10 Best Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration 2023

Air fryers have been getting more and more popular in recent times. The main reason for that is the health aspect. Food cooked in air fryers is much healthier because there is no oil used in them.

But if you are a fried food enthusiast and don’t worry too much about your diet, you know that air fryers can’t produce the same taste like the deep fryers.

Hot air cannot bring the same taste and texture as hot oil. People often use heavy-bottomed pans and stoves, but they still don’t bring the desired taste.

Best Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration

Best Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration Reviews

A huge plus of using deep fryers is that they allow you to maintain a controlled temperature and cook consistent food. So, if you cook in batches, all your food is cooked evenly and tastes the same.

A big problem with deep fryers is the reuse of oil. Using new oil every time is not very efficient and can get costly if you deep fry food regularly.

That’s why we have found the best deep fryer with oil filtration for you. In this article, you will find the best deep fryer of 2021 that are easy to use, easy to maintain, and provide delicious fried food whenever you want.

1. Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

The Presto brand has a reputation for making the best basic appliances. Their products mainly focus on performance rather than features. The 05420 FryDaddy is proof of that. It’s a powerful deep fryer that cooks the food quickly and evenly without too much hassle and no wonder it tops the our list of best deep fryer with oil filtration.

The FryDaddy looks like a bucket, and the housing is aluminum. The interesting thing is that you won’t find any sort of control panel on this deep fryer. The technology in this deep fryer is such that it automatically reaches and maintains the optimal frying temperature. All you have to do is plug it in, pour in the oil, add the food, and enjoy tasty fried food after a few minutes.

There is no need to set the cooking time and temperature every time you want to eat fried chicken or French fries. The no controls system makes it easier to use, but it also limits the ability of the deep fryer.

Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer,Black
23,293 Reviews
Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer,Black
  • Saves money on oil; Efficient 4:4 oil-to-food ratio makes four big servings with just four cups of...
  • Built-in, preset thermostat for perfect frying every time; Nonstick surface, inside and out, for...

Since it can only cook at one temperature, that means it can only cook one type of food, i.e., fried food. So, this might not be the right choice for you if you are looking for a versatile cooking appliance. If you only want an authentic deep fryer, this is the best deep fryer for home use. The cooking capacity of this deep fryer is quite large as well. It can hold four cups of oil to make up to four big servings of any food.

So, for a complete family, this deep fryer is enough to prepare a delicious dinner every night. The best thing is that the deep fryer comes with a handy scoop that you can use to serve the food right out of the fryer. You got no messy basket to worry about; you can just enjoy the dinner piping hot straight out of the fryer.

  • Snap-on lid to store the oil for reuse.
  • Non-stick interior and exterior for easy cleanup.
  • Automatically maintains optimal frying temperature.
  • Large cooking capacity.
  • Handy scoop that drains oil and serves easily.
  • No splatter shield while cooking.

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2. T-fal FR8000 Easy To Clean Deep Fryer

The T-fal deep fryer is for those people who want to control the temperature they fry at. This deep fryer has an adjustable thermostat that allows you to set the cooking temperature between 302F to 374F. So, you can cook food at your desired temperature and get the exact cooking results you want.

However, the standout feature of this deep fryer, as you might have guessed from the title, is the ease of cleaning. The fryer itself is very easy to clean, but the oil filtration system is what we want to talk about. The deep fryer has a built-in oil filtration system that cleans the oil automatically so you can reuse it several times.

All you have to do is just press the oil filtration button, and the fryer will filter the oil itself. The EZ clean filter system filters the oil and moves the clean oil into the bottom pan. You can then drain the dirty oil pan and reuse the clean oil.

T-fal Deep Fryer with Basket, Stainless Steel, Easy to...
16,926 Reviews
T-fal Deep Fryer with Basket, Stainless Steel, Easy to...
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE - Powerful 1700-watt deep fryer with 3.5-liter oil capacity and 2.65-pound food...
  • EASY TO USE - With 2-position basket for cooking and draining food. Handles for easy transportation...

