Zojirushi NS tsc10 Micom Rice Cooker Reviews!

Although rice can be cooked using various cookware for perfect results, a dedicated and advanced rice cooker is an ideal appliance. And when it is to the best zojirushi rice cooker, you can’t get anything better than the Zojirushi NS TSC10 micom rice cooker and warmer.

Tired of checking the rice time and again, turning the flame down, and stirring? The Zojirushi NS TSC10 rice cooker eliminates the need of guesswork and babysitting as it knows the job very well. In this Zojirushi NS TSC10 review, we will take a closer look at the features and functions of the appliance and also what people are talking about it.

Zojirushi NS TSC10 Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer Comprehensive Comparison

Zojirushi has been manufacturing appliances designed with the users in mind and their rice cookers have always been exceptional when compared to other brands in the market. Their rice cookers are equipped with innovative technologies and a practical design.

Key Features

ModelNS TSC10
Dimensions14×10.1×8.5 Inches
Weight9.75 Pounds
Available ColorStainless Steel Brown
Cooking capacity5.5 Cups (Uncooked)
MaterialStainless Steel
AccessoriesRice Spatula, rice measuring cup, Steam basket and Instruction Manual

Zojirushi NS TSC10 Rice Cooker Design

The unit is designed with stainless steel giving it an eye-catching aesthetic. The exterior is easy to wipe clean and it is also scratch-resistant. Measuring at 10.1×8.5×14 inches this unit is not too big for a small size kitchen counter. But its small size doesn’t mean it lacks any features that an advanced rice cooker should have.

To operate the appliance, it has a clear LCD control panel with display settings that are easy to read. It displays time and temperature for convenient cooking. The control panel has easy one-touch buttons which include Start/Reheat, Timer, Time settings (Increase and Decrease), Menu, cancel and Keep warm (Two settings). Its menu settings include White/Sushi, mixed, porridge, sweet, brown, cake, steam, and quick cooking.

Features and functions

Zojirushi NS TSC10 rice cooker features a microcomputer technology chip that makes use of fuzzy logic to make slight adjustments in the cooking process. It means that the appliance can learn the cooking process and adapt its settings accordingly. This amazing tech can adjust the time and temperature in accordance with the type of rice you are cooking.  Also, it ensures you get the best results regardless of the type of rice being cooked.

Unlike traditional pots or other pressure cookers, cooking in NS TSC10 takes longer than usual. For instance, cooking white rice takes approximately 60 minutes however by using its quick cook setting you can reduce the cooking time to just 45 minutes. Cooking brown rice takes double the time i.e. 90 to 110 minutes. Although, the rice cooker takes longer than usual, however, considering the quality of the end product it’s all worth it. Using the menu you can cook more than just rice for example you can prepare oatmeal for breakfast, bake your kid’s favorite cake, and much more.

The inner cooking pot is protected by a non-stick coating which further prevents the rice from sticking to the surface of the pot and also it makes cleaning convenient. In addition to that, the unit comes with a steaming basket for steaming vegetables, fish, meat and more. Not only that, you can steam your favorite veggies or meat while the rice cooks below in the inner pot which makes it a tremendously multi-functional rice cooker. Preparing your favorite one-pot meal has never been so easy.

In terms of what you can cook in this rice cooker, the choice is unlimited. You can cook white rice, healthy brown rice, sushi, mixed, cake, porridge, oatmeal, desserts, one-pot meals, steamed veggies, poultry, meat, and seafood and you can bake a cake. Once you master the art of cooking with Zojirushi NS TSC10 you can play around with recipes to cook your favorite meals your way.

Furthermore, you get automatic, extended keep warm and a reheat feature. You can keep your food warm at serving temperature for hours using the extended keep warm feature or you can reheat your meals whenever you so wish. Also, the delay timer lets you plan your meals in advance for a busy day.

The rice cooker comes with a variety of accessories to improve your cooking experience. The accessories include a rice measuring cup, a spatula, a steaming basket, and an instruction manual for smooth operations. The removable lid means you can use the pot for cooking anything at all.

Zojirushi NS tsc10 Micom Rice Cooker

Overall Rating: 


Cleaning has been made super easy thanks to the removable lid, and non-stick inner cooking pot. Further, the accessories are all dishwasher friendly so if you have a dishwasher, the cleaning is just a matter of seconds with push of a button. The days of rubbing and scrubbing the pot are long gone.

  • Fuzzy logic technology
  • Durable construction
  • Convenient cleaning
  • Stylish aesthetics
  • Built-in retractable power cord
  • Customizable tone settings
  • Multiple cooking programs
  • Cook rice and steam veggies simultaneously
  • Cooking rice takes longer than the traditional way (But worth it)


For those who are looking for a small and compact rice cooker but need all the functionality that a regular cooker has, look no further than the Zojirushi NS TSC10 rice cooker as it does it all.

With Zojirushi’s patented fuzzy logic technology and useful features like keep warm, extended keep warm, reheat, delay timer and multiple cooking menus, the rice cooker is surely going to be your favorite among all your kitchen appliances. Having a stay-cool exterior for easy transportation, it is made out of stainless steel for incredible durability. All in all, the Zojirushi NS TSC10 rice cooker is a multifunctional, dependable and functional appliance that makes delicious rice and much more!

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