Can air fryer replace microwave, which kitchen appliances are better? Pros and cons of air fryers and microwaves

Almost every home has a large number of household appliances. However, when one of the devices fails, the question arises whether it can be replaced by another. More information about whether can an air fryer replace a microwave will be discussed in this article.

 air fryer replace microwave

Can an air fryer replace a microwave: the principle of operation of the air fryer

Before proceeding to the question, can an air fryer replace a microwave, you should familiarize yourself with the features of each of the devices.

It’s best to start with an air fryer.

The air fryer has two main cooking elements – a heating coil and a fan.

The location of the coil can be the top or rear.

It all depends on the device model.

When the coil is heated, the hot air begins to spread under the influence of the fan.

You can cook food in hot air.

The principle of operation of an air fryer with hot air is similar to a conventional oven.

However, an air fryer with hot air has a small cooking compartment.

A small amount of oil is also required.

An air fryer with hot air cooks a little faster than an oven.

The principle of operation of the microwave oven

When a microwave oven is in operation, electromagnetic waves are used to cook food.

The wavelength is slightly shorter than red light.

Inside the microwaves is an electron tube called a magnetron.

It is engaged in the production of electromagnetic radiation.

The reflection of waves is carried out inside the microwave, and food particles are affected at the cellular level.

After that, the interaction of water molecules and waves occurs, which contributes to the formation of vibration.

This leads to an increase in temperature, the molecules heat up, and the food also heats up.

Given that the food is heated from the inside, the plates will remain cool, which makes it easier to take them out of the appliance.

The microwave only works on food, so plastic and metal are not affected.

Differences between an air fryer and a microwave oven

To accurately understand the operation of each device, you should familiarize yourself with their differences.

  1. Various heating times. If you put food in a microwave oven, it will heat up faster than in an air fryer. This is due to the impact on the water molecules that are inside the products. Therefore, they heat up almost immediately.If you heat the food in the microwave, the process will take from a few seconds to 2-3 minutes. And the air fryer will take about 5 minutes to fully heat the food. The air fryer cooks food a little slower and heats it. After all, the mechanism for heating is inside.First, the coil heats up, after which the fan starts to supply hot air around the food. Hot air will heat up evenly. Even though the convection oven is slower, it is slightly faster when compared to a traditional oven.
  2. Different food textures. With an air fryer, you can get a tender dish that will have a crispy crust on the outside. It is allowed to cook french fries, meat, and pizza, as well as pastries. Cooking french fries, meat, and pizza in a deep fryer is outside, and heat is distributed inside.The microwave cooks food from the inside. When interaction with food molecules begins, the heat begins to spread from the inside out. If you heat food in such a device for a long time, the molecules will dry out. However, this is the optimal solution for reheating food or drinks.
  3. Feature differences. The air fryer can be called more versatile. The chamber is small in size, and the circulating hot air begins quickly. It not only helps to fry food but also to cook it. With a little practice, you can fry, bake or reheat foods on an air grill. Only liquid is prohibited.Even liquid foods can be reheated in microwaves. In such a device, cereals or pasta are cooked in just a few minutes.
  4. Benefits for health. Cooking in an air fryer is natural because the device works on the principle of an oven. If you cook food in the microwave, then the food will be saturated with acrylamide, which is a neurotoxin. The substance is capable of causing cancer.If you cook in an air fryer, then there will be no acrylamide in it yet. After all, there is an effect of high temperatures. If you are looking for a device that will cook safe foods, pay attention to the convection oven.
  5. Differences in culinary ability. The microwave oven is large, so you can cook a large portion at once. Regardless of the number of products, they will be ready within half an hour. In the air fryer, there is no way to cook a large amount of food because the device is small in size.You will have to cook it in small portions. There is a scale in the air fryer, and you cannot go beyond the maximum mark. Thanks to this limitation, you will be sure that there is space between the heat and the airflow.Often people ask the question, can you reheat food in an air fryer? If you plan to reheat a lot of food, then use the microwave. The air fryer is suitable for heating small portions.
  6. Miscellaneous energy consumption. An air fryer is considered a more economical option because it consumes little electricity. In total, the device consumes about 1.2-1.6 kW for 1-2 hours, depending on the device. A microwave oven consumes this amount of power in just half an hour.Even if you put the device in standby mode, it will consume up to 7 watts every hour. Air fryers do not have a standby mode.Therefore, if you are looking for an economical appliance that will not raise your utility bills, pay attention to the convection oven.
  7. Different temperature settings. Cooking food in an air fryer is carried out at low temperatures when compared with a microwave. In a microwave oven, you can control the temperature yourself. The maximum heating of the air fryer is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, food is cooked evenly.
  8. Miscellaneous service. Cleaning a microwave oven is somewhat tricky when compared to an air fryer. After all, the devices are large. The microwave can catch fire, so you need to clean it with substances that do not contain harmful chemical components. You have to work hard to clear all the corners.The air fryer is more compact and has removable parts. They can be washed in the dishwasher. Cleaning is pretty simple. You can use the dishwasher, or use warm soapy water. The fan and coil are of excellent quality, so they will be durable.When cleaning is complete, you can wipe the surfaces with a dry cloth, or let them dry naturally before further use. As you can see, the air fryer cleans up faster.

