Air fryer fan not working: 4 main troubleshooting tips and safety precautions for you

Air fryers are especially in demand among housewives, which allows you to quickly cook a variety of dishes. However, problems often arise during operation. Most of them are caused by the inoperability of the fan. More about why the power air fryer fan not working will be discussed in this article.

Pros and cons of using an air fryer

Before proceeding with the study of the causes of the power air fryer fan not working, as well as their correction, you should familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of the device itself.

Advantages of air fryer
  • The main advantage of the power air fryer is that you do not need to use a large amount of oil and the device does not produce excess hot air during the cooking process.
  • This significantly reduces the likelihood of various health problems. After cooking in a deep fryer, you do not have to consume additional calories.
  • At the same time, the dishes remain tasty and healthy. This is the best option for those who follow their figure. At the same time, the air fryer is easy to use. The air fryer does not create a mess and is easy to clean.
Disadvantages of air fryer
  • The power air fryer has several disadvantages. First, the air fryer basket is small. Therefore, the air fryer cooks a little portion at once. Also, you need much more time to cook, compared to the classic options.
  • Air fryers are expensive, and most of the models are large. Appliances take up a lot of place on the countertop, so this is not the best solution for compact kitchens.
  • It is important to constantly monitor the cooking process so that the dish does not burn.

Security measures

The air fryer has various safety precautions that are built into the device. This prevents various dangers. There are holes to let fresh air in. On the back side, there are nozzles for the release of hot air that accumulates during the cooking process.

Air fryer fan not working

This helps counter the increase in internal pressure. The exhaust helps control the temperature. If the cooking chamber is open, the air fryer does not start.

To do this, you need to install a special safety switch that signals that the box is in the wrong position.

After turning on the power air fryer, it starts to glow the LED display panel. The working temperature is shown, and you can set the timer to work. After you need to put food inside the bowl.

When the drawer slides out, all the functionality for work opens. You can set the temperature and timer.

The exact parameters depend on what exactly you plan to cook. Adjustment of temperature and time is carried out by special knobs or a keyboard.

The adjustment may vary depending on the manufacturer. When the setting is completed, the cooking process starts.

Both the heating element begins to heat up. After the complete and good circulating hot air, the power air fryer fan is engaged and the food is heated.

All parts must work correctly so that the food is cooked. However, it is not uncommon for the heating element and fan to fail.

Possible problems with the air fryer

If you have just purchased the power air fryers, the fan may stop working immediately or after a certain amount of time. At such moments, people try to find the reason for such a situation to understand how to fix it.

Air fryer fan not working

If the air fryer oven fan is not running, the device becomes very hot. Excess hot air also does not get inside the cooking bowl. It is important to study the possible causes of breakdowns before the purchase.

Air fryers have become increasingly popular for their ability to cook food quickly and produce crispy results with less oil. However, like any kitchen appliance, air fryers can encounter certain problems. Here are a few possible issues you may encounter with an air fryer:

  1. Uneven cooking: One common problem is uneven cooking, where certain areas of the food may be overcooked or undercooked. This can be caused by overcrowding the air fryer basket, blocking the airflow, or using irregularly shaped or sized food items. To address this, ensure you arrange the food in a single layer, leave enough space for air circulation, and consider flipping or shaking the food during the cooking process for even browning.
  2. Food sticking to the basket: Some users may find that food sticks to the air fryer basket, leading to a messy cleanup. This can occur if the basket isn’t properly preheated or if the food is too moist or coated in excessive oil. To minimize sticking, preheat the air fryer before adding the food, lightly coat the food with oil or use a non-stick cooking spray, and consider using parchment paper or silicone liners for certain items.
  3. Smoky or burnt smell: Occasionally, air fryers may emit a smoky or burnt smell during use. This can happen if there is residue or grease buildup on the heating element, insufficient ventilation, or if the food being cooked contains excessive fats or oils that may splatter. To address this, clean the air fryer regularly, ensure proper ventilation, and be mindful of the amount of oil or fats used in your recipes.
  4. Malfunctioning controls or heating elements: Like any appliance, air fryers may experience technical issues over time. This can include problems with the control panel, temperature accuracy, or malfunctioning heating elements. If you encounter persistent issues, consult the user manual for troubleshooting steps, contact the manufacturer’s customer support, or consider having a professional inspect and repair the unit.