The FR8000 deep fryer makes no compromise on the cooking at all. The 1700 watts powerful heating element makes sure you don’t have to wait too long to eat. You get fried food from frozen foods within minutes. No matter what you decide to fry, it is always tender and juicy on the inside and brown and crispy on the outside.

The fryer has 3.5 liters of oil capacity and can hold up to 2.7 lbs. of food at once. You can make enough food for 4-6 people easily and entertain your guests with tasty fried chicken, onion rings, chicken wings, and whatnot.

The fryer is stainless steel, as well as the fryer baskets. This makes the fryer more durable and easier to clean as well. Food doesn’t stick to the basket, and the exterior wipes clean easily as well. The basket is dishwasher safe, so you can just pop it in your dishwasher if you don’t feel like cleaning.

  • It comes with a splatter shield.
  • The shield has a viewing window to check on the food.
  • Built-in oil filtration system.
  • Adjustable thermostat for better cooking.
  • Cool-to-touch handles for easy transport.
  • Large unit. 

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3. Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer

Third on the list of the best deep fryer with oil filtration is the larger version of the Presto 05420 FryDaddy. It is quite similar to FryDaddy, and the only real difference is the bigger cooking pot. The shape and outlook are the same, like a bucket, but bigger. The FryDaddy holds four cups of oil while the GranPappy uses six cups of oil. So, if you want to cook more food with the same ease as FryDaddy, you know what to do now.

The housing is aluminum, so the deep fryer is lightweight but durable. Also, the interior and the exterior are both non-stick to make sure you can easily clean it without too much trouble. There is no basket with this air fryer. Because there is no basket, the food is closer to the heating element. The food cooks faster and better this way.

To easily serve the food, you get a handy scoop as well. The scoop lets you serve the food directly out of the fryer. It has small holes on the bottom, so it drains the excess oils and fats from the food. Since it has a long handle, you don’t have to worry about burning your hand with the hot oil inside the fryer.

Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer
13,266 Reviews
Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer
  • Make delicious deep fried foods, fast and easy.
  • Fries six servings of french fries with just six cups of oil.

The snap-on plastic lid covers the oil after cooking so you can store it safely and reuse the oil again and again. However, you should keep in mind that the lid is plastic and will not work as a splatter shield. We suggest either buying a separate splatter shield or being careful while cooking with this deep fryer.

Just like the FryDaddy, the GranPappy also has no adjustable thermostat. The 1500 watts powerful heating element automatically generates and maintains 375F temperature for optimal frying. You always the perfect frying results no matter what you fry. AS we said earlier, this does limit your cooking options. So, you might want to consider that before you go to buy the GranPappy or FryDaddy deep fryer.

  • Snap-on lid for easy oil storage.
  • Large cooking capacity.
  • Small footprint.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Handy scoop for easy serving.
  • No adjustable thermostat.

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4. Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

The Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer is one of the best electric deep fryers for home use on our list. The compact size and the high-quality cooking make it a great choice for cooking fried treats and snacks for the family quickly and easily.

The 1500 watts powerful, fully immersed heating element ensures the food cooks in as little time as possible. The preheat time also lessens, thanks to the immersed heating element, as the oil heats up quickly, leaving no cold zones. So, the food cooks more evenly as well. In short, you get the perfect restaurant-quality fried food with the Hamilton Beach deep fryer.

The deep fryer has 2 liters of oil capacity. It can hold 2 liters of oil and hold up to 3 quarts of food at once. You can make 6 cups of french fries in the deep fryer in one go. The capacity is enough to prepare fried treats for up to 2-4 people. You can make fries, onion rings, chicken wings and tenders, and anything else you want.

Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer, Cool Touch Sides...
8,444 Reviews
Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer, Cool Touch Sides...
  • Cool-touch sides: Protect from accidental burns if you touch the sides of the deep fryer during...
  • Fast frying & heat-up: Immersed heating element in this professional style deep fryer heats up oil...

The reason you can cook so many different things is the adjustable thermostat control. You can manually control the temperature of the deep fryer as per your liking, so you get the desired level of cooking on your food. The ready light lets you know when the oil is ready to cook. No overcooking or undercooking and no guessing while making fried foods.

The best thing about this deep fryer is some underrated features that make it safe to use in any household. Most deep fryers have handles at the sides to move them around because the housing gets too hot while cooking. The Hamilton Beach deep fryer’s housing stays cool at all times, even when cooking at the highest temperature.

So, you can use it around children without any fear of burning your hand or hurting your children accidentally.

  • Wide range of temperatures for versatile cooking.
  • Cool to touch exterior.
  • Stainless steel basket for easy cleanup.
  • Removable lid and heating element for thorough cleanup.
  • The lid works as a splatter shield as well.
  • Small capacity.

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5. Cuisinart CDF-100 Deep Fryer

Cuisinart is one of those brands that can do no wrong. They only make a limited number of products, but they make sure what they release into the market is of the finest quality. And trust us, the CDF-100 is one of the finest quality deep fryers out there at the moment. The only downside is a low capacity, but you can buy bigger options as well.

The CDF-100 has 1.1 liters of oil capacity, so it is perfect for people living alone or people living in dorm rooms. However, it is available in bigger options of 2 quarts, 3.4 quarts, 4 quarts, and 5 quarts as well. So, you can choose which one suits you the best and go for it. Of course, the bigger models will cost more, but the features are pretty much the same.

The best thing about the CDF-100 is the non-stick die-cast bowl with an attached heating element. The attached heating element speeds up the heating process, and your food cooks up to 20% faster than other deep fryers. The non-stick interior and the stainless steel fryer basket are easier to clean as well.

Cuisinart Deep Fryer, 1.1 Quart
8,604 Reviews
Cuisinart Deep Fryer, 1.1 Quart
  • EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN: Compact footprint takes up less counter space. Fast heat-up and frying for...
  • CAPACITY: Fry basket holds up to 3/4 pound– maximum oil capacity is 1.1 liter

Another unique feature is the built-in charcoal filter that captures any unpleasant odor that generates in the fryer while frying at high temperatures. So, the whole house won’t smell like shrimps when you fry a bunch of shrimps for snacks. The filter is removable, so you can clean it preferably, after every use.

The fryer also has an adjustable thermostat, meaning you can control the temperature you want to fry at. The 1000 watts powerful heating element can generate up to 375F of temperature. What the fryer lacks in capacity it makes up with the fast-cooking speed and restaurant-level cooking performance. The food always cooks to perfection in this deep fryer.

  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Fast and evenly cooked food.
  • No splatter or spills with the built-in lid.
  • Indicator light to show when ready to cook.
  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • Compact and lightweight unit. 
  • Small cooking capacity.

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6. Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 12 cups

Hamilton beach manufactures some of the best deep fryer with oil filtration and If you are looking for a professional-level deep fryer in the size of a domestic-level deep fryer, you are looking at one. The Hamilton Beach deep fryer has the features, design, and capacity of a professional deep fryer packed into a unit that is perfect for any kitchen countertop.

The first thing you would expect from a professional-level deep fryer is a big cooking capacity, and that’s exactly what this deep fryer offers. It has a 12 cup oil capacity, which means you can cook 8 cups of food in this fryer. It is more than enough to feed up to 8 people. If you regularly host and entertain a lot of people, you need this deep fryer.

Hamilton Beach 35032 Professional Style Electric Deep...
3,982 Reviews
Hamilton Beach 35032 Professional Style Electric Deep...
  • FAMILY-SIZE CAPACITY: This deep fryer with basket has a 12 cup oil capacity, so you can fry up to 8...
  • REMOVE EXCESS OIL WITHOUT MESS: The basket on the electric deep fryer has a hook for easy, mess-free...

