10 Best Rice Cooker Under 100$ for 2023

“I’m so happy I can cook rice without worrying about burning it. It’s super easy to use and the best part is that the rice cooks in just 20 minutes! But now I searching for Best Rice Cooker Under 100 $.

-Alyssa, 18-year-old American girl.

Have you ever used a rice cooker? If not, you’re missing out. A rice cooker is one of the most useful kitchen appliances you can own. Not only does it cook perfect rice every time, but it can also be used to cook other grains, such as quinoa and barley, as well as vegetables and meats. And, best of all, a rice cooker is very affordable.

You can find some of the best rice cooker under 100$ on Amazon. So why not give one a try? I think you’ll be glad you did.

In this article, we will find out what is the best rice cooker under 100 on amazon to choose from, based off customer reviews, So, let’s get going!

In a Rush??

Check out Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker, Warmer & Sterilizer. With over 136K reviews on Amazon and 4.7/5 stars ratings, the appliance is the best rice cooker under 100. Not just a rice cooker, instant pot duo 7 in 1 is a versatile and multifunctional appliance that can do it all!

best rice cooker under 100
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Best Rice Cooker Under 100$

Without any further delay, lets see what do we have on our list of best rice cookers under 100$. 

1. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker

The Instant Pot is a kitchen workhorse that does it all. From cooking rice to slow cooking and making yogurt, this electric pressure cooker can do so much in such an easy way.

The Instant Pot is a must for anyone who needs to cook rice, slow-cook meats and vegetables or make yogurt. The 7-in-1 functionality means that it can do all of your favorite cooking tasks in one machine! The multi cooker has a variety of customizable Smart Programs for pressure cooking ribs, soups, beans, rice, poultry, desserts, yogurt and more.

With the instant pot, you can pressure cook delicious one-pot meals up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods or slow cooker recipes.

The rice cooker is the perfect way to make a warm and satisfying meal for your family. The stainless-steel exterior is fingerprint resistant; it comes with dishwasher safe lid, inner cooking pot and multiple useful accessories to make your cooking experience pleasant and fun.

The rice cooker is a must-have for any household. The stainless steel exterior ensures that it will last long and not rust, while the tri-ply bottom helps you get even hotter temperatures on your plate. With this appliance in hand – no more burnt or undercooked food plus less spots from over cooking. All these amazing features make this amazing multicooker the best rice cooker under 100 that you can grab right now on Amazon.

  • 7 in 1 functionality
  • Available in 3, 6 and 8 Quarts cooking capacity
  • Easy to follow controls
  • LCD display
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • 13 customizable smart programs to cook anything
  • Easy to clean
  • Discover more feature on companion app
  • Takes time to learn
  • Bulky and takes space
  • Strange smell at first use

2. Aroma Housewares ARC-1120SBL SmartCarb Stainless Steel Rice Multicooker

This sleek black rice cooker is perfect rice and multicooker for your kitchen. You’ll get fantastic smells and flavors out of this multi-cooker with its nonstick inner pot, steamer tray and you will never have to worry about undercooked or burnt food while cooking with this bad boy! Its humongous 20 cup capacity makes it easy enough even when you have more than one guest showing up at dinner time!

Aroma rice cooker is perfect for those looking to enjoy a variety of foods from different grains. The stainless steel pot drains up to 30% carbohydrates which allows us the freedom cook in peace and still be able eat whatever we want without worrying about feeling guilty.

This cooker is great for cooking and steaming a variety of whole grains, fish or vegetables. You can also use it to make healthy soups making this appliance an ideal addition to your kitchen arsenal. With its 8 cooking presets, you can virtually cook anything at all.

With a 15-hour delay timer, this rice cooker will make sure that you always have hot cooked rice ready when needed. You’ll never worry again about what’s for dinner because the 15 hour delay timer will yield delicious meals every time plus an automatic keep warm feature makes sure your dinner stay warm and delicious every day.

Aroma is one of the bestselling brand in the USA and Aroma housewares ARC 1120SBL SmartCarb is one of their finest offerings; definitely one of the best rice cookers under 100$ up for grab on Amazon.

