovative cooking features. Japanese rice cooker Toshiba TRCS01 rice cooker review is intended to give an overall idea of the product and its features and functionality. So, let’s get started!

Toshiba TRCS01 Rice Cooker Key Features 

Brand Toshiba
Origin Japan
Model TRCS01
Package Dimensions 16x12x9.75 Inches
Weight 9.8 Pounds
Color White
Cooking capacity 6 Cup uncooked
Material FDA approved
Accessories Steam basket, serving spatula, soup ladle, rice measuring cup and user manual


Toshiba TRCS01 Rice Cooker: Design

The rice cooker has a superior quality design and well-thought-out construction. It is a 6 cup (Uncooked) rice cooker with advanced fuzzy logic technology. Rated 4.7 out of 5 by approximately a thousand people from around the world, the rice cooker is one of the hot-selling products on Amazon.

The unit has a simple control right at the front with a bright LCD display and necessary buttons for smooth navigation. Three is a lid latch right above the control panel which is used to open the lid. The lid is permanently connected via a hinge with the body. On the top of the lid, you’ll find a steam vent for the smooth and safe release of the steam during cooking.

To carry the appliance with ease, it has a stay-cool handle so you can move it around from the kitchen counter to the table conveniently. The retractable cord makes it easy to store. The housing is designed to stay cool while the food cooks inside to ensure the safety of the user especially if you got kids running around.  Overall, the unit is designed to be simple yet attractive and functional at the same time.

Toshiba TRCS01 Rice Cooker: Features and Functions

Not just rice, the unit is a multifunctional appliance having the functionality of a rice cooker, food warmer and steamer i.e. all in one! The rice cooker comes with 7 preset cooking settings to cook white rice, brown rice, mixed, short-grain, long grains, oatmeal, and porridge.

The unit also comes with a quick cook setting where a sensor speeds up the cooking process to reduce the overall time to get your meal done within 30 minutes. It is an excellent feature especially for folks who are always in a rush. Once the meal is ready, the rice cooker will automatically switch to keep warm mode which will maintain a serving temperature. The keep-warm feature can keep your meals warm for up to 24 hours but we recommend not using it for too long as the rice may dry out.

 Using it as a steamer, you will be able to steam veggies, meat, or seafood while the rice cooks below. The rice cooker lets you prepare a full meal package in one go without using multiple appliances and the entire process of the one-pot meal is hassle-free. Furthermore, a delay timer comes in handy to plan your meal in advance on a busy day. Just pop in the ingredients and let the rice cooker do the rest. The embedded fuzzy logic technology learns the entire cooking process and is able to make micro changes in temperature and pressure to get you the perfect results every time. Even if you make an error the Toshiba TRCS01 rice cooker will not!

toshiba rice cooker


The rice cooker comes with multiple accessories to give you a complete cooking experience. It comes with a rice measuring cup, a soup spoon, a rice spoon, and a steaming basket.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning has been made easy thanks to the inner pot being non-stick coated. However, the accessories are not Dishwasher-safe so you will have to go with hand-washing. Due to non-stick coating, rice will not stick to the pot so cleaning it manually will be no hassle.

  • Sturdy and well designed
  • Easy to operate
  • Versatile cooking menu
  • 7 preset cooking programs
  • Non-stick coated inner pot for convenient cleaning
  • Retractable power cord
  • 6 cup cooking capacity
  • Multiple handy accessories
  • Small cord
  • Plastic odor during first few uses


Equipped with innovative Japanese technology (Fuzzy logic) and smart innovative cooking programs, the rice cooker offers what makes a rice cooker advance and worth the consideration. Due to its durability and dependability, it has made it to our list of the best rice cookers as well.

If you are looking for a rice cooker that can cook not just rice, for a big family of yours, the toshiba TRCS01 rice cooker is the best pick available. It’s a smart and intelligent device suitable for all your eating habits. Do let us know if our review of the rice cooker has helped you make a balanced and informed decision!

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