1/2 Kg Rice To Cups: Detailed Guideline Of The Conversion

When you cook in a rice cooker, the precise cup measurement of rice, flour, water, or milk is the most important part. Perfect measurement can enhance the flavor and perfection of your meal. The flavor of the entire item can be ruined if you accidentally use the incorrect amount of any ingredient in your recipe. So, do you need the conversion of 1/2 kg rice to cups

1/2 kilogram of rice is equivalent to 2.62 cups in US cup measurement. 1 kilogram of rice equals 5.24 US cups. Each cup of uncooked rice weighs around 200 grams. 1/2 kg basmati rice is equal to 2.79 US cups and 2.64 uk Cups. and 1/2 kg jasmine rice equals 2.70 US cups and 2.56 UK cups.

The exact measurement varies depending on the type of rice and the size of the cup.

So, Let’s first check the variety of rice and different cup sizes. This part is most important because all rice grains are not the same. And also there are different sizes of cups. Take a look below.

US Cup & Metric Cup Measurement Conversion for Rice from Kgs

As you know, rice is a staple food in many cultures and many people simply love this product.

The cup is a unit of volume in cooking that is frequently used to measure cooking and serving sizes. There are many varieties of cups such as the United States (US) cup, Metric cup, Canadian cup, and Japanese cup. You can cook in a rice cooker easily with the use of this.

Let’s look into the US and metric cups-

1 US legal cup = 240 ml. When 1 metric cup = 250 ml. 

The US cup used in the United States for nutrition labeling is 240 ml, as defined by US law. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and some other Commonwealth of Nations members use a “metric cup” of 250 milliliters. And when cooking different types of rice in a rice cooker you must choose the healthiest rice cooker and understand the measurement of the cups.

1/2 Kg Rice To Cups
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Now, for the perfect measurement, let’s move on to the type of rice.

Different  Types of Uncooked Rice to Cups in Kg: Quick Overview 

Here, we are going to discuss long-grain, medium-grain and short-grain rice. In this section, we will convert Basmati rice, Jasmine rice, brown rice, black sticky rice, and arborio rice to cups.

First, let’s have a look at the table below- 

Amount in KgBasmati in CupsJasmine in Cups Brown rice  (medium grain)Black glutinous rice in CupsArborio rice in cups
1/2  kg2.79 2.64 2.70 2.562.63 2.49 2.75 2.54 2.4 
1 kg5.59 5.29 5.41 5.12 5.26 4.98 5.50 5.08 4.80 
2 kg11.18 10.58 10.82 10.2410.52 9.96 11 10.16 9.6 
3 kg16.77 15.87 16.23 15.36 15.78 14.98 16.5 15.24 14.4 
4 kg22.36 21.16 21.64 20.48 21.04 19.92 22 20.32 19.2 
5 kg27.9526.45 27.05 25.626. 3 24.927.5 25.4 24 

We will now go over each type of rice in depth using both US and metric cup measurements. And you can cook this rice perfectly in a rice cooker. 

Basmati Rice Kg to Cup Measurement:

White Basmati is long-grain rice that is commonly grown in India, Pakistan, and other countries in south Asia. The aromatic pandan leaf flavor and soft, fluffy texture of this rice make it famous. So, let’s measure the rice in cups for cooking. 

1/2 kg basmati rice in cups:

1/2 kg Basmati rice in US cups is equal to 2.795 cups and in metric 2.64 cups. And 1 kg Basmati rice = 5.59 US cups. The weight of uncooked white Basmati rice used in this calculator is exactly 179 grams, or 6.3 ounces net weight, for one US cup.

2 kg basmati rice in cups:

1/2 Kg Rice To Cups
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2 kg of Basmati rice equals 11.18 US cups. And if you are having a UK cup conversion then 2 kg of Basmati rice is 10.58 UK cups. You can also measure 3kg, 4 kg, and 5 kg rice into US and UK cups from the table above.

Basmati rice comes in a variety of brands. The precise measurement may differ depending on the brand. However, the standard measurement in cups of Basmati rice is provided. 

Want to cook Basmati rice in a rice cooker? Here is the video you can watch and easily try at home-

Jasmine rice kg to cups measurement:

Jasmine rice is also long grain rice that is grown in Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries in Southeast Asia. It is strongly associated with Thai food and is also known as Thai fragrant rice. So, are you using this rice for cooking? And want to know the cup measurements? Then, let’s take a look! 

1/2 kg Jasmine rice in cups:

1/2 kg of Jasmine rice is equal to 2.705 US cups. Moreover, 5.41 US cups are equal to 1 kilogram of rice.

Rice weighing half a kilogram equals 2.56 metric cups. 1 kilogram of rice is equivalent to 5.12 metric cups. As a result, you can easily convert 1- 10 kg to cups.

It also cooks perfectly in a rice cooker.

1/2 Kg Rice To Cups
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2 kg Jasmine rice in cups:

Do you need 2kg Jasmine conversion in cups for any recipe? Then, the answer is 2 kg Jasmine rice is equal to 10.82 US cups. On the other hand in a UK cup, 2 kg Jasmine rice is equivalent to 10.24 cups. 

So, these are the Jasmine rice conversion in two different cups. And now you also can convert 3kg, 4 kg, and 5 kg Jasmine rice in cups from the above table. 

