Ninja DZ090 vs DZ550: Duel of the Dual Zones

Ninja DZ090 vs DZ550… Perhaps you’re just moving into your first apartment and don’t have a lot of kitchen utensils yet. Or maybe you travel frequently for work and are looking for a simple solution to cook your favorite fried food. Whatever the reason, investing in an air fryer can be a fantastic addition to your home or apartment. It’s also ideal if you want to enjoy fried food without all that extra oil and fats.

Ninja DZ090 vs DZ550
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Ninja has plenty of fantastic air fryers to its credit while Ninja DZ090 vs DZ201 vs DZ401 vs DZ550 are latest dual zone air fryers with plenty of cooking capacity and plethora of amazing features to explore. In this blog post, we compare Ninja DZ090 Vs DZ550 air fryers in terms of what features and cooking functions they are offering. Let’s begin!

Ninja DZ090 vs DZ550 Comparison Table

FeaturesNinja DZ090Ninja DZ550
Dimensions15.55x13.39x11.18 Inches13.9x17.1x12.8 Inches
Weight15.36 lbs19.8 lbs
Size6 Quart (2x3 Qt)10 Quart (2x5 Qt)
Cooking Programs5 Cooking Programs:6 Cooking Programs:
Air Fry, Bake, Roast, Reheat, & DehydrateAir Fry, Air Broil, Roast, Bake, Reheat, & Dehydrate
Control PanelOne Touch Buttons, Digital DisplayOne Touch Buttons, Digital Display
Match CookYesYes
Smart FinishYesYes
Temperature Range105-400F105-450F
Integrated Smart ThermometerNoYes
IQ BoostNoYes
Doneness SelectionNoRare, Med Rate, Med,
Med Well, Well Done
Dishwasher SafeYesYes
User Rating4.6/5 Star4.6/5 Star
Best DealsCheckCheck

Ninja DZ090 vs DZ550 Comparison Review

Ninja DZ090 and DZ550 are new members of Ninja’s dualzone air fryer family and we are witnessing improvement in terms of cooking technology being incorporated with these new and more powerful air fryers. Besides their smart cooking feature, Ninja DZ550 comes with additional doneness choices, enhanced cooking capacity, and more. Let’s explore the new added features of Ninja DZ090, DZ550 and see what they have in store for us.

Construction & Design

The air fryers are mainly made of food grade plastic material which both dense and durable to endure high temperatures. Ninja DZ090 and DZ550 too are made of plastic and both are basket style air fryer with two baskets capable of cooking two different ingredients simultaneously.

The air fryers are not the most compact models available so you must make sure you have the space for these big boys. The baskets are rectangular allowing you to add more ingredients to cook. Included are one crisper plate for each basket to ensure efficient air flow and the grease drips down in the main basket. Both models feature a wide and perfectly laid out advanced control panel consisting of one touch buttons which are responsive and easy to use. The digital display shows the temperature and remaining time. Overall, there is nothing that we found annoying or awkward about the design except it is quote a bulky appliance and will take a significant space on the counter.

Ninja DZ090 measures 15.55×13.39×11.18 Inches and weighs about 15 pounds while Ninja DZ550 measures 13.9x17x12.8 inches and weighs approximately 20 pounds. DZ550 is bigger and weighs more but that doesn’t make DZ090 compact anyway.

Cooking Capacity & Functions

There is a considerable difference in terms of how much you can cook in these two air fryers. Although both air fryers come with Dual air frying basket however, both models have different basket size. Ninja DZ090 comes with total of 6 Qt cooking capacity (2x3Qt) while Ninja DZ550 has 10 Quart cooking capacity (2x5Qt).

For a large family, Ninja DZ550 would be a perfect appliance while Ninja DZ090 will serve well for a medium size family where you need to cook for 3-4 members.

Moving forward, both models offer range of cooking functions and features to cook a wide variety of dishes. Here is what the two air fryers hold in terms of cooking functions.

Ninja DZ090 Cooking Functions:

  • Air Fry
  • Bake
  • Roast
  • Reheat
  • Dehydrate

Ninja DZ550 Cooking Functions:

  • Air Fry
  • Air Broil
  • Roast
  • Bake
  • Reheat
  • Dehydrate

Match Cook / Smart Finish

Match cook and smart finish are some interesting features that comes in handy in various situations. When you are cooking same ingredients in both baskets, you add the time and temperature for basket one and press match cook which lets you copy the settings from basket one for basket two – no need to set the time again for basket two. Easy-peasy!

