Difference between air fryer and pressure cooker

Often people think about buying new household appliances. However, to save money, everyone is trying to buy universal devices that can replace each other.
At such moments, the question arises of how an air fryer differs from a pressure cooker and whether devices are similar to a convection oven. Read more about this in this article.

Difference between air fryer and pressure cooker: Advantages

Description of the air fryer

Before proceeding with the study of the difference between an air fryer and a pressure cook, you should familiarize yourself with the principle of operation of each device.

First, you should get acquainted with the work of the air fryer.

The design of the air fryer is supplemented with a fan and a heating element, which works using a classic mechanism.

Both components work together to create and spread heated air. Preparation is carried out under the influence of hot air.

The air fryer spreads quickly, so the air-fried food inside remains juicy, and the outside acquires a crisp. The texture is slightly reminiscent of air frying.

However, a lot of oil is not used in deep-frying, so the food remains almost safe for health and figure.

Some people try to understand how a crispy crust is formed during air frying if a large amount of oil is not used. This is due to a chemical reaction, which is formed between carbohydrates and amino acids.

Advantages and disadvantages

The air fryer differs in several advantages and disadvantages.

If you cannot understand why you should buy an air fryer, you should familiarize yourself with its main advantages.

  • air fryer allows you to cook delicious dishes and make healthier food;
  • compact size, so the air fryer does not take up much space in the kitchen;
  • easy to use, even newcomers can work with the air fryer;
  • lack of smoke during cooking;
  • the versatility of most models.

Often people ask the question, what are the disadvantages of an air fryer? The main disadvantages include:

  • an air fryer works on electricity;
  • the case may heat up;
  • an air fryer can spoil the taste of the dish a little.

The work of the pressure cooker

Previously, these pressure cookers were considered simple, and they had to be placed inside the furnace. The design has the shape of a pot and is complemented by a lid. Today, modern pressure cookers have become more practical, and are autonomous. It is important what water do you use for pressure cookers.

Pressure cookers boil, and form steam inside the container with hermetic walls. In the process, pressure is formed, which cooks food.

The peculiarity of the pressure cooker is that there is no way to open the container until the cooking is completed. If this is done, the pressure will fall, and further cooking will be meaningless.

There is an output on the pressure cookers that contributes to the discharge of pressure that accumulated inside the container.

The advantages and disadvantages of the pressure cooker

Some people approach the issue of buying a pressure cooker with fear. However, the pros and cons, the discussions of which will go further will help you make the right choice.

The main advantages of pressure cookers are:

  • the possibility of preserving nutrient components in food;
  • the possibility of cooking in large portions;
  • there is no need to constantly watch the pressure cookers;
  • food does not burn;
  • there is no unpleasant odor in the kitchen.

Pressure cookers have several cons, among which:

  • you cannot monitor the food that is inside the container;
  • pressure cooker relies on electricity;
  • there is great danger if the device is faulty.

Differences between air fryers and pressure cooker

To simplify the choice of the device, you should familiarize yourself with the main differences between these two devices. Read more about all the parameters below.

Air fryer vs. pressure cooker: cooking method

The devices have significant differences between cooking methods. An air fryer is working under the influence of convection.

This method forms thermal radiation and spreads warm air through all the sides for cooking. Air frying products are carried out without oil or with their minimum amount.

Products have a crunching crust; however, they contain a lot of juice inside. The pressure cooker works under the influence of steam and pressure. The container is with tightness, so high pressure is formed inside.

Air fryer vs. pressure cooker: cooking time

This parameter may vary depending on the model that you will use. However, in most cases, in the deep fryer, products are prepared much faster.

To prepare potatoes of free or nuggets, it takes only a third of the hour. This is explained by the circulation of warm air.

Preparation in the pressure cooker is longer. First, the device releases steam and forms high pressure. Only after that, the cooking will start.

Air fryer vs. pressure cooker: spaces

You need to understand that the volume of the cooking bowl can change, depending on the brand of the device, and the model.

On average, the capacity of the deep fryer is 2 pounds. However, there are larger options that are optimal for large families.

Pressure cookers are highly powerful. Some models are so roomy that up to 15 quarts can fit in themselves. However, you can also find more compact options if there is such a need.

Air fryer vs. pressure cooker: safety parameters

There are built-in functions that are responsible for safety inside most. However, the external case may heat up. This is dangerous, especially if you decide to touch the surface.

