Bread Machine Yeast Vs Active Dry Yeast – Main Difference

Yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, has been used for centuries to leaven bread dough and produce alcohol. In the late 1800s, Louis Pasteur discovered that yeast is a living organism that ferments sugar to carbon dioxide and alcohol. Today, yeast is used in many food products and is also being studied for its potential medical applications.

There are a few different types of yeast available on the market, but in this article, we will be talking about Bread Machine Yeast Vs Active Dry Yeast, what makes them different from one another.

Bread Machine Yeast Vs Active Dry Yeast

What does yeast do?

Before we jump into the difference between Bread machine yeast vs active dry yeast, its vital to understand what exactly does yeast do?

In simple term, Yeast makes bread rice!

Yeast is small single cell organisms who eat sugar and give off carbon dioxide and alcohol. The carbon dioxide produced in shapes of little bubbles is what makes the dough rice and expand while you bake your favorite bread.

Difference between Bread Machine Yeast Vs Active Dry Yeast

The Main difference Between bread machine yeast and active dry teast is quicker rising characteristics of Bread machine teast. Bread machine yeast is unique in that it has smaller granules and quicker rising characteristics. For this reason, Zojirushi bread makers can use Bread Machine Yeast to produce loaves of bread quicker. Some people argue that it’s similar to instant yeast but its not however it may be called a type of instant yeast due to its characteristic of quick rising. Active yeast is usually used in traditional baking, but it can also be used for baking when using a bread machine. The fungus becomes active only after coming into contact with water. That’s a reason most recipes advise you to separate any liquids from the yeast to avoid activation before time. Yeast works best when activated right on time neither premature nor late.

You can freeze active dry yeast for years and it will not expire. Active dry yeast is specially enclosed in dead yeast cells which keeps it live for decades and allows you to store active dry yeast at room temperature.

What is proofing?

To activate yeast, you require the yeast to dissolve in water before using it. this process is called proofing to rehydrate yeast in order for it to work.

Active dry yeast is manufactured in a way that it can be used in bread machine without proofing. This might make you wonder are active dry yeast and bread machine yeast same? To much extent YES!

Are Bread Machine Yeast, Active Dry Yeast and Rapid Rise Yeast or Instant Yeast Interchangeable?

Mostly you can use bread machine yeast, instant yeast, rapid rise yeast or active dry yeast interchangeably in various recipes just make sure you don’t forget to proof yeast before you use. In case you are using active dry yeast in place of other types of yeast, the rise time will increase slightly.

What Yeast Should We Use in the Bread Machine?

Any type of yeast is fine if you know how much and how it works. Usually, people use active dry yeast in machine however, when we require a quick rise, we can use instant or rapid rise yeast instead.

How to store yeast?

Yeast comes in large packs. Once open, you can transfer yeast into glass jars and store in refrigerator. Any type of yeast can be stores in this way. Some people store yeast in freezer as well, however I never tried that. But it is said that it works just fine! Let us know what type of yeast do you use?

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