Disadvantages of Air Fryer

The air fryer is a great way to cut down on the amount of oil you use in your cooking. It has become one of the most popular kitchen appliances and for good reason. It is said that they are easy to clean, use less electricity than other kitchen appliances and cook food quickly with very little mess.

Disadvantages of air fryer

However, there are some aspects about this appliance that may not be as beneficial to you as you think. For instance, using an air fryer can lead to uneven cooking or burning if it’s not used properly which makes it pretty dangerous. Also, because they cook so fast there isn’t much time for flavor development which means your meal will probably taste bland compared to what you’re used to. I hope this article will help make up your mind about whether or not you should get an air fryer for your household.


Air fryers are pretty much expensive. Yes, of course they are. But is it possible to prepare a steak, fish, veggies, cake, egg, or a whole chicken in your deep fryer? I don’t think so-it is not designed for that purpose. Air fryers are healthier and more versatile too – capable of preparing all sorts of foods from one single device rather than having several small appliances.

In addition to being able do everything deep frying can do (and then some), these days many models come equipped with their own internal thermostat so there won’t ever again need worry about overcooking anything. One may say, air fryers are expensive but they are worth the investment considering what they have to offer in return.


Cleaning an air fryer is a pain in the neck. It’s never as easy to do as you think it should be. Although air fryers are pretty easy to clean in comparison to deep fryers but it is hard to clean an air fryer especially when you don’t own a dishwasher. Air fryers are usually dishwasher safe so with having a dishwasher cleaning is a breeze.

People store their air fryers in a similar manner to how they used to do with deep-fryers, without cleaning them and that’s where cleaning become difficult. Treat your air fryer just like any other pot and pan and always clean after cooking and before you store them away.

Longer Cooking Times

Frying with air fryer takes longer than frying with deep fryers and that’s a common observation. For instance, French fries will only take 10 minutes with deep-frying while it will take 20 minutes when using an air fryer. The cooking time may differ with different brands and quality of product. A cheap air fryer may take more time than what a premium quality air fryer does.

Smaller for large families

Air fryers are often considered smaller for large families and its true for many reasons. For instance, cooking for 4-5 people, you will need something bigger than a usual 4 Quarts air fryer. It may produce enough French fries but when you are making whole meal, it will only be enough for 2-3 people.

Air fryers can’t go bigger than what they already are. Going bigger than what they already are will downgrade the cooking results because you will have to have a bigger and more powerful fan to circulate the hot air and eventually it will require a more powerful heating unit making the appliance not so power efficient. Who would want a power-hungry appliance?

Burnt, dried and failed air fryer dishes

If you’re new to the world of air frying, then don’t be afraid. One of the most frequent questions I get is “how do I use an Air Fryer?” There are some great resources on YouTube and elsewhere online with instructional videos that can teach even experienced cooks like me a thing or two about these handy appliances.

Oftentimes people also ask what recipes work best for using them in their homes but there isn’t really any right answer because every manufacturer has slightly different instructions depending on which model they sell.

At the beginning, while trying to get things right, you may experience burnt, dried and failed recipes and it is all normal with air frying.

Final Thoughts

Every product has its share of pros and cons and so does the air fryer. Seeing it differently, these are not really cons, but things to note and consider while buying the air fryer. cleaning, experimenting and other issues are something that you will experience with any cooking appliance. hope you have the idea how you will have to treat your air fryer in order to have an amazing cooking experience.

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