  • SmartCarb Technology
  • 15 hours delay timer
  • Easy to follow controls
  • Digital display
  • 8 preset cooking functions
  • Multiple useful accessories
  • Up to 30% reduced carbohydrates
  • Elegant design and durable craftsmanship
  • Takes time to master the art of cooking with SmartCarb
  • Not for small kitchen counters
  • Rice may stick to stainless steel inner pot

3. COMFEE’ Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Steamer, Stewpot, Sauté All in One

The COMFEE’s Multi-cooker has a lot of useful functions and gets consistent results. It’s one of the best slow cookers out there, with its performance you can’t go wrong!

The multifunctional use of the device has made it a favorite for cooking enthusiasts. With 12 digital programs, there are many options available to choose from including rice or pasta dishes that can be created easily using one button and have no guesswork involved.

The versatility in this machine’s design makes it perfect whether you’re looking for an easy meal on busy weekdays or baking a cake for any special occasion; the Comfee multicooker got your back.

The coffee rice cooker has a whopping 20 cup capacity to yield up 10-20 cups of cooked aromatic rice which is more than enough for an average family. It’s great for families or outdoor activities where you need to cook a lot of food for a range of folks with varying eating habits.

The Multiuse Programmable rice cooker is user friendly, with a digital panel & LED display that ensures easy use. The automatic shut off feature protects your electronics from over-heating while the delay timer allows you to plan dinner ahead of time or go on an impromptu camping trip without worrying about cooking.

The rice cooker’s stainless-steel exterior is easy to clean and all parts with the non-stick coating can go in dishwasher which means you will not have to spend hours by the sink cleaning all those accessories one by one!

  • Dishwasher safe accessories
  • Elegant digital controls
  • 12 cooking presets
  • Versatile and dependable
  • Durable as pressure cooker
  • Perfect for large families, gatherings and parties
  • Not great for browning
  • Complicated to follow controls
  • Not clear instructions

4. COMFEE’ 5.2Qt Asian Style Programmable All-in-1 Multi Cooker, Rice Cooker

The COMFEE’ 5.2Qt Asian Style Programmable All-in-1 Multi Cooker and Steamer will make your weeknight meals a snap thanks to its versatile cooking abilities. With its 24 hours delay timer function that automatically sets itself to keep warm after cooking time is up, you can plan your meals ahead of time on busy days.

To achieve the ideal cooking performance, COMFEE’ has developed a revolutionary 6-step process that marries heated water and pressure to cook fluffy rice perfectly every time. Whether you’re in the mood for rice or pasta, soup and stew; this appliance has got it all! With 17 different digital cooking programs means there’s no limit on how many times we can cook something new; while one touch buttons make operation easy.

The COMFEE’ electric multi rice cooker operates under normal pressure, ensuring that you have the safety of all kinds when using it. The cool touch handles make opening up easy and worry-free. An innovative gadget like no other – this amazing rice cooker cooks up perfect fluffy white rice every single time using its 24 hours delayed timer function to ensure maximum convenience when you are having a busy day.

An automatic keep warm feature makes sure you get warm and fresh bowl of rice whenever you feel like and it can keep rice warm for up to 12 consecutive hours. COMFEE produces some of the finest kitchen appliances and this is one of the best rice cooker under 100 that you can place on your kitchen counter.

  • Huge cooking capacity
  • Ceramic interior makes it easy to clean
  • Consistent performer
  • You can cook anything
  • 1 year warranty
  • Safe for seasoned and beginners alike
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Lid is not removable
  • Deep cleaning is tricky and difficult

5. Cuisinart CRC-400 4 Cup Rice Cooker

The sleek and stylish rice cooker is perfect for any household who keeps it simple, it’s easy to use thanks to its one button operation. With four cups of capacity, you will be able to cook for 2-3 folks at a time.

It produces steaming hot cooked seasoned brown or white rice in only 20 minutes while retaining all natural nutrients; thanks its stainless steel exterior it will look elegant on any kitchen counter with any kitchen theme.

The Cuisinart rice cooker steams grains, meats and vegetables in a modern square shape. This sleek appliance is finished off with stainless steel to give it that extra touch of class!

Cuisinart is the perfect appliance for anyone who loves to cook. This rice cooker can make brown or white grains whatever is that you prefer for dinner.

The stainless-steel steaming basket lets you steam veggies, poultry or seafood with ease. A nonstick coated aluminum pot as well as glass lid will keep food from sticking so everything turns out beautifully every time with not much clean-up required at all. Thanks also goes to the paddle and measuring cup included within package deal, that you have this amazing cooking experience.