The already large capacity and the fast cooking speed will allow you to feed all your guests easily. The immersed heating element increases the cooking speed dramatically. You can cook in batches, and there won’t be too much of a time difference between the two batches. You can easily deliver hot and fresh food at a continuous speed to all your guests.

Next up is the controls. The fryer has an adjustable thermostat that allows you to set the cooking temperature yourself. So, unlike cooking in a deep pan on a stove, there is no guessing involved when you cook with this deep fryer. You know exactly at what temperature you are cooking. The ready light lets you know when the oil heats up so you can start cooking.

The fryer also has a built-in digital timer. You can set the time for which you want the fryer to fry the food, and when it’s ready, the timer will make an audible sound. There is no need to continuously stand and monitor the food; you can just set the time and temperature and take care of other things.

  • It comes with a removable splatter-proof lid.
  • Adjustable thermostat and time control.
  • Makes a sound to let you know when food is ready.
  • Large cooking capacity.
  • Removable basket and heating element for easy cleanup.
  • The professional design takes less space. 
  • Not dishwasher friendly.

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7. National Presto 05461 Pro Deep Fryer

You have already seen a couple of very good Presto deep fryers on this list. The 05461 is just as good as those in the cooking department, but this one comes with some added features and versatility. The most important addition is the adjustable thermostat control. You can cook at your desired temperature by using 275F to 375F temperatures. The wide range of temperatures allows you to cook various types of food in the right manner.

You can prepare chicken, vegetables, seafood, and much more with this range of temperatures. The deep fryer also has a unique basket design in that it is oblong-shaped. The advantage of this different shape is that it lets you cook bigger pieces of chicken or fish. You won’t have to butcher the chest pieces or thigh pieces to deep fry them.

National Presto 05461 Stainless Steel Pro Fry Immersion...
4,628 Reviews
National Presto 05461 Stainless Steel Pro Fry Immersion...
  • Oblong-shaped basket is ideal for frying large pieces of chicken or fish
  • Select from a variety of frying temperatures with the adjustable thermostat

The oblong-shaped basket also enhances the already large cooking capacity of this deep fryer. It can cook 8 cups of food at once and make everyone’s favorite fried food for dinner. To make sure you don’t have to wait too long for your food, the fryer has a powerful 1800 watts heating element. The heating element is fully immersed in the pot, so the oil heats up quickly, and the food cooks quickly too.

The deep fryer has a stainless steel housing that makes it look stylish and sleek and brings durability as well. On the sides, there are two cool-to-touch handles, so you can easily move the fryer around. The exterior stays cool mostly, but it can heat up when you use the highest temperature setting. So, if you need to move the fryer while cooking, you should use the handles.

You do get a lid with the fryer as well that acts as a lid, an odor filter, and a splatter shield at the same time. So, you can cook around children as well.

  • Removable heating element for easy cleanup.
  • Removable enamel pot for easy cleanup.
  • Large cooking capacity.
  • The lid captures the unpleasant frying smell.
  • Wide temperature range.
  • Can deep fry, steam, and boil as well. 
  • Can’t use the lid with high moisture foods. 

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8. Elite Gourmet EDF-401T Electric Deep Fryer

As the brand’s name suggests, it is an elite deep fryer. Everything this deep fryer offers is what you would find in an elite and professional level deep fryer. The extra-large cooking capacity, manual controls, and durability make it one of the best deep fryer with oil filtration. Let’s start with the most important thing, the cooking capacity.

The fryer has a 4 quarts enamel pot, but the total cooking capacity is 8 quarts. The fryer is designed in such a way that it can fit three fryer baskets. You get a big 4 quarts fryer basket and TWO smaller 2 quarts baskets. So, you can make the main dish in the big basket and prepare starters and snacks in the smaller baskets.

