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Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker Review

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker Review

If you’re searching for an affordable, utilize rice cooker that may produce rice fast, look no further than the Hamilton Beach Rice and Hot Cereal Cooker.


Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker Review

The Hamilton Beach Rice and Hot Cereal Cooker are special. Because it can also be used to making steamed vegetables, oatmeal and other popular cereals, quinoa, and, of course, rice, additionally. It helps prepare one-pot meals: you can steam seafood or poultry at the same time you cook rice. There are also pre-settings for delayed starts and heat. The machine comes along with a one-year limited guarantee.Hamilton Beach (37518) Rice Cooker, 4 Cups uncooked resulting in 8 Cups Cooked with Steam & Rinse Basket

Additionally, the comprehensive 20-page user’s manual contains a couple of recipes. The Hamilton Beach Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker is the top budget rice cooker advocated by Wire cutter. The reviewer valued the functionality and also the yummy medium grain and short-grain white rice which is produced.

And, among the rice cookers the author analyzed, this Hamilton Beach unit was the next fastest. House of the blog of Fauci advocated the Hamilton Beach rice cooker due to the large capacity and easy cleanup.

Nevertheless, the reviewer noted that there’s a little of a learning curve and reading the user manual is a must. About 63% of the buyers that examined the Hamilton Beach Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker gave it a 5-star rating.

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One buyer liked this unit catered to his laziness. He used it for a wide range the delayed beginning made it, so his meal was ready when he got home from work a narrative of oatmeal burning.

One buyer shared with a story of oatmeal leaking out from the top and creating a mess. This was because of. After this happened, the buyer contacted Hamilton Beach, which replaced the device.

Many people today think with their expertise that it is the worst rice cooker I have ever used. I have had better luck with $12 ones. You may scarcely cook two cups of rice with no top dismissing as well.

Just in case you believe this thing has some redeeming qualities, make sure: it doesn’t on the bottom of the rice. Completely ruins the rice. Unless of course, on the bottom of the rice trash.

Cups of Basmati with this rice cooker manner I’ve used cheaper rice cookers that cooked a lot faster, but the quality of rice cooked wasn’t the best. I’m pleasantly pleased with the quality of cooking. I eat mainly Basmati Rice so you can only cook 21/2 longer when cooking Basmati and end product is as good as cooking in a pot.

The rice cooker takes a little longer when cooking Basmati and end product is as good as cooking in a pan without needing to check continuously.
This cooker is fantastic for two people if you have mainly rice with your foods. All in all, it is the best rice maker I have a job at that, the side attributes are a great plus for a simple/effective as they might be, I purchased the ideal position at that, the side features are a great plus for an excellent price.



overall,  along with other features, it also out rank other rice cookers due to its quickness, you will be amazed that you will cook rice too quickly than other rice cookers.

  • multi-functional
  • quickly cook rice
  • unique design
  • before operating read instructions

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