Pressure cookers are no less dangerous. If a sealed gasket or discharge valve is damaged over time, the danger will only increase. Therefore, you should properly care for the devices, and provide them with the right maintenance.

Air fryer vs. pressure cooker: price

On market, there are different options for air fryers and pressure cookers, which differ, in both affordable and high prices. You do not notice much price difference. Both the pressure cooker and air fryer can be bought for $50-60. These are budget options.

The cost of some of the pressure cooks can reach $200-250. However, most often, users buy devices worth $100-150. The price range of deep fryers is also in the range of $60-200.

If you decide to buy a deep fryer, which is distinguished by a large set of settings and functions, then its cost will increase. The choice of the device depends on which budget you are counting on.

Air fryer vs. pressure cooker: service

The set of instructions with various recipes is delivered. If you have not found the right recipe, you can find it on the Internet.

Experiments with a pressure cooker are more complicated when compared with the air fryer. After all, the pressure cooker is reliably sealing, so it is much more difficult to follow the pace of cooking.

Both devices have different programs and options for certain types of products. Using them is quite simple because you need to install the desired program, load products, and start the device. The more expensive the device, the more functions are provided.

Air fryers are smaller, so they are easier to clean, and most components, are removable. Therefore, they are allowed to wash in the dishwasher. Washing is also allowed using warm water and soap. You need to wash the devices after each use.

To clean the pressure cook camera, use a damp cloth. You can clean the pressure cooker; however, you need to stock up on a lot of time. They are more overall and differ in a large number of details. In this case, it is impossible to violate the tightness of the cover because otherwise, the products cannot prepare correctly.

What to choose – an air fryer or a pressure cooker?

Often people ask the question, which is better an air fryer or pressure cooker? There is no exact answer to this question because it all depends on your preferences. If you like to cook chicken or fries, it makes sense to choose an air fryer. If you prefer to steam, it is better to buy a pressure cooker.

Today, to great happiness, there is no need to select. After all, you can find more universal and multifunctional devices that combine an air fryer and a pressure cooker.

The best models of devices that are in the greatest demand

Buyers, in most cases, pay attention to practical and multifunctional options that do not require special knowledge for cooking. More information about the best brands and models of devices will be described later.

Air fryer Ninja Max XL

The air fryer is made in gray and designed for 5.5 quarts. The weight of the air fryer is about 11 pounds.

At the same time, you can cook up to 3 pounds of chicken or potatoes. The basket is characterized by anti-stick ceramics coating, so the products are easy to get, and cleaning is carried out in a matter of minutes.

The kit has a removable grill grille. It helps to increase cooking power. 7 programs help cook any dish. The screen is sensory, which greatly simplifies the management process. The heating temperature is in the range of 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The air fryer has heating elements and powerful fans that quickly spread warm air, and accelerate the cooking. Programs are designed for baking, deep-frying, heating, and dehydration of products. You can easily form a crunchy crust on products.

This is the best option for those who prefer proper nutrition. In this case, cooking does not accompany by chores or disorder in the kitchen.

Instant air fryer Vortex 4 in 1

The air fryers are black and made of stainless steel. The weight of the air fryers is about 12 pounds, and it is designed for 6 quarts. Products are prepared much faster when compared with the previous model. In this case, you do not need to first heat the working camera. Even without the use of oil, you get a delicious dish with a crispy crust.

The inner pan is designed for 6 liters, so you can fit up to 2 pounds of potatoes or a whole carcass of chicken, the weight of which is not more than 4 pounds. This is the optimal solution for a family, which consists of 4-5 people.

These air fryers provide a countdown timer, so you know when the device will cook food. The external building does not heat up, so you can touch it. The only minus of the air fryers is that there is no book with recipes in the kit.

Digital air fryer CHEFMan volume 6.3 quarts

The air fryers are made in black and weigh 11 pounds. The capacity of the bowl is designed for 5.96 liters. This is the best option if you are in search of a device that does not take up a lot of space in the kitchen. The air fryers can replace several devices, including a dehydrator, a convection furnace, a slow cooker, and a deep fryer. It differs in quiet work and does not heat up.

It is quite simple to clean the air fryer because almost all parts are removable, and the basket has an anti-stick coating. There are additional accessories in the kit, including airflow gratings, a fork, a spin, a food tray, and a basket that rotates. The air fryers consume about 1.7 kW per hour and have ETL certification.