Next are the controls. For the perfect frying, you get the manual controls which allow you to set the cooking time and the temperature as well. The 1700 watts heating element generates a maximum of 375F temperature, and it is capable of cooking continuously for 60 minutes. With this range of settings, you can prepare lots of different foods.

Elite Gourmet EDF-401T Electric Immersion Deep Fryer...
4,894 Reviews
Elite Gourmet EDF-401T Electric Immersion Deep Fryer...
  • Includes 3 Baskets: 1 x 4 Qt. + 2 x 2 Qt. frying baskets allow you to fry fish and chips...
  • 1700W of Heating Power: Quickly comes up to heat by setting the adjustable temperature and timer...

You also get a stainless-steel lid with this fryer that completely covers all the baskets. You don’t have to worry about any accidental spills or splatter all over the kitchen while cooking. The lid also has a removable filter inside that captures the odors and keeps your kitchen smelling fresh. You can easily clean the filter and resume it instead of having to throw it away after some time.

The lid also has a viewing window so you can check on the food without losing the temperature. Although thanks to the controls system, you don’t have to do that. You just set the cooking time and temperature, and the fryer will do the rest. It will automatically turn off the heating element once the food is ready. Elite Gourmet EDF401T, undoubtedly the best deep fryer with oil filtration on the market!

  • Time and temperature control.
  • Filter to capture odors.
  • Extra-large cooking capacity.
  • Three baskets to cook different foods at the same time.
  • Dishwasher-safe baskets and enamel pot for easy cleanup.
  • The housing gets very hot.

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9. T-fal FF492D Mini Deep Fryer

If you are looking for a single-serve deep fryer that you can put in your dorm room or hostel room, this is the one. The compact, lightweight, and mini deep fryer bring good deep-frying power. You can guess how compact it will be; it has mini in its name. The 850 watts heating element still generates as high as 375F temperatures, so there is no compromise on the cooking prowess.

It has three temperature settings to let you prepare three different types of food. For vegetables, you can use 300F temperature; for chicken, you got 350F, and for fries and other deep-fried snacks, you can use the 375F setting. Even though it’s small, it’s still quite versatile and will help you cook all sorts of meals.

Other useful features include indicator lights and an open button. The indicator lights indicate when the fryer is on and when the oil is ready to cook. So, you don’t have to guess when to put in the food. The fryer also has a magnetic break-away cord, so if there is any problem with the power outlet, the switch will unplug itself. These safety features might seem unnecessary but are very important.

T-fal FF492D Stainless Steel 1.2-Liter Oil Capacity...
2,515 Reviews
T-fal FF492D Stainless Steel 1.2-Liter Oil Capacity...
  • 850-watt small deep fryer for single servings of delicious fried food. Cord length : 36 Inches

The fryer has a removable lid that locks for safety and only opens when you push the button. So, when you are cooking, to prevent any splatter and accidents, close the lid. When the food is ready, push the button and take out the basket to enjoy the fried treats. The lid also includes an odor filter and a viewing window.

All this packed inside a compact unit is not a bad deal, if you ask us. It is easy to store and easy to use. To make sure it is easy to clean as well, the frying basket is dishwasher safe, and the lid is removable so you can clean the interior as well.

  • Good cooking results in a compact unit.
  • Compact and lightweight for easy storage.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • Odor filter to keep your room odorless.
  • Not for heavy-duty use.

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10. KRUPS KJ502D51 Deep Fryer

The fact this fryer is last on our list is a bit disappointing, considering the features this fryer supports, but the competition is so high that it could only fit here. It has some features that you won’t even find in some of the best electric deep fryers. The large cooking capacity and the controls are the highlights of this deep fryer.

