Is the CRP P0609S a cuckoo pressure rice cooker 6 cup?

Cuckoo CRP P0609S 6 cup rice cooker is another advanced electric heating pressure rice cooker with enticing features. There is a reason why Asian rice cookers are superior because their primary function is to cook aromatic rice. They look and act differently than the multi-cookers.

In this Cuckoo CRP P0609S review, we will see whether CRP P0609S is capable of the typical “Cuckoo-Magic”. Let us find out more!

Key Features

Brand Cuckoo
Origin Korea
Model CRP P0609S
Dimensions 14.2×11.6×10.2 Inches
Weight  14.3 Pounds
Available Color Black
Cooking capacity 6 Cups (Uncooked)
Material Aluminum/Stainless Steel
Accessories Instruction Manual, Rice Spatula, rice measuring cup, steam tray, Cook-book

Cuckoo CRP-P0609S 6 cup Electric Heating Pressure Rice Cooker 2021


Cuckoo CRP P0609S Design

Made out of stainless steel and aluminum, Cuckoo CRP P0609S has a sleek design and the black color just adds to the elegance. The premium design, high-quality food-grade material, and nonstick coating makes the device quite durable.

The overall design is somewhat similar to that of Cuckoo CRP P1009SB but that doesn’t make it any less appealing. The cooker is operated via a perfectly designed digital control panel consisting of one-touch buttons with clearly labeled instructions in both English and Korean Language. Measuring at 14.2×11.6×10.2 inches the rice cooker is not so small and shall require a dedicated kitchen spot.

Weighing about 14.3 pounds it is not really very heavy but you still don’t want to keep moving it from place to place. The stay-cool handle on the top makes it easy to open up the lid when required and the spatula holder comes in handy. It has a flawless and innovative design which is the hallmark of the Cuckoo rice cooker brand.

Features and Functions

To make perfect rice every time, cuckoo electric heating pressure cooker CRP P0609S is a wise pick. You can cook from porridge to soups thanks to the innovative (HP) heating plate. The cooker is able to reduce soak and cook time for GABA rice. Aside from all sorts of rice grains, you can use its multi-cook feature to cook a variety of meals like soups, bread and cake. The rice cooker is incorporated with 14 built-in safety features in case you have kids running around the kitchen. With safety measures like auto lock, pressure control, secondary pressure release and thermal fuse, yours and the safety of your loved ones is ensured while you operate the device.

The rice cooker has 10 built in preset programs that you can choose to prepare your favorite meals as and when you need. The presets include Glutin-Rice, Glutin Turbo, Brown Rice, Mixed Rice, GABA Rice, High Heat, Porridge, Nurungji, Multi-Cook and Auto clean. For those who don’t know Nurungji is a traditional Korean dish where rice is intentionally cooked crispy and scorched. It is capable of taking care of all your food cravings, no wonder this is one of the best multi-functional rice cookers.

That’s not it. Let’s take a closer look at some of its core competencies. First and foremost, the cooker has voice navigation feature which is very useful for non-English speaking folks in operating the unit. Cuckoo is known for manufacturing rice cooker with easy to use features and voice navigation is an addition in most of cuckoo’s latest models.

Adding to its appeal is its detachable stainless steel inner lid. Most advanced rice cookers have fixed lids but CRP P0609S has detachable which makes it much easier to clean. Talking about cleaning brings us to the most convenient feature of the device that is self-cleaning. If you don’t like cleaning like me, just press the auto-clean button and the cooker will clean itself and sanitize the interior.

In case you end up adding too much water than the desired ratio, there is nothing to worry about. Cuckoo CRP P0609S is smart enough to collect the excess water to prevent overcooking resulting in perfectly cooked nonmushy and fluffy rice. Its double rubber packing for steaming makes sure no leakage while cooking because at Cuckoo safety comes first.


Cuckoo is all about convenience and the same is reflected in its unique features. As stated earlier the auto-clean function of the unit makes cleaning hassle-free and you can enjoy your favorite meals fuss-free. The detachable are all dishwasher-friendly which is another plus if you are a lazy soul.

  • Innovative and unique features
  • 10 built-in preset cooking programs
  • Multi-cooker lets you cook a range of your favorite meals
  • 14 safety features to ensure safe cooking experience
  • Attractive and stylish design
  • Intuitive digital control panel
  • Impressive and consistent cooking performance
  • Non-stick coating preserve nutrients and natural taste of meals
  • Handy features like Keep warm and delay timer
  • Some may find it expensive (But worth it)



The cuckoo CRP P0609S digital programmable rice cooker is well received and much praised by hundreds of users around the world, no wonder it is one of the top-rated cuckoo pressure rice cookers on Amazon. Auto clean, stylish design, turbo cooking, delay timer, keep warm and a ton of other amazing features make CRP P0609S one of the most sought-after rice cookers of the times. We hope our Cuckoo CRP P0609S review will enable you to make a balanced and well-informed decision.

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