The device is compact, so it does not take up much space on the countertop. In this case, the manufacturer gives a guarantee of defects.

Washing can be carried out in a dishwasher. The design is complemented by the LCD screen, which is highlighted.

There are many interesting functions, among which automatic shutdown setting up. This ensures additional security.

Pressure cooker VitaQuick 4.8 Quarter steel stainless steel slab with a stove

The pressure cookers are made in a silver shade. In the manufacture, stainless steel was used. The weight of the structure is about 8.4 pounds, and the container of the bowl is designed for 4.5 liters. Stainless steel was chosen so that it can be combined with food. Therefore, the products are safely prepared, and the design lasts a long time.

The bottom of the steam plate is made of thermal material, so the circulation of hot air occurs evenly. Inside the chamber, heat is held for a long time, which provides rapid preparation. You can leave the products inside so that they do not cool quickly. This is a great solution if you cook before the arrival of guests.

The pressure cooker is made in Germany. The pressure cooker has several convenient indicators that help cook products quickly and in a gentle mode. There is a special scale inside the bowl, so you know the minimum and maximum capacity. This pressure cooker is the optimal solution if the house has induction or electric plates.

The pressure cooker can be combined with glass hobs and gas stoves. With the help of such a device, you can save about 50% of electric energy. And it cooks food 70% faster compared to other devices. There is an additional pen made of heat-resistant material in the kit.

On a long handle, a color display constantly changes the shade from red to green. Almost all structural elements are removable, which simplifies the cleaning process.

Electric pressure cooker Instant Pot Ultra 10-V-1

This pressure cooker is made in a stylish design, which combines black and stainless steel. The weight of the pressure cooker is about 16 pounds, and the container is designed for 8 quarts. The device can be an alternative to a double boiler, slow cooker, drawing, pot, heater, or sterilizer.

The pressure cooker has a large LCD screen, which is highlighted in a blue tint. This greatly simplifies the reading process. On the display, you can monitor the cooking process. The bowl is designed for 8,45 qt, so this is enough to cook food for 6 people.

This is the best solution for a large family, or pressure-cooking before a party. Inside the pressure cooker, there is a microprocessor that is engaged in temperature adjustment, as well as internal pressure. The design is equipped with various functions for the protection and security of the user.

You can use the “heating” function so that the food remains in a hot state until you serve it. There is a delay timer. Therefore, you can program the device to launch at a certain time.

Power XL 10-liter electric pressure cookers

The pressure cooker is made in a silver shade. In its manufacture, stainless steel, plastic, and aluminum were used. The weight of the pressure cooker is only 8.7 pounds, and the container is designed for 10 quarts. This device can be used as a double boiler. These electric pressure cookers are in great demand and are often advertised on television.

The pressure cooker includes a grate of three tiers, an internal pan, as well as a basket for the preparation of products. The lid is with tightness, so it is tightly fixed and contributes to the preservation of nutritional components in food.

The power of the pressure cooker is about 1.7 kW. Therefore, pressure cooking is carried out quite quickly, and you can save electricity. Removable parts are suitable for washing in a dishwasher.

However, if you want the pressure cooker work for you for many years, it is better to engage in washing manually. Thanks to its large capacity, you can cook dishes for the whole family.

The pressure cooker is supplemented by built-in functions that are responsible for safety. It is possible to fix the built-in cover on the lock or adjust the degree of steam release. The device has a digital panel for ease of use. On the LCD screen, it is easy to read the information that is displayed.

When the pressure-cooking process is completed, the device automatically goes into the mode, which is responsible for heat support. Therefore, you can be sure that the dish will remain warm until the presentation itself.

Can a pressure cooker be used as an air fryer?

Yes, if there is such a need, you can do it. However, to get a crisp, you have to use an additional accessory. You can also take a multifunctional device in order to save.

Is an air cooker the same as an air fryer?

Both devices differ in that they are engaged in the circulation of hot air under the influence of the fan. Therefore, the products are cooked evenly and have a crispy crust. The difference is only in size. Air fryers are more compact.


As you can see, the differences between the air fryer and the pressure cooker are insignificant. Therefore, you can safely replace them with each other and using in parallel with the convection oven. However, it is better to take one device at once that combines these two devices. This will save the budget, as well as a place in the kitchen.

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