How to Make Kbbq Rice Paper Easily?

Making KBBQ rice paper at home is easy and requires only a few ingredients. You can create delicious and healthy KBBQ rice paper at home in just a few easy steps.

So, how to make Kbbq rice paper at home?

Rice flour, tapioca starch, water, and salt are required to make rice paper. In a bowl, combine all the ingredients first. After that, gradually add water until the batter is smooth and runny. In a heated nonstick pan, pour a thin layer of the batter, and cook it until it sets. Finally, when the rice paper is fully cooked, carefully take it from the pan and set it on a moist cloth to cool.

To know more tips and tricks about making Kbbq rice paper keep reading this article.

Necessary equipment that you need for making KBBQ Rice Paper

healthy KBBQ rice paper rolls

It takes some time, practice, and patience to make rice paper. If you have the necessary tools, making delicious and healthy KBBQ rice paper rolls at home is simple.

The following list of tools will help you prepare rice paper for KBBQ:

  • Nonstick frying pan or crepe pan
  • Microwave
  • Mixing bowl
  • Whisk
  • Spatula
  • Plate or cutting board:
  • Cooking spray
  • Optional: A ladle or measuring cup to portion out the batter evenly.

Recipe for Making KBBQ Rice Paper at Home

Making Kbbq Rice Paper at Home

Making rice paper at home is possible, but it can be difficult and time-consuming. You can make rice paper at home in two ways such as using a nonstick pan or using microwave. Now you can choose the convenient one for you. However, here are the recipies if you are determined on making your rice paper:

Using Microwave:

It is possible to make rice paper easily in your home if you have a Microwave. So the recipe is given below.


  • 1 cup glutinous rice flour
  • 1/4 cup potato starch or cornstarch
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Cooking spray
  • Plastic wrap
Kbbq Rice Paper


Step 1: In a mixing bowl, whisk together the rice flour, potato starch, water, and salt until a smooth batter forms.

Step 2: Apply cooking spray lightly to a dish that may be used in the microwave.

Step 3: A 1/4 cup of the batter should be poured onto the plate, smoothed out into an equal layer, then covered tightly with plastic wrap.

Step 4: The rice paper should be heated in the microwave on high for one to two minutes, or until the edges begin to curl and the surface seems dry.

Step 5: Remove it from its packaging, first flipping it over so that the inner side is facing up then carefully take off the plastic wrap. 

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 until all the batter has been used up.

Step 7: When using the rice paper to make KBBQ rice paper rolls, let it cool fully.

Reminder: The cooking time may vary depending on the power of your microwave, so check on the rice paper frequently to prevent overcooking or burning. You can also reheat your preserved fried rice in your microwave like other dishes.

Using Non-Stick Fry Pan:

Kbbq Rice Paper

If you don’t have a microwave in your home don’t worry you can make it by following the traditional stovetop method. For this, you will need a nonstick pan. So, the recipe is here.


  • 1 cup rice flour
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 cup corn starch or potato starch
  • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil
  • Extra rice flour for dusting]


Step 1:Mix the rice flour, potato starch, water, salt, and vegetable oil in a bowl until a smooth batter forms.

Step 2:A nonstick skillet should be heated to medium-high. Add some vegetable oil to the skillet to grease it.

Step 3:To create a thin, uniform layer, pour about 1/4 cup of the batter into the pan and swirl it around.

Step 4:The rice paper should be cooked for approximately one minute, or until the edges begin to curl and the surface seems dry.

Step 5:To move the rice paper to a plate or cutting board, carefully peel it off the griddle using a spatula.

Step 6:To keep the rice papers from sticking to one another, lightly dust both sides with some rice flour.

Step 7:For using all the batter, repeat steps 3-6 times as necessary.

Step 8:When making KBBQ rice paper rolls, let the rice paper totally cool.

If this looks a bit messy then check out this video instruction.

Reminder: Handle homemade rice paper carefully as it may be rather fragile and may tear easily. It may take a bit of practice to get the hang of making rice paper at home.

Tips to Make Kbbq Rice Paper Properly

By keeping the following things in mind, you can make delicious and authentic rice paper for Korean BBQ at home.