Likewise, cooking two ingredients that require different time and temperature but finishing them at the same time seems like an awkward situation here but Ninja’s Smart finish got your back. It smartly matches the finishing time for both the ingredients and finishes them at the same time so you could serve both dishes at once. How does it work?

Say we are cooking chicken wings in basket one and frozen fries in basket two. Now we know that fries take less time in comparison to wings so the air fryer will start cooking chicken wings right while hold frozen fries for a bit. Once it reaches a point where remaining time for wings is equal to total cooking time of fries, it will automatically start cooking fries and both dishes will finish at the same time. Interesting right? This way you can have both recipes ready by the same time.

Since both Ninja DZ090 and DZ550 share ‘Smart Finish’ and ‘Match Cook’ features, so it’s a tie here!

Some More Differences

Temperature Range: Ninja DZ090 offers a temperature range of 105-400F while Ninja DZ550 comes with a wider temperature range of 105-450F.

Integrated Smart Foodi Thermometer: Smart thermometer are incredibly useful when it comes to get precise doneness. Ninja DZ550 dual zone comes with an integrated Foodi smart thermometer for precision cooking.

IQ Boost: If you haven’t selected match cook or smart finish, the air fryers will distribute power and heat across each of the basket to achieve perfect cooking results. The heat distribution and cooking mechanism works differently and smartly when you have selected the match cook or smart finish.

Doneness: We all like our protein done in a certain way. I like it well done while my kids like it medium well. Ninja DZ550 gives you the opportunity to select from 5 doneness levels according to how you like it. You can choose from Rare, Med Rate, Med, Med Well, and Well Done. On the contrary, Ninja DZ090 doesn’t have such feature but you can buy a smart thermometer sold separately on Amazon which hardly costs 15-20$.


What is the difference between Ninja Foodi models?

Ninja Foodi is a versatile kitchen appliance brand that offers various models, each with its own unique features and capabilities. The key differences between Ninja Foodi models generally lie in their size, cooking functions, and additional features such as pressure cooking, air frying, slow cooking, and more. It’s essential to research and compare specific models to determine which one best suits your cooking needs and preferences.

What is the difference between Ninja DZ401 and DZ550?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no specific information available about Ninja models DZ401 and DZ550. It’s possible that these models were released after my knowledge cutoff, or they may belong to a regional or specialized line of products. I recommend referring to the official Ninja website or contacting their customer support for the most up-to-date and accurate information on these particular models.

Which Ninja dual zone is best?

Determining the best Ninja dual zone model depends on your specific needs and preferences. Models such as the Ninja Foodi Smart XL Grill (AG400) and the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer (DZ201) are popular choices, offering versatile cooking options and convenient dual-zone functionality. It is recommended to compare the features, cooking capacities, and user reviews of different models to find the one that aligns best with your cooking requirements.

Is there an air fryer better than Ninja?

While Ninja is a popular brand known for its quality air fryers, there are other brands that offer excellent air fryers as well. Brands like Philips, Cosori, and Instant Pot also have highly regarded air fryer models with their own unique features and capabilities. It’s a matter of personal preference and specific needs when determining which air fryer is the best for you.

Verdict: Ninja DZ090 Vs DZ550

Ninja DZ090 and DZ550 are relatively new models in the market and they have yet to prove their metal in terms of performance like Ninja DZ401 which is time tested. Both Ninja DZ090 vs DZ550 are multifunctional, versatile and offers a wide range of cooking options.

Which one should you choose? It depends on what you are looking for. Ninja DZ090 has all the basic cooking functions without the smart cooking and Foodi thermometer and it is affordable as well.

On the other hand, Ninja DZ550 takes cooking to another level with Integrated thermometer, doneness selection, IQ boot, and more. Also, it offers huge cooking capacity of 10 Quart and all that will cost you slightly higher than Ninja DZ090 dual zone air fryer. Which one would you choose? Let us know in the comment section below. If you don’t have budget issues, we’d recommend DZ550!

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