Remember, each air fryer model may have its own specific quirks and potential problems, so it’s important to consult the user manual provided by the manufacturer for troubleshooting tips and guidelines. Additionally, proper maintenance, following cooking instructions, and regular cleaning can help prevent or mitigate many common problems with air fryers.

The power air fryer fan not working

There are several reasons why an air fryer oven fan may not work. More about them will be discussed below.

Security button activated

There is a safety button on the front of the cooking chamber. If it works, the air fryer oven fan is automatically blocked.

If the safety button works, then the reason is something else.

Air fryer fan not working: Electrical connection problems

The power base of the fan is often weakened.

It must be periodically tightened so that the fan restores its working condition.

There may be problems with the performance of the fan components.

How to fix a broken air fryer oven fan: steps

If you notice that the air fryer fan not working, you should start repairing it.

The process consists of several stages, which will be discussed below.

Determining the source of the problem

The first step is to inspect the cooking chamber.

The bowl must be removed and inserted when the air fryer is plugged in and running.

It is better to check several times to see if the fan can start.

If the above steps failed to start the fan, there is a good chance that the problem is elsewhere. There are chances that the issue is in the safety switch.

Switch activation

You can use a butter knife or an old card that you don’t need to start the safety switch. Then slide the drawer in, simulating the cooking cycle.

It is important to make sure the device is turned off, especially if you are using a butter knife. This prevents electric shock.

When the box is in the right place, you should install the butter knife or bank card in the right slot, and start the safety switch.

This unlocks the safety interlock and the appliance will start working normally.

Machine testing

After you need to start the power air fryer, however, make sure you remove the knife or card from the device beforehand.

You should hear the fan start up. If you did everything right, however, the fan did not work, then the reason is something else.

If it turned out that the cause of the problem is hidden in the electrical connection, you should seek help from professionals.

You do not need to try to correct the situation yourself because you risk injuring yourself, or provoking an accident.

Consultation with the manufacturer or free technical support

If it turned out that the cause is hidden in the electrical connection, or there are other malfunctions associated with the technology, you need the help of an experienced craftsman.

If the device was purchased recently, and it is covered by the warranty, then it is better to contact the manufacturer.

The master will tell you where the nearest service center is located, and where you can take the device.

If the case is considered under warranty, everything is repaired for you free of charge. However, you need to understand that manufacturers provide free technical support for a short amount of time. On average, the warranty is valid for no more than a year.

Therefore, it makes sense to seek help from an experienced craftsman who works in a workshop near your home.

It helps diagnose the power air fryer to determine the cause of the fan failure. After that, the master will tell you what parts may be needed for repairs.

You can also give an air fryer to have an experienced technician handle the repairs. In the case of a warranty, you have another advantage.

If it turns out that the device is defective due to a manufacturer’s error, then you can get a refund.


As you know, the air fryer provokes a lot of questions from users, especially if the question concerns the inoperability of the fan. Detailed answers to the most common questions will be provided below.

How do you reset an air fryer?

It is often necessary to reset the air fryer to factory settings. This helps to remove all unnecessary information in programs and restart the air fryers. In this case, you should hold down the button, which increases the temperature inside and increases the cooking time by 10 seconds. As soon as you release it, the device will reboot.

Where is the fan located in the air fryer?

The air fryer fan is located at the back of the air fryers, where the heating element is. This contributes to a better distribution of air. Because of good circulating hot air, food is prepared quickly and efficiently.

Why did my air fryer stop blowing air?

The fan on the air fryer may not work for several reasons. The most basic – the safety button, which is located at the base of the cooking bowl, does not work properly. The problem can also be caused by a problem with the electrical connection.

Should I hear the fan on my air fryer?

Yes, you should hear the fan running. This indicates that the part is working, and you can safely use the device.


As you can see, air fryer fan issues can be caused by various reasons. However, you can fix them. Part of the work can be done independently. If you have a fear of spoiling everything more, then it is better to seek help from the master.

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