Pros and cons of air fryers and microwaves

Often people ask the question, which is better air fryer or microwave?

More about the pros and cons of the air fryer and microwave will be discussed below.

Microwave benefits

Among the main advantages of using a microwave oven are:

  1. High speed of work. Products are prepared in just half an hour, and heating is carried out in a few minutes.
  2. Increased energy efficiency. However, due to the high speed of operation, they consume little electricity.
  3. Accurate power and time settings. Therefore, you can choose the mode that is necessary for heating a certain type of food. It is possible to control the time exactly to the second, so the food will cook completely.
  4. Ease of operation. The control panel is quite simple, and everyone, even teenagers, can understand it. It is possible to set the timer and power. This can be done using a lever or buttons, it all depends on the model of the device.

Air fryer advantages

The main advantages of this air fryer include:

  1. Versatility. You can cook meat and vegetables inside the air fryer. There is no need to marinate anything for several hours. It is enough just to hold the product in the marinade for 5 minutes, and then proceed to air frying.
  2. Ability to control cholesterol levels. The device reduces the amount of oil in products.
  3. Reducing the content of acrylamide, which is very unsafe for health.
  4. The minimum number of calories in products is because a small amount of oil is used. An air fryer is the best solution for those who follow the figure or plan to lose weight.
  5. Easy to disassemble components that are dishwasher safe.
  6. There is the possibility of air frying food, but you do not need to be afraid that you will burn yourself with hot oil.
  7. The possibility of obtaining a crisp.

If you choose the right air fryers, you can cook food in an air fryer.

There are several buttons on the air fryer that help you select the cooking mode, depending on the type of food.

When the setting is completed, the air fryer will automatically turn off, so the food will not burn and will not be raw.

It is possible to adjust the timer and power to get the desired texture of the food.

With an air fryer, you can cook different types of food, depending on your preferences.

Cons of a microwave oven

The microwave oven has several disadvantages, including:

  1. There is no way to get a crisp, like deep-fried. The oil heats up but does not come to a boil.
  2. An increase in the amount of acrylamide can provoke oncology. Its production is due to exposure to high temperatures.
  3. Food will dry out if you reheat it for a long time.
  4. Microwaves only penetrate 2 inches into food. Therefore, if the product is dense, then only the inner side is heated.
  5. The possibility of losing the original taste and aroma. Some dishes may become completely tasteless.

Cons of the air fryers

Several disadvantages are characteristic of air fryers, namely:

  1. Small-size air fryer basket. Therefore, it is not possible to cook food in large quantities.
  2. The need for a warm-up time. Therefore, the cooking process will be somewhat longer than in a microwave oven.
  3. The need to turn food so that it cooks evenly. Not all users like it.

Can an air fryer be used as an alternative to a microwave?

Yes, you can use the air fryer as an alternative to the microwave.

However, the air fryer will not allow you to melt butter or defrost food.

Therefore, you need to understand that it will take more time to achieve the result than you planned.

Therefore, before cooking, you will need to defrost food.

If you hurry up and throw the frozen meat into the air fryer bowl, it will not cook, and you will only lose time.

You have to understand that this is a good alternative to the microwave oven.

However, the process is not as convenient and fast.

Also, you will have to sacrifice some cooking options that are relevant for the oven or microwave.

Therefore, you should think carefully about whether you are ready for such inconveniences.

The microwave oven is characterized by convenience, high speed, and various cooking options.

Unfortunately, the air fryer cannot boast of this.

You can use an air fryer if you only plan to replace a conventional or convection oven.

Microwave ovens would be a more practical option.

If you have an air fryer and don’t want to buy an extra microwave, don’t do it.

You just need to think a little about how you will prepare large quantities of food, for example, a roasted turkey or a cake.

However, in such cases, a conventional oven is also suitable.

What appliances can an air fryer replace?

An air fryer is a very good device in which you need to invest money.

Modern air fryers can replace a roaster, a toaster, a grill, a device for removing excess water, and a pizza oven.

This greatly helps to save space in the kitchen.

What can you replace a microwave with?

Every housewife should have an oven in the kitchen.

This is a great replacement for a microwave oven.

If you can still refuse the microwave, then the oven should be.

You can bake and cook food in the oven.

If necessary, you can heat food in it.


As you can see, you can use an air fryer to replace your microwave.

However, you need to remember that the device has several disadvantages that may not suit everyone.

Therefore, it is better to have both air fryers and microwaves at home so that you do not have to spend extra time preparing or heating food.

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