  • See-through lid
  • One button operation
  • No complicated menus
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Nonstick aluminum pot
  • Useful included accessories
  • Not versatile as a multicooker
  • No cooking presets for easy cooking

6. TIGER JBV-A10U 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker

The TIGER JBV-A10U 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker with Food Steamer Basket is a go-to appliance to fix quick meals on busy days in most households. With its ability to cook up delicious and nutritious meals in just about 20-30 minutes this appliance makes cooking quick and easy without all of the fuss or mess which can be typical when trying new recipes on your own.

The TIGER Rice Cooker is a Syncro-cooking machine with the ability to simultaneously cook both meat as main dish and rice. The rice cooker is a versatile appliance that cooks different types of grains and vegetables at the touch of button. It’s got four cooking modes – Synchrony-Cooking, plain, brown rice, and slow cooking.

The rice cooker is a must for any family that loves to eat Asian cuisine. The nonstick coating and easy cleanup make this appliance super popular, even among those who are not familiar with cooking or using an electric device.

The rice cooker comes with a Non-stick spatula, cooking plate and measuring cup. The “Synchrony” function of this product cooks your food (main dish) in perfect harmony with rice for an exceptional flavor and at the same time. Hands down one of the best rice cooker under 100$ without breaking your bank!

  • BPA free and chemical free material
  • Automatic keep warm feature
  • Nonstick inner cooking pot
  • Even heating and heat distribution
  • Synchro-Cooking feature to cook rice and main dish simultaneously
  • Versatile and consistent
  • Not so quick to cook rice
  • No cooking presets
  • Need experimentation to get things right

7. Mueller 6 Quart Pressure Cooker 10 in 1 Rice Cooker

It’s an impressive 10-in-1 pressure cooker; the Mueller 6-quart pressure cooker can be used as a slow-cooker, rice cooker or yogurt maker. The 6-quart capacity will hold enough food for entire family of 4-5 members.

Mueller rice cooker is more than just an average rice cooker and it can replace Pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice/porridge cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, egg cooker, sauté/searing, steamer, warmer, and sterilizer.

This rice cooker offers 10 in 1 functionality and features 15 pre-set smart programs. Unlike most other multicookers on the market, this one gives you lots of flexibility in terms cooking times and choices so there won’t be any guesswork involved when making your favorite recipes.

You will have the option to cook Oatmeal, Broth/Soup, Poultry, Yogurt, Egg, Beans/Chilli, Rice, Pressure Cook (Manual Setting), Meat/Stew, Cake. Slow Cook, Steam, Sauté, Canning & Multi-Grain; your favorite dishes are just one click away!

The rice cooker comes with an additional stainless steel steamer basket giving you the freedom to cook two dishes simultaneously. In addition to that, you also get an extra silicone gasket, ladle, and a measuring cup to add convenience to your cooking experience. What other features one can think of in a best rice cooker under 100?

  • 10 in 1 functionality
  • 15 smart cooking presets
  • Can cook almost anything
  • Prepare two dishes simultaneously
  • Durable build quality
  • Food grade 304 stainless steel material
  • Included a canning feature
  • Stainless steel inner cooking pot
  • Material is said to be light by few clients
  • Insufficient instructions / not so clear
  • Takes time to understand the controls
  • Complicated cooking settings

8. Aroma Professional ARC-1230R Multicooker

The Aroma Professional ARC-1230R is a complete kitchen essential that will help you cook like an expert. With 11 preset functions, this appliance has all of the tools necessary to turn any dish into something delicious!

The Lid features glass so it’s easy for viewing your meal while cooking; with its cool touch technology on handle means easy access to steam tray allows quick release when needed without burning yourself.

The rice cooker is a great way to cook delicious, soft and fluffy white or brown rice with many dishes. It comes complete including all the necessary tools for cooking like measuring cups and spatulas for effortless cooking experience.

Aroma Professional ARC-1230R features a stylish digital display coupled with 11 programmable cooking presets to give you the freedom to make your favorite delicious meals in a jiffy. The see-through lid allows you easily monitor and observe your favorite meal being cooked and the stay cool handle lets you move the rice cooker from cooktop to table with ease without accidently burning your hands.

Not just rice, Aroma professional rice cooker can prepare anything from fluffy rice and hearty soup to delicious steamed vegetables. The included steamer tray lets you steam veggies, fish and more with the push of a button. The Sauté-then-Simmer feature provide high heat sauteing and automatically moves to simmer when you add liquid in the pot.

