What is the best way to use a Сuckoo CMC QSB501S review multi pressure cooker?

Cuckoo has been manufacturing eye-catching and super-advanced best cuckoo rice cookers suitable for multiple purposes. Сuckoo CMC QSB501S review is all about cuckoo 8 in 1 multi pressure cooker equipped with cutting-edge technology. It has a range of different high-end features and functions that makes it worth consideration.

About Cuckoo 8 in 1 Multi Pressure Сuckoo CMC QSB501S review

Cuckoo CMC QSB501S boasts some of the best features and functions along with innovative technologies that make your cooking experience pleasant, comfortable and safe. Basically, the cooker works on the “Set and forget” motto and that’s exactly what Cuckoo 8 in 1 multi pressure cooker is capable of.

Key Features

Model CMC QSB501S
Dimensions15.5x12x11 Inches
Weight16.5 Pounds
Available ColorBlack, Gold/White, and Midnight Black
Cooking capacity5 Quart
MaterialAluminum & Stainless Steel
AccessoriesInstruction Manual, Rice Spatula, plastic measuring cup, steam tray, recipe book.
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Сuckoo CMC QSB501S review: Design

At first glance, cuckoo rice cookers look premium quality and sophisticated kitchen appliances and this is one of the selling points of the brand. Cuckoo CMC QSB501S is indeed clean, classic, and extremely beautifully designed rice cooker in white and rose gold color combination. The appliance will not only make your entire kitchen top look good but it will make you feel great too.

The cooker is made out of high quality aluminum and (304) food grade stainless steel making the multi-cooker super durable. The hardware and software both are designed to add convenience to your cooking experience. On top of the lid there is a lock/unlock handle and a clamp knob which is used to open the lid. There is an automatic steam release valve that releases the steam automatically once the cooking cycle is over.

The control panel has a futuristic design with clearly labeled buttons and a large LCD display with countdown timer. The control panel consists of Keep warm/Reheat, Preset, Heat/Time, Menu, Cancel, Cook and +- buttons to navigate the cooking settings.

Features and Functions

The ICOOK Q5 rice cooker has the capacity to function as 8 different kitchen appliances. You don’t have to buy multiple appliances for separate tasks as Cuckoo CMC QSB501S can handle almost anything you throw at it. This perfect kitchen companion can function as pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, fryer/sauté, steamer, food warmer, yogurt maker and soup maker. With all these useful features packed in a single appliance, you can cook almost anything that you crave for.

Aside from a very intuitive digital control panel which is incredibly convenient you use, the cuckoo 8 in 1 pressure cooker has a built-in smart voice guide available in various languages. It is designed to make cooking more convenient and more fun.

Additionally, the cuckoo 8 in 1 multi pressure cooker can handle entire cooking cycle on its own. All you have to do is set it and wait for your meals to cook without a fuss. There are 14 safety measures in place to make sure the users don’t have to worry about their personal safety as well as that of the equipment. Other useful features include keep warm, reheat and delay timer which keep your meals warm for several hours, lets you reheat the leftover food and lets you plan a meal approximately 12.5 hours in advance. Bravo!


No matter how advanced and beautiful your cooking appliance is, nobody likes cleaning. The cuckoo 8 in 1 multi pressure cooker does the job for you with its one touch self cleaning feature. Press the button and strong jet steam will sanitize entire interior of the rice cooker in a jiffy. Since the inner pot is non-stick coated which further adds to the convenience when it comes to cleaning.

The inner pot and other accessories are all dishwasher safe. Just toss them in a dishwasher and that’s cleaning for you. No more hours of rubbing and scrubbing.

  • 8 in 1 appliance
  • Multiple safety features
  • Self cleaning
  • Premium quality material
  • Elegant and sophisticated design
  • Consistent cooking performance
  • Intuitive digital control panel with clear instructions
  • Voice command navigation feature
  • Easy to clean / Dishwasher Safe
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Expensive but the price is justified considering a truckload of features it has in store.

Conclusion: Сuckoo CMC QSB501S review

With over 7 hundred reviews out of which 80% are satisfied users, the Cuckoo CMC QSB501S is ranked 29th in Electric Pressure Cooker category at Amazon. This makes the cuckoo 8 in 1 multi pressure cooker a dependable and practical choice if you are looking for a high-end multi-purpose rice cooker.

Equipped with advanced technologies, innovative features and incredible cooking performance, this multi-cooker makes the cooking experience much more convenient, comfortable, and fun. In short it is a win-win deal!

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