Brown Rice Kg to Cups Conversion:

While making brown rice tabouli it’s important to know about the Brown rice kg to cup conversion. Well, 1/2 kg of Brown rice in cups is 2.63 US cups. Hence, 5.26 US cups equal 1 kilogram. 

When converted to metric cups, 1/2 kilogram of Brown rice equals 2.49 cups. And 1 kilogram of rice converts to 4.98 metric cups.

250 Grams Brown Rice in Cups:

1/2 Kg Rice To Cups
Source: Narayanahealth

If you need the conversion of 250 gram of Brown rice then here it is. 250 grams Brown rice equals 1.315 US cups and 250 gram of Brown rice in cups = 1.245 UK cups.

2 kg brown rice in cups:

According to the above table, we also can convert 2 kg Brown rice to cups. It is 10.52 US cups and in the UK cup, it is 9.96 cups.

The complete bran and germ layers of Brown rice give the grain its distinctive tan color and make it a whole grain.

Black Glutinous Rice Kg to Cups Conversion:

A nutritious food is Black Glutinous rice. It also goes by the name “Black sticky rice.” If you’re wondering how to measure 1/2 kg of sticky rice in cups, look no further.

The answer is 2.75 US cups for half a kilogram. Also, 5.50 US cups are equal to 1 kilogram of uncooked rice.

2 kg Black Glutinous rice in cups:

1/2 Kg Rice To Cups
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In the US cup conversion, 2kg Black Sticky rice equals 11 cups.  

Now, you may simply convert 3 kg, 4kg, and any other weight to the required quantity.

Arborio Rice Kg To Cups Conversion:

Arborio rice is a short-grain rice that is largely utilized in the traditional making of risotto. Are you about to make something delicious with this rice and want to know the exact standard measurement of rice?1/2 kg of Arborio rice equals 2.54 US cups. And one kilogram equals 5.08 US cups. On the other hand, according to metric cups, 1/2 kg of rice is equivalent to 2.4 cups.

1/2 Kg Rice To Cups
Source: Delish

2 kg Arborio rice in cups:

In US cup measurement, 2 kg Arborio rice = 10.16 cups. in the UK cup, it is 9.6 cups. 

So, thus you can also measure 3 kg, 4 kg, and 5 kg Arborio rice into cups. 

Finally, here are some common rice conversions into cups that you can easily try and cook at home. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Which Brand Is Best For Basmati Rice?

The best brands for basmati rice such as Heera 1121 premium rice, Tilda basmati rice, East End Brown basmati rice, Daawat Extra long basmati rice, Deccan Amour basmati 1121 rice, and Annapurna Extra long basmati rice, etc. there are also some others brands of basmati rice.

Where Does Jasmine Rice Originally Come From?

Khao Hom Mali is the name given to it in Thailand, where it was first grown. Since ancient times, this Khao Hom Mali rice has been produced in the Thai subcontinent. You can use it when making a variety of Thai and traditional Asian dishes, including curry.

Is Brown Rice Really Rice?

Yes, Brown rice is a form of rice known as whole-grain rice. The word “Brown rice” refers to the grain’s natural colour, but it’s crucial to remember that whole-grain rice also comes in hues like black, purple, and red.

How many cups is a 1 2 kilo?

The number of cups in a 1/2 kilogram of a substance will vary depending on its density. However, for common dry ingredients, such as all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, or rolled oats, you can expect approximately 2 to 5 cups in 1/2 kilogram. Please note that these conversions are approximate and may differ based on the type of ingredient and how it is measured.

How many cups of rice is in 1 kg?

The number of cups of rice in 1 kg will depend on the type of rice and its density. For example, one cup of long-grain white rice weighs about 185 grams, while one cup of short-grain brown rice weighs about 195 grams.

As a general guideline, 1 kg of long-grain white rice will yield approximately 5 cups of uncooked rice, while 1 kg of short-grain brown rice will yield approximately 4 cups of uncooked rice. It is important to note that these are approximate conversions and may vary depending on the specific type and brand of rice.

How many kg is a cup of rice?

The weight of one cup of rice can vary depending on the type of rice and its density. For example, one cup of long-grain white rice typically weighs about 185 grams, while one cup of short-grain brown rice weighs about 195 grams.

Converting the weight of one cup of rice to kilograms requires dividing the weight in grams by 1000. Therefore, one cup of long-grain white rice is approximately 0.185 kg, while one cup of short-grain brown rice is approximately 0.195 kg. However, please note that the weight of rice can vary depending on factors such as moisture content, so these conversions are approximate.

How much rice for 2 cups?

The amount of uncooked rice needed to yield 2 cups of cooked rice can vary depending on the type of rice and the desired texture. As a general guideline, one cup of uncooked rice will yield approximately 3 cups of cooked rice.

Therefore, to get 2 cups of cooked rice, you will need about 2/3 to 3/4 cup of uncooked rice, depending on the type of rice and how it is measured. It is important to follow the instructions on the packaging or recipe to get the best results.


Thank you for being patient till now. I tried to show you how you can convert 1/2 kg rice to cups with different rices and also different cups and In this article, you learned how many kilograms of rice are in 1/2 cup. I hope it will make cooking easier for you. Good luck in the kitchen.

My discussion is over now. Have a great day!

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