The multicooker has the capacity to cook 10 cups of rice, 2 to 5 pounds meat or chicken which means you can virtually cook anything you want. Aroma professional rice cooker is perfect to make meals for family, friends, backyard parties and family gatherings.

The inner cooking pot features a nonstick coating which makes cleanup hassle-free affair as its dishwasher safe. The included rice measuring cup makes sure you get to measure the precise quantity as much as you want to cook, nothing more nothing less!

  • 20 cups cooked capacity
  • 11 preset cooking programs
  • Aesthetic design
  • Glass lid for easy observation
  • Nonstick inner cooking pot
  • Dishwasher safe accessories
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Well priced
  • Seal will wear off over time
  • Nonstick coating may peel off

9. Amazon Basics Multi-Functional Rice Cooker

Amazon Basic is another multifunctional, affordable rice cooker, steamer and multicooker featuring 5.5 cups uncooked rice cooking capacity which yields 11 cups of white or brown rice for small and large families. With its steamer tray, you can cook rice and steam veggies simultaneously which makes it a perfect appliance to prepare one pot meal in no time.

Not only white rice, you can cook soup, stew, chili, pasta, porridge, congee, oatmeal and more. The rice cooker features a user-friendly digital control panel where you will find settings for white rice, quinoa and brown rice, steam, slow cook, soup/stew, oatmeal, pasta, browning, sauté, defrost, and quick cooking. Also, it features 24 hours delay timer to plan your dinner, or meals in advance for backyard party, birthday or family gatherings. It’s amazing keep warm feature will keep the food warm at serving temperature unless you are ready to eat!

The rice cooker comes with durable inner cooking pot made of aluminum alloy material which makes sure even and quick heat distribution for perfectly cooked delicious meals. The nonstick coating means there is no sticky mess inside which results in hassle free and effortless cleaning after meals.

The stay cool handle helps transfer the cooking appliance from cooktop to table without accidently burning hands. Also, included accessories such as measuring cup, food steamer, and a rice scoop help make cooking a pleasant experience. Being affordable, easy to operate, and versatile, it is an amazing multicooker in our collection of best rice cooker under 100$!

  • Cooks more than rice
  • Practical design
  • User friendly interface
  • Tons of cooking presets
  • Nonstick cooking pot
  • Easy cleanup
  • Easy to move around
  • Not as good as Zojirushi or Cuckoo rice cookers
  • Complaints about poor performance
  • Complaints about rice being mushy

10. Aroma Housewares NutriWare 14-Cup Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

If you are skeptical about nonstick coated inner cooking bowls, we present you the Aroma Housewares NutriWare 14 cup rice cooker and steamer with stainless steel inner cooking pot which makes sure you cook healthy and eat healthy every single time without being fearful of chemicals leaching into your meals. NO WAY!

The NutriWare 14 cups rice cooker has a simple to follow control panel with options to choose whit or brown rice, sauté then simmer, steam and keep warm. The straightforward controls make it possible for anybody from beginner to seasoned chef to use the appliance conveniently. Preparing white, brown rice, soups, chili, stews and more has never been so easy!

14 cups cooked rice capacity means you can prepare enough food for a large family. The rice cooker is perfect if you are to host a backyard party or family gathering for dinner.

The rice cooker has huge capacity but small footprints so it will not occupy a lot of space on your kitchen counter. For an amazing cooking experience, the package will include a rice measuring cup, rice spatula, and a steaming tray so you can start cooking right away! If you are looking for something simple yet affordable, this is another best rice cooker under 100$ which is not much at all!

  • Simple yet versatile rice cooker
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Stainless steel inner cooking pot
  • No nonstick coating issues
  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable and durable build quality
  • Rice sticks to the bottom
  • No delay timer

Few Honorable Mentions

Here are some of the best rice cookers under 100$ that you may check out.

  • Panasonic 5 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker
  • Panasonic SR-G06FG Automatic 3.3 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker
  • Aroma Housewares Professional 8-Cups (Cooked) / 2Qt. 360° Induction Rice Cooker

Size of the rice cooker and its rice pot

The size of a rice cooker and its rice pot can vary depending on the specific model. Rice cookers come in various sizes, typically measured in cups of uncooked rice. Common sizes range from small 3-cup rice cookers suitable for individuals or small families to larger 10-cup or more rice cookers for bigger households or gatherings.

