Rapid Ramen cooker Reviews 2020

Rapid ramen cooker is produce by our favorite brand ramen. Rapid ramen cooker is the best cooker when you need a quick ramen noodles in a day and with this quickness service ramen noodles dose not lose their taste and portion.

HERE are Top 3 Rapid Ramen cookers

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Rapid Ramen Cooker | Microwave Ramen in 3 Minutes | Perfect for Dorm, Small Kitchen, or Office | Dishwasher-Safe, Microwaveable, BPA-Free

NO 2

Rapid Ramen Cooker – Microwave Instant Ramen Noodles in 3 Minutes (Pack of 2) (Packaging may vary)

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Top Ramen Rapid Cooker | Microwave Ramen in 3 Minutes | Perfect for Dorm, Small Kitchen, or Office | Dishwasher-Safe, Microwaveable, BPA-Free (2 pack)

rapid ramen cooker 2020 Rapid Ramen Cooker - Microwave Instant Ramen Noodles in 3 Minutes (Pack of 2) (Packaging may vary) Top Ramen Rapid Cooker | Microwave Ramen in 3 Minutes | Perfect for Dorm, Small Kitchen, or Office | Dishwasher-Safe, Microwaveable, BPA-Free (2 pack)

Rapid Ramen cooker 2020

Rapid ramen cooker is the best addition to your kitchen if you love noodles. without it its not possible to cook instant noodles again! rapid ramen cooker is best for college, school and busy parents.

Top features of rapid ramen cooker

Instant cooking

Rapid ramen cooker is best in term of fastest and easy way to cook noodles, on the other side you have to wait first 6 mints to bowl the water and than other 6 mints wait to cook noodles. but with rapid ramen cooker you can cook noodles within 2 to 3 mints in microwave.

Heat resistant handles in rapid ramen cooker

the heat resistant handles in rapid ramen cooker make it easy and save to remove from the microwave when your ramen is ready and save hands with any kind of danger.

Not wait for water to boil

AS early i maintain that when you did not use rapid ramen cooker you have to wait  5 to 6 mints for water to boil but one more specification of these rapid ramen cookers, you will have never wait for water to boil and washing pans, pots and other dishes.

Durability of rapid ramen cooker

you can easily use rapid ramen cooker almost 5 years, unlike other products which are mostly use 2 to 3 year but its easily use in 5 years.


its also one of the most important features of ramen cookers that its not inexpensive and much budget friendly. you have seen all rapid ramen cookers within the range of 6 to 12 dollars.

Conveniently of rapid ramen cooker

rapid ramen cooker is so convenient s that you can use in office easily. its much better product for college and school hostel students because of this specification. the weight of the rapid cooker is just 3.2 ounces with Dimensions 7 x 2 x 5 inches. one more thing i will add in this context that ramen cooker is available in 6 colors which are black, red, green, purple, navy, and gold.

Healthy food

healthy food are very important for children and without protein our children face number of diseases so rapid ramen cooker do not loss taste as well as the portion of the ramen or noodles. as you have experience that many pots and pans loss the taste and portion of our delicious noodles.

Rapid ramen cooker shark tank

Serial Entrepreneur Chris Johnson is the founder of this economically product, which is called rapid ramen cooker. When Chris was the student of University of California, Davis, he loved ramen (noodles) like other many school and college students.

He knew that student face difficulty while cooked noodles. With his own experience he also knew that the most important issue was noodles and water ratio, while we cooked noodles in microwave with the help of pots and pans.

To cook noodles perfectly he created a bowl with unique square shaped and design. The square bowl is exactly the same size as the size of dried block of noodles with water line.

Only with the small investment of 500$ Chris was able to functionalized his idea into reality and created a small rapid ramen cooker. First of all he was selling his own product by itself at a bookstore of his university in Davis.
Sell encourage the retailers to contact himself with Chris to sell his product on theirs stores. It’s become a brand within few years and people love this rapid ramen  cooker.

After a successful start he applied in shark tank and in season five he invited him. In simple way in shark tank 5 titans of the industry who made their dreams into reality are present and you present their idea to convince anyone to invest money on your idea. If you convince more than one, than bidding wars start between these and its increase the price of investment.

This time the panel of shark tank consists of Chris, Mark, Barbara, Lori, and Kevin. The owner of rapid ramen cooker Chris tells the background and sell of his product. Chris aim was to agree one of the members of shark tank to invest 10% of the company.

For this purpose he argued that rapid ramen cooker is necessary product for college students because it’s come with square bowl of water with perfect size of dried noodles. He argued that excess of water in ramen noodles is the biggest problem of the students.

He gave the sample of noodles to Barbara which was perfectly cooked in rapid ramen cooker. Out of 5 three members of shark tank rejected his idea because Chris product was too simple. After a lot of agreement finally Mark had a great deal with Chris.

One more interesting thing about rapid ramen cooker is its productivity cost is only 1$ and sold out on 6 to 7 dollar.


Due to instant healthy and economical and much more top features i will recommended you its necessary product of your kitchen, office and hostel of the students. It is best product on amazon because its 4.5 star out of 5 with more than 5 million customer. it is made of Polypropylene which melting point is 320°F. so it is dish safe and microwave safe.

Final Recommendation.

The flavoring packet must be used half or less than half to minimize saltiness because we are not using much water in rapid ramen cooker.

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