The fryer has a capacity of 4.5-liter oil, and it can hold up to 3 lbs of food at once. The fryer comes with three baskets; one is bigger and two smaller baskets for snacks. However, you can either use the big basket or both the smaller baskets at a time. It cannot cook in three baskets at the same time.

So, you can cook the main dish in the big basket first, and then while you eat that, put the fries and onion rings in the smaller baskets for the late-night snacks. All three baskets are stainless-steel, so cleanup is easy. You can even put them in the dishwasher for fast cleanup and reuse.

KRUPS KJ502D51 Deep Fryer, Electric Deep Fryer,...
1,567 Reviews
KRUPS KJ502D51 Deep Fryer, Electric Deep Fryer,...
  • Professional deep fryer with basket fits a large family size capacity 4.5 L. of oil and 2.6 Lbs. of...
  • 3 frying baskets: 1 large for big batches and 2 smaller for frying 2 different foods simultaneously

The controls are a mix of digital and analog systems. You get a display screen that shows the cooking time and temperature you select and a dial to set the same. The standout thing is the inclusion of FOUR presets. You can make four favorites without having to manually set the cooking instructions. Using the presets, you can make french fries, donuts, chicken, and onion rings.

Aside from the presets, all other features are pretty regulated. A stainless-steel lid to capture the temperatures and prevent splatters. A removable filter inside the lid to make sure the odors don’t leave the fryer and make your kitchen smell like fried food. Lastly, a big viewing window in the lid, so you can check on your food and make sure you don’t overcook it.

  • All parts come apart for easy cleanup.
  • Large cooking capacity.
  • Dishwasher-safe baskets for easy cleanup.
  • FOUR presets for easy cooking.
  • Powerful heating element for fast and even cooking.
  • Takes some time to heat up. 

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Best Deep Fryer with Oil Filtration Buying Guide

Everyone loves fried food. You can ask anyone you want; first, they’ll say that it is unhealthy, and the next thing you know, they are ordering a KFC bucket. We don’t blame anyone; honestly, deep-fried food is just too good to pass on. The crunch on the outside, the tenderness, and juiciness on the inside make fried food a treat that you can enjoy at any time.

However, you can’t always order or go to the nearby restaurant to enjoy some delicious fried food. This pandemic made us realize that harsh reality. One option is to cook fried food in a deep pot on your stove. However, the food fried on a stove is just not as good. You either end up with overcooked food or undercooked food.

That is why every house needs a deep fryer. So, you can enjoy the tasty and tender fried chicken, fries, and other fried treats whenever you crave it. But, the problem is which deep fryer should you buy. There are a lot of options out there. To help you with this decision, we got a list of the best deep fryer with oil filtration and wrote a buying guide as well.

After reading this guide, you will know what key things you should look for in a deep fryer before you decide to buy it. So, let’s get into it:


First and foremost, look at the cooking capacity of the deep fryer and see whether it can cook enough food to cater to your needs. If you live alone or you are a couple, a small deep fryer with 1-2 liters of oil capacity will be good enough.

But, if you have a large family, you need a bigger deep fryer with at least 4 liters of oil capacity. Only then you will be able to cook enough food to feed the entire family.

You will find a couple of deep fryers in our list that have a large cooking capacity and support two-three baskets at the same time. Meaning you can cook different foods at the same time and cook a lot of food, so you might want to take a look at them if you want a large deep fryer.


Most deep fryers do not have an extensive control system; but trust us, it’s a good thing to have. If you will be cooking different foods in your deep fryer, you need a fryer that can generate a range of temperatures instead of operating at a single temperature. Having some presets won’t be a bad thing as well.

Look for a deep fryer that lets you set the cooking time and temperature, so you can cook your food just the way you like it. Instead of having to eat it the way the fryer is capable of cooking it. Having a control system will make it easier to use as well. Instead of constant monitoring, you will be able to multi-task and leave the deep fryer to do the work itself.