The rice pot or inner pot of a rice cooker is typically designed to accommodate the corresponding size of the rice cooker. For example, a 3-cup rice cooker would come with a smaller rice pot compared to a 10-cup rice cooker. The size of the rice pot is intended to hold the appropriate amount of uncooked rice and water for efficient cooking.

FAQ: Best Rice Cooker Under 100$

Which brand rice cooker is best?

Determining the best brand of rice cooker depends on individual preferences and needs. However, some popular and reliable brands known for their quality rice cookers include Zojirushi, Panasonic, Tiger, and Midea, each offering a range of models with different features and price points to suit various cooking requirements.

What is the best rice cooker under 100$?

Assuming you use rice cooker everyday to cook rice, we have observed and Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker is by far the best rice cooker under 100$ price tag. It will not only make delicious and restaurant quality rice but you can cook any of your favorite meals thanks to the versatility and functionality it has to offer.

Furthermore, coming from an extremely reliable brand i.e. Instant Pot, you can trust the name without giving it second thought. The device is the bestseller on Amazon for a reason!

Are cheap rice cookers worth it?

Depends! If you eat a lot of rice and use rice cooker everyday you probably should go for an expensive model like Japanese or Korean rice cookers. However, in case you are a student and cook only for yourself, an economical and basic rice cooker will suffice. With that said, if you are only to prepare rice, a basic rice cooker will just be fine however, if you like to experiment with your recipes an advanced variant is suggested!

Is it cheaper to cook in rice cooker?

Cooking in a rice cooker can often be more cost-effective compared to other cooking methods. Rice cookers are designed to be energy-efficient, utilizing a specific amount of electricity to cook rice, and they typically have insulation to retain heat effectively. Additionally, rice cookers can prevent overcooking or burning, reducing the risk of wasted ingredients and saving money in the long run.

Which rice cooker is best for 4 people?

For a family of 4, a rice cooker with a capacity of 6 cups of uncooked rice would generally be suitable. Some popular models that cater to this size include the Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker, Tiger JBV-A10U Micom Rice Cooker, and Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, each offering versatile features and reliable performance for cooking rice for 4 people.

It can cook and foam other types of food?

While rice cookers are primarily designed for cooking rice, many modern rice cookers also come with additional functions that allow them to cook and steam various types of food. These versatile appliances can be used to prepare a wide range of dishes such as steamed vegetables, soups, stews, porridge, quinoa, and even desserts like cheesecake or bread pudding.

It can slow down the cooking?

Yes, some rice cookers come with a slow cooking feature that allows for longer cooking times at lower temperatures. This feature is useful for simmering soups, stews, or braised dishes, as it gives the ingredients more time to cook and develop flavors while maintaining a gentle cooking process.

It is created from the type of material?

Rice cookers are commonly made from materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or non-stick coated materials. Stainless steel rice cookers are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to stains and odors. Aluminum rice cookers are lightweight and provide excellent heat conductivity, ensuring even cooking.

Non-stick coated rice cookers have a convenient surface that prevents food from sticking, making cleaning easier. The choice of material depends on factors like personal preference, desired features, and budget.

It is created from the type of material?

Rice cookers are commonly made from materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or non-stick coated materials. Stainless steel rice cookers are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to stains and odors. Aluminum rice cookers are lightweight and provide excellent heat conductivity, ensuring even cooking.

Non-stick coated rice cookers have a convenient surface that prevents food from sticking, making cleaning easier. The choice of material depends on factors like personal preference, desired features, and budget.

Final Thought

We all want to cook scrumptious rice cooked in a time-saving manner but not everyone can afford to spend few hundred bucks on a Cuckoo or Zojirushi rice cooker. However, while looking for a budget option, it is not recommended to buy whatever you can get your hands on.

Our collection of the best rice cookers under 100$ consists of the bestselling rice cookers on Amazon with affordable price tag, incredible 4.5+ stars ratings and tons of impressive reviews from people across the world. So no matter which one you select, you will get an incredible yet affordable rice cooker without breaking the bank.

Our top pick is Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker with 136K+ reviews and 4.7/5 stars rating from clients across the world. Although, we have included the bestseller rice cookers in our list however, the Instant Pot Duo is the finest of all. Which is your favorite rice cooker of all, Do leave a your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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