  • Rice flour prepared exclusively for rice paper should be used since other varieties of rice flour could not yield the same results.
  • While preparing the rice paper batter, use water that is at room temperature. While hot water might make the rice paper excessively soft, cold water can cause lumps.
  • With a microwave with 500W, the processing time is predicted to be 45 seconds. Hence, depending on the power of your oven, the processing time may change.
  • The batter should be well mixed. Rice flour, potato starch, and water should be combined until the mixture is smooth and lump-free.
  • Pour the batter into the pan, then immediately swirl the pan to spread the batter out evenly. 
  • As the edges begin to curl and the surface seems to be dry, it is time to flip the rice paper. It will rip if you turn it too soon, and it will burn if you flip it too late.
  • If you roll up rice paper with too much stuffing, it might easily tear. Hence, when using rice paper to make food, it’s crucial to avoid stuffing it too full.
  • To prevent them from drying out in the freezer, wrap them with aluminum foil. The rice paper should be sealed in a Ziploc bag and kept dry in a pantry or cabinet once it has been opened. 

Types of Rice Paper for Korean BBQ

Kbbq Rice Paper

For making spring rolls and other meals like to them, rice paper is frequently used in Asian cooking to wrap ingredients like vegetables, pork, and seafood. You may use many kinds of rice paper for your Kbbq. Some of the most typical types are listed below:

Vietnamese Rice Paper (Banh Trang): 

The most typical kind of rice paper used to produce spring rolls is Vietnamese rice paper (Banh Trang). It is smooth, thin, and just a little chewy.

Chinese Rice Paper (Bao Zi):

Chinese rice paper (Bao Zi) is thicker and more elastic than Vietnamese rice paper. 

Japanese Rice Paper (Mochi): 

Japanese rice paper (Mochi) is created from glutinous rice flour and is sweet, chewy, and sticky. It comes in both round and square forms and is produced with sticky rice flour and water.

Thai Rice Paper (Bai-Luang):

Rice flour and tapioca starch are combined to create Thai rice paper (Bai-Luang), which is somewhat thicker and more malleable than Vietnamese rice paper. However, you can also get some thai rice paper from amazon as well.

Overall, the type of rice paper you choose depends on your personal preference for texture and flavor.

Other Usage of Korean Rice Paper

Korean rice paper is frequently used in Korean cuisine, it is also known as Jukpyeon or Jeonbyeong. Following are a few common uses for Korean rice paper:

Tteok (rice cake):

Tteok, a classic Korean rice cake that can be either sweet or savory, is frequently made with Korean rice paper.

Wrapping for grilled meat: 

Similar to how lettuce or perilla leaves are used in Korean BBQ, Korean rice paper is frequently used as a wrap for grilled meat.

Jeon (pancake): 

Jeon is a sort of Korean pancake cooked with a range of ingredients such as vegetables, meat, or seafood. The base for jeon is Korean rice paper.


Dduk bo ssam is a popular Korean dish that consists of rice paper wraps filled with various ingredients, such as meat, vegetables, and herbs. 

So Korean rice paper can be used in various ways. You just have to follow proper recipe guide to make it perfectly. 

Which One is Better: Buying Kbbq Rice Paper or Making It at Home?

It actually depends on your preferences and the amount of time you have. It is easy to get KBBQ rice paper because it is widely accessible at most Asian grocers, which may save you time and effort. For people who do not have the tools or knowledge to produce their own rice paper, pre-made rice paper often offers consistent quality and is convenient.

On the other hand, for people who like cooking and want to experiment with various flavors and textures, producing rice paper at home may be a pleasant and gratifying experience. You may choose the ingredients and adjust the rice paper’s thickness and texture to suit your tastes by making it from scratch.

So, if you have enough time and appropriate tools then you can easily make Kbbq rice paper of your own choice. But if you are in hurry and want to make instant Kbbq wraps then it would be easier for you to purchase a pre-made one. You can also try some other healthy and favorite recipes at home using rice. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What makes rice paper sticky?

To formulate recommendations, we examined two factors: water temperature and soak time. Use cold water: We observed that the hotter the water, the quicker the wrapper moistened and got sodden and sticky. We dipped wrappers in hot, warm, and cold water to test this.

Are rice paper wraps healthy?

Rice paper rolls are a healthy addition to your diet because the light sheets won’t make you sleepy or feel heavy on your stomach. It functions well with lunchtime snacks or even quick dinner preparations.

Can I eat raw rice paper?

The amazing thing about rice paper is that it does not require to be cooked to eat and contains no fat or oil. White rice flour, tapioca flour, salt, and water are the main ingredients.


Now you know, How to make Kbbq rice paper. Making Korean barbecue rice paper at home is a fun and easy technique that lets you taste the delectable flavors of Korean barbecue in the comfort of your own kitchen. This recipe is simple to follow and adaptable to your personal tastes, whether you are a seasoned chef or a newbie. So, Why not give it a try  and discover for yourself the joys of Kbbq rice paper?

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