Ease Of Cleaning

Lastly, look for a deep fryer that is easy to clean. You don’t want a deep fryer that needs to be scrubbed for hours to remove the baked-on grease and food particles. You can easily avoid that by investing in a non-stick interior deep fryer. A deep fryer with a non-stick pot will wipe clean with water after you remove the oil.

Mostly, fryer baskets are stainless steel, so they are not difficult to clean. If you want more ease, you can buy a fryer whose fryer baskets are dishwasher-friendly. It will make the cleanup faster and easier.

How To Maintain Your Deep Fryer?

  1. Clean the fryer after every use. Every night after cooking dinner, you should clean the exterior and also wash the fryer baskets. Most baskets are dishwasher friendly, so you can clean them in that quickly before storing them away. This will prevent them from building up any grease and extend their life-span.
  2. We also suggest a thorough cleansing of the fryer every 2-3 months. Remove the oil, fill the fryer with a solution of water and dish soap, and turn the fryer on. Let the solution boil and clean the interior with a soft long-handled brush. After an hour or so, drain the fryer, dry it, and then use it as you like.
  3. Make sure you clean the heating elements every time you change the oil of the deep fryer. The heating elements are completely submerged into the oil while cooking so food particles can stick on. That can affect the heat transfer and the cooking performance of the deep fryer over time.
  4. A great way to improve the deep fryer’s life span and save money is to filter the oil you use. When you filter the oil, you remove any food particles or debris. A cleaner oil cooks better and doesn’t affect the cooking performance of your deep fryer. When you regularly filter the oil, you can use it several times. So, it also saves your money.
  5. However, this by no means indicates that you can just resume the same oil again and again and again. After using it 3-4 times, we suggest you change the oil and use it new. Although oil is expensive, it’s not as expensive as a new deep fryer. Change it up regularly.


How Do You Filter Oil From A Deep Fryer?

To filter oil from used in deep fryer to reuse it, you need a couple of things. First, you need a coffee filter paper and a jar in which you will store the oil. After that, follow these steps:

  1. Let the oil cool down.
  2. Take out the big food chunks using a scoop.
  3. Fit the coffee filter paper on the jar, and secure it using elastic bands or a steel ring.
  4. Pour the oil onto the coffee filter paper.
  5. Clean oil will move into the jar, and the small particles will stay on the filter.
  6. Store the oil jar, and you can reuse it next time.

What Is The Best Home Deep Fryer To Buy?

Our top pick for the best home deep fryer to buy is the T-fal FR8000. It has a large cooking capacity, is easy to use, and very easy to clean. The cooking performance is also restaurant-level, thanks to the powerful heating element. The best thing is the built-in oil filtration system, which automatically cleans the oil so that you can reuse the oil.

How Often Should You Filter Fryer Oil?

It’s best to filter the oil after every use. Keep in mind, we say after every use and not every day. If you use the fryer 2-3 times a day, you should filter the oil 2-3 times as well. Otherwise, the oil will be unsanitary, and the tastes of the foods will mix up. If you do not filter it after every use, you will have to change the oil and use new oil every other day.

Which Is Better; Deep Fryer or Air Fryer?

It’s the question everyone asks nowadays, isn’t it? Well, they both are a great option, but which is better depends on your needs. If you are looking to eat healthily, an air fryer pressure cooker combo is the better option. If you are solely interested in taste and texture, deep fryers win in this department. However, air fryers are constantly improving and one day might be able to produce the same taste as deep fryers. Right now, deep fryers are the better option, in our opinion.


We think every household needs a deep fryer, so you can make tasty fried foods at home using fresh ingredients. There are so many options in the market that you will certainly find the right deep fryer that suits your needs the best.

Our top pick is the T-fal FR8000 deep fryer because of the reasons you can find in the FAQs above as well as the review of the fryer in the product list. However, you got NINE other options as well, if you don’t like our top pick. We hope you will find the best deep fryer for your home. Feel free to ask any other queries you might have.


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