Rapid Ramen cooker – Best Ramen cooker 2023

Rapid Ramen Cooker is a perfect addition to your kitchen, dorm, office or apartment. If you are student it will save both your time and money. It is economical, healthy, fast and easy to operate. We recommend you to go get one right now.

Rapid Ramen Cooker Microwave

rapid ramen cooker review

With Rapid Ramen Cooker you can have your favorite Ramen Noodles in just about 4 minutes. It does a great job for ramen lovers, it cooks fast, doesn’t lose the taste of nutrients, and is suitable for the university or college students who are always in rush. Below is a detailed review of the Rapid Ramen Cooker for our readers.

Instant Cooking

Traditionally it takes 6 minutes to boil water on the stovetop; it will further take 6 minutes to prepare noodles once you add in the pot. With Rapid Ramen Cooker you can have a bowl of your favorite Ramen just in about 3-4 minutes that too without burning or losing its taste

Ease of Use

Rapid Ramen is effortless when it comes to its usage. Anybody whether an adult or kids can operate it with ease and prepare themselves a bowl of tasty Ramen whenever they feel like having.


A product is not worth having if it is not durable and long lasting. This wonderful home appliance can last at least for good 5 years and if taken case it can last longer than that.

Economically priced

Rapid Ramen Cooker is economically priced and it is in reach of everybody. You can get one ranging from $6 to $10 only. Paying $10 for 5 years convenience is a win-win.

Convenience / Portability

This amazing device is easy to carry around in case you want to transport it from one room to another; you can even take it to your office if you like a quick bowl of Ramen during office hours. Its weighs approximately 2.8 ounces only and dimensions are 7 x 2 x 5 inches that makes it a great fit for small kitchens, dorms and offices.

Healthy Food

A lot of people worry about whether such devices are safe and healthy or not. In case of Rapid Ramen Cooker it is made of Bisphenol-A free materials. And Ramen noodles do not lose nutrients or taste in the process.

Rapid Ramen Shark Tank

Chris Johnson brought his idea of Rapid Ramen microwave bowl to the Local Wal-Mart Store in Natomas, Sacramento, California to sell. They accepted his idea and they sold Rapid Ramen Cooker approximately for over 5 millions in less than 4 years. Chris’s company has the potential to grow to 1 billion USD. His business has been a source of inspiration as well as source of employment for many.

Ramen noodles are a way of life for many college & university students, Chris got the idea to make them quicker than normal cooking and still getting the same stove-top taste. Just like dry Ramen noodle square shape he created a bowl to make it efficient and compact. The bowl has a water line to make sure you do not add less or more than required quantity of water. Chris’s Rapid Ramen Cooker is also a Bisphenol-A free, reusable, microwave and dishwasher safe.

With the investment of just $500, Chris Johnson went from Idea to prototype and now he is on track to make billions. He started his sale from UC Davis college bookstore, but soon the space was not enough as demand increased. He then reached out to local retailers like Wal-Mart in Natomas, Sacramento California who accepted his idea and rest is history.

Chris Johnson was on Shark Tank Season Five to make his pitch. The sale volume and selling price of $5.99 with each manufacturing cost of just $1 surprised the judges and made them take notice. Things turn bitter when judges showed concern due to the product being one-time sale. 

After further discussion Mark (One of the Panelists & a business tycoon) offered to purchase 15% shares in Chris Johnson’s company. He also offered to provide him $300,000, of which a $150,000 as loan. Chris took the deal with a huge smile for having a billionaire businessman as a partner. The word is the deal didn’t work between the two and it is said that it was because of the loan agreement or the extra exposure. Chris Johnson’s appearance on Shark Tank helped increase the sale of Rapid Ramen and he wanted to renegotiate the terms and conditions.

Chris due to his appearance in Shark Tank expanded his sales and market. Later he created another product named ‘’Rapid Mac Cooker that added to his net worth to much extent.

He not only sold over 2,000,000 Rapid Ramen Cookers but also sold Rapid Mac Cookers exceeding $1,000,000 in first year of sales. Both the products got great and positive reviews from customers on Amazon. Chris Johnson’s deal with “Minute Rice” and “Top Ramen” not only increased his exposure, demand of his products but it helped increase employment opportunities for many.

  • Light weight
  • Cooks noodles fast
  • Portable
  • Great design